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Mar 13, 2015
Im just back from a solo 4 day trip to London. I used to live there so I know the city very well. When I go back to visit I go to my favourite places or see thinks which are new. This time my trip was kinda Harry Potter themed.

On previous visits I have been to Leavsden / The Harry Potter Studios in North London and have also done a Harry Potter walking tour around central London. Both are things I would highly recommend.

The Warner Bros / The Harry Potter Studios in North London is the actual studios where the films were made. It is in 3 sections. The first part is the main sets and props area, there are multiple huge caged areas just full of props and around the walls / sides of the room are the actual sets. The second part is an outdoor court yard with more sets and a refreshment area where you can buy Butterbeer. The third part is all the behind the scenes things, the creative processes, make up, hair, etc.

The Harry Potter Walking Tour I did a good few years ago but Im sure they are basically the same. This takes you around central London to the places that inspired various scenes and to places where some of the on location scenes were filmed.

This most recent trip was 9 November to 12 November 2016

My first Harry Potter place was Kings Cross Station. This has had a huge refurb since the last time I was here. There is now a Platform 9 3/4 photo op and a merchandise shop. The photo op is free, you wait in line until your turn. There is a staff member who gives you a wand and your choice of House Scarf and guides you to pose with the trolley. There is an official photographer or you can take your own photos. The shop is amazing, alot of 9 3/4 merchandise exclusive to that shop. What they sell there is not the same as whats onsale in Harry Potter Land at Universal Studios in California.

My second Harry Potter place was The House of Minalima. This is a pop up / temporary shop open until February 2017 only, located at 26 Greek Street, Soho.It is an exhibition / shop from the graphic design company who created all the paper items / props for the films. Everything from The Mauraders Map, to The Daily Prophet, to the labels of all the items in Diagon Alley shops, to the book covers, and so much more that you see on screen but never think "oh someone had to write that, draw that"

My third Harry Potter place was The Cursed Child Theatre, which is around the corner from The House of Minalima. Tickets for this are sold out for every performance BUT there are ways to get that elusive ticket. The first way I tried was the week before my trip, on the Friday. Every Friday they release 40 tickets for various performances the following week. The tickets are sold online only and go onsale at 1pm London time on the Cursed Child website. Its called The Friday 40. The second way is to go to the theatre box office during the day and ask about Return Tickets.

My fourth Harry Potter place was Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Avenue. They have a huge range of Harry Potter merchandise, again which is exclusive to them and different to whats onsale in other places.

I also saw alot of Harry Potter merchandise is various tourist souvenir shops.


Apr 26, 2016
Thanks for the tips. All of my destinations on my Bucket list are Disney themed (Tokyo, Shanghai, Honk Kong, Paris). The UK is going to be Harry Potter/ Doctor Who themed.


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