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    May 23, 2000
    First night got there we deceided to go Peaches and Cream for dinner. After got there we did not want any food so DH had the No way of Jose and I had Vanilla Milkshake. What to say about them, they are soooo delicous.

    April 23,
    Spoodles for Breakfast.

    Last time I went the a dish for breakfast called The Italian. I look on menu and it was not there. I had to been waiting also a year and half to have that for breakfast. Then I looked the menu over and it now the Egg poached. It wonderful. It two poached eggs on a toast rounds on a bed chopped susuage and tomtoes. In my opionion the best thing that they on the menu.

    Cape May Clam Bake.

    We both had the New England Clam chowder. It was not bad. It rather tasty. I went the Clams and Mussels and DH for the American Buffet. He had primb rib, BBQ ribs, potato and Clams. I took some the steamed shrimp and i could not eat it. They very spicey. I can tolerate any little bit spicey and were alot spicey. The buffet was good, and nothing I totally rave about. they taken the buckets for clams away, and you only a large flat soup dish to collect the clams in.

    April 24

    Dinner in the Castle

    We arrived at the castle about 10 min. before our ressi. I had forgotten they told me there would time for picture to be taken with Cinderella. There was no line for picture and we right up. The hostess came over told us if wanted to walk around we could, that they were no going to beable to seat for a 30 minutes.

    We came back which about 30 latter, we told the hostess we were back and she ok. We still had to wait another 15 minutes.

    When we went upstairs we lead a great table by the window. We given some bread and butter and asked what wanted to drink. We were also given the menu.

    I choose the crab and corn soup, prime rib, and you had to tell server right then and now what you wanted for dessert. The choose the blue berry crumble.

    the soup was great. I was surprised to find large lumps of crab meat in the soup and it was very good. The prime rib came out with gratin potatos. It tastes like it had cooked very early in the day and heated up and along the potatos. I did not eat most of it, when the waiter came over never asked if anything was wrong. Now dessert comes out. Boy oh Boy was surpised. The blueberry crumble was blueberry muffin and and sauce over it and some fruit spread across the plate. I don't want I expected, but certanly was not that. No coffee was offered , in fact he told us when delivered the dessert since no food was coming to our table he would not not back. I would never go back. Not worth cost of the food. Plus you pre-paid for it. You get picture in Cinderella and 4 extra smaller pictures no charge. And there show in the Mice and Fairy Godmother, but still not worth it.

    April 25,
    Lunch Pizzafari
    We never tried the place before, so I suggested that try today. We both the Chicken Ceasar Salad. Both crisp, cold and just right amount of dressing. It had a adquate amount chicken to salad.


    I started the Asagras soup and DH started the tomato, cucumber and red onion salad. Both out of world. DH had the Hailbut and I had seared Sea Scllops. both were beautifully done. We had do desert and we going to boardwalk to get ice cream cones.

    April 26

    Todd English Blue Zoo

    I had crab cakes for a appez. I spurlged and had the surf and turf. DH Sea Bass. The food of OK, something lacking. I reminder me a place trying be fancy and not hitting the mark. The filet done just way I wanted to be and very tender, the lobster was a undercooked for my liking. Would go back and that amount of money NO. Could not put in finger on the reason why would not go back, but would not.

    April 27

    Yacht Club Gallery

    I had the crab cakes and great. DH had the New clam chowder and very good. We both got fried cod. It was cooked just right. It was not greasey and the flavor of the cod came through. I am not allowed tomato and with tomato and I saw the menu that they mashed cauliflower and asked for that. No problem. This was best meals on whole trip.

    Of course of the dole whips, Kai Gori, root beer floats, during our days there. we also ate the at the Earl of Sandwich. I had the club which excellent, DH had the ham and cheese and which he said also excellent. Serveral the night we cones from the ice cream on the boardwalk.

    If anyone has any question, please feel to ask :rolleyes1

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    Apr 29, 2006
    When you were at Jiko you had to be full, because to pass up the Pistachio Creme brulee is almost sacreligeous!
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    Enjoyed reading your reviews ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    Enjoyed the reviews!
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    You do know it's Beaches and Cream, right? ;)

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