My Magical May 26 cruise - part 3

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    The Players - Patrick (41), Jacquelyn (41)
    Ryan (8), Jonathan (7)

    After a restful night, we again had our coffee on the verhanda (I could get very used to this!) We had a very light breakfast as we had our brunch ressie today. After tucking the kids away in the clubs we went to our 10:30am ressie. We noticed Caroline and Mike seating just after us and Stefan made room for a table for 4. After being shown the table and just sitting down again the inevitable happend...the interuption from the KID beeper!! We happend to have the walkie-talkies with us and DH informed me DS wanted to go back to the cabin. He ended up skipping the brunch part but I did take back a plate full of the shrimp and crab legs and two of the pizzas. I had the beef tenderloin, Caroline had the pancakes and Mike the chicken cacciatore. After watching the boys dine on thier goodies (Pat and Jonathan did get to have some one on one time together on the lap top!) Jonathan said he wanted to do the Pirate adventure in the club (go figure!).

    While we were at brunch Captian Hans made the announcement that we would be diverting to Puerto Rico to drop off a passenger that was in need of immediate medical attention. I have never been there, but my mom said It was a beautiful place. We kept the kids in thier clubs while DH and I did our own things. He went to the Navigator series which he enjoyed. I checked out the end of the Asian buffet (not too appetizing to me!). I saw the Island Magic show and went to play bingo. I saw Mike and his son there along w/ Ralph and friends. Roberta had won $90 the previous day. I had on the the 'yellow bird specials' that day. They were good but tasted very weak!

    We ended up actually docking at Puerto Rico and saw many folks on the dock running to take pictures of the ship will we took pictures of the bay. We eventually heard it was a 7yo boy who had a ruptured appendix. A boat tender in might have jostled him to futher injury.

    Tonight was our AP night but we had our Palo's ressie at 7pm. We only saw part of the show but did get the kids fed and off to the clubs, where Ryan got to make flubber. We got to Palo's a tad late and Zita's station was already full. Our waiter (who I can't remember, he didn't make a great impression) was waiting on a group in the private room also. After sitting for 5 minutes he turned and said, "Oh, I didn't notice you sitting here". He also had a heavy accent and was hard to understand. Because of the other party we largely felt ignored. We did get the calamari and shrimp again, and I had the portabello mushroom, which was very flavorful. I had the beef tenderloin, which was good and my DH had the pasta speciality. We did try the souffle again. Again it just didn't strike me as anything very fantastic. I only ate about half of it. I had asked also about the frozen Cassata but got brought the custard instead. I did overhear another waiter tell their party they had a apple pie dessert also that evening, but we were not offered it at all. To top it off, DH and I had had a tiff over our arrival time so we weren't in a very romatic mood. Our Wonder Palo's experience wasn't that great either (with a "faked" souffle!). It's just not the dinner place for us, I guess!

    We just got out in time to catch Hercules. We had to step sit but it was a very funny show. They made a lot of ad libs about "being the last time in a dress". As it turns out for the "Male" muse it Was his last show! They were in a cast transition and would be gone after this cruise. We did play the "Who's the Boss" game, but the attendance was very low. It's set up like a "Family Feud" but it's men against women. Both DH and I played but the men eventually won. We watched the Michael Harrison Cabaret Show (the OVER 18 Disney version!) and later listened to the Joe Trippi band. We gathered the kids out of the clubs at 11:30 and went to bed so DH could go to the Regatta in the morning!

    DH got on up and headed out to his 12 meter regatta. I opted to stay on ship with the boys and sleep in a bit. I ran up to Topsiders while the kids were still sleeping and all had breakfast in the room. I had discovered the omlett station and had wonderful combos a couple of mornings. We went to the pools after that. The ship was practically deserted so we had the pools to ourselves. They had the run of the Mickey pool and slides. Then went to the Goofy pool. I realized they called it the Goofy pool because it has a picture of Goofy in the bottom, which you couldn't see w/ wall to wall kids in there. I had decided to check out the hot tub. After 30 sec one of the DS's fell on the pool deck. After tending to the boo-boo I took BOTH kids in the tub with me so I could enjoy it. They evetually made it back to the pool and 4 teenage girls got in the tub. They were all sisters (17-14) and I enjoyed talking to them. DH came back from the regatta and his boat came in 2nd place. He was a main grinder and even though he was very tired, he really enjoyed. After a little topsiders lunch (they had mexican with steak fajitas, very good!), I went off shopping. I had my big canvas beach tote w/ me which was great for shopping. I took the ferry over and hit Del Sol, the Guavaberry store and a T-shirt shop. DH had not packed enough Q-tips so I asked if there was a department store near by (It cost $1.50 for 20 on board!) About 3 streets inland I did find a store that had a 64 pack for $1.00. I got a little turned around while walking out and ended up on the path to WALK back to the ship. Since I had not done the "power walks" in the am I took this opportunity to exercise. Back on the ship DH had put Ryan in for the Kids bridge tour and bingo, and Jon in the Eggsperiments. We all returned to put on our tropical attire and take a few more staged photos.

    Tropical nite dinner was good. A caesar salad, Beef tenderloin teriyaki and triple choc. cake made up dinner. We got the kids ice cream drinks and I got some kind of special dinner drink. It was $4.50 and the strongest one I had all week! After dinner (which got out too late for the Bingo or T.V. song game show) we "clubbed" the kidsfor the PJ party and wandered around deck 4. We saw the blue cushion chairs which were very comfortable. Pearl Harbor was showing in the theater but watching it to the end would conflict with the tropical sail away party! We met up again w/ Caroline and Roberta. I finally met KennerCam and family! We all had lots of fun watching the characters dance, both the Disney ones and the people! Went off to sleep thinking of beautiful St. Thomas!
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    Hi Jacquelyn11!

    I am enjoying your trip report and hearing how other families spent their week! I did get your message on board and apologize for not getting back in touch with you. It seemed like the only time we were in the cabin was at 6:00 am and 1:00 am and I didn't want to call at such odd hours. I did try and give you a ring on the rainy afternoon in St. Thomas (the only nap my son took the whole week) but I kept getting a busy signal, I could have been dialing the wrong cabin. Actually the craziest thing happened and we ran into friends of ours from Nashville on the cruise! Can you believe that? We had not talked to them in a long time and had no idea they would be on this cruise. We ended up hanging with them and did not make it to the DIS meet so I missed out on meeting everyone. Maybe next year, we are anxious to try the new Western route.

    We had the vacation of a lifetime and hope your family did too!

    Keep on cruising

    G's mommy

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