My husband died two years ago today


Earning My Ears
Apr 6, 2021
My husband, Rick, earned his wings two years ago today, after an illness of a few months. It was a tough few months, not being sure what, exactly was wrong.
But I have accomplished a lot in these two years. I got over my grief (though most know it does not completely go away). I decided last year I did not want to stay in my house (I am retired, wanted less maintainence) and am in a nice apartment.

AND..I am planning my trip to WDW. I am at the point where I am deciding exactly when I want to go (some time next year) and just deciding on a good package. Looking forward to the adventure.



Jun 14, 2013
Hugs to you! Despite the extremely difficult loss of your husband, you have been able to move forward and continue on. Kudos to you for being an inspiration, I’m sure Rick is proud of you too! Have fun On your much deserved trip!
  • Grand Koalafornian

    Oct 25, 2014
    Sorry for your loss. My father died in December and my mom’s still getting used to life without him. We’re planning a WDW trip for next year, though. She’s trying to focus on the positive.

    I hope things keep looking up for you both.

    Dan Murphy

    We are family.
    Apr 20, 2000
    Welcome back to the dis, Marie.

    Very sorry to hear about Rick, my condolences for you, family and friends.

    And yes, you have accomplished a lot. Wishing you well in your new apartment.

    I read several of your posts on the Solo board. I have taken many solo trips to WDW, always a lot of fun. Always lots of great information there. And remember, when you do go, Rick will be with you. :hug:'s


    DIS Veteran
    Jan 1, 2008
    Very sorry for your loss. May your husband Rick, memory live in your heart forever!🙏
    Enjoy your trip and best of luck in your new life in your new apartment!