My Grandmother is back in the hospital...a small vent...

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    Oct 21, 2003
    Well, I waited to post this, not knowing what was going on...but here's what I do know now.

    Last Saturday- she went via ambulance to the "local" hospital 20 minutes away at 1030. They transported her to DHMC (YEAH! best hospital around) a hour away. She had a huge "lump" on her lower leg. Left leg. same leg she had her hip replacment/removal/replacement/removal.......then a year later- rebuild.

    They said- it was because of her comiden. spelled that was like a blood pool I guess is the only way to describe it. She has/had varicose veins. Has a blood condition- that raises her red cell count... her blood is very thin- even without comiden. She has had a huge list of procedures in the last 5 years that started with a broken hip in Florida.

    They removed the lump- and put 2 drains in. 1 hangs from each side her her calf. This was Saturday night/Sunday morning. There was a possibility she would need a skin graf, due to her being a diabetic. But the doc felt her leg would show signs of healing on its own.

    I went up Monday, and wednesday. Those being the 2 days I did not have my DD's. She's not in ICU, however i knew that any sort of infection- would not be good for her. Given my DD's have what I'm not sure is a cold, or seasonal allergies right now, I decided not to bring them up to see her.

    On Wednesday, when I left, they were talking about sending her to the same Rehab facility she went to after her hip surgeries. It's more of a physical therapy rehab center than anything else, but is located in another hospital that is also owned by DHMC. They are aware of my grandmothers history, and her doc felt thats the best place to send her.

    Well- fast forward to yesterday.

    My mom calls tells me that nanny is going to need plastic surgery to cover this area that they removed. She didnt know much, as for some reason, nobody seems to remember to call my mom and tell her whats going on. My mother has a brain disease, that makes it so she's unable to drive to DHMC. She has to be brought there etc.. she's 57, but thats the way it is. She can physically drive there however she choses not too as its an hour away, and is highway needless to say, I will be taking my mom today, along with my great aunt- whose 84....nanny's sister. Seems they forget about her too..

    now for my vent.

    My grandparents moved back here from Florida after my grandmother fell and broke her hip. this was 5 years ago. They moved into my moms house. My mom, and Aunt #1 lived side by side. Before they moved in, my mom had a 3 bedroom, kitchen, dining, living room house (yes, with bathroom too). After they moved in my mom had a 1 bedroom house. The rest of the house became my grandmothers. My grandfather took 1 bedroom, grandmother the other. But she couldnt do stairs- so the dining room was turned into her bedroom, with a hostpial bed etc. My grandmother took over the kitchen, sitting at the kitchen table, in her wheelchair all day. Watching TV etc. My grandfather took over the living room. My mom continued to work 5 days a week, come home do the cooking/cleaning etc. My grandfather is in his 80's he's not capable of doing all of this, while he's a 24/7 nurse for my grandmother. Remember Aunt #1 lives NEXT DOOR. Fast foward 5 years, my mom's own disease progressed to the point where my brother and I finally talked her into retiring. My mom did 99% of everything for my grandparents. the other 1% a home health nurse did.

    My mother has spinal cerebellar ataxia. Her cerebellum is deteriorating. Her balance, gross motor skills, and feeling sensations are compromised. When she gets tired, her symptoms are increased dramatically. You can tell the difference between a good day and a tired day.

    My mom moved into my brothers house. With my brothers family- fiance, and 2 1/2 year old son. She also retired, April 1st. She moved the 3rd week of April. Aunt #2 bought my moms house and moved in with my grandparents.

    Since my grandmother went in the hospital on Saturday- my aunt #1 called sunday to tell her she was in the hospital. Aunt #1 has been there every day being the "golden child". My grandfather has been staying at the hospital in the "family rooms", which are available on a 7 day basis, then you have to sign up again. As of right now, he's got it for another 7 days. Aunt #1 works 8-12 at a school. Aunt #2 works 2 jobs, and gets up to see Nanny at DHMC about 730pm 2-3x so far. by 730 my moms already in bed LOL.

    So I called Aunt #1, asked her if she had called my great aunt to tell her whats going mind you I havent been there since Wednesday- but I did call my great aunt when I got home to tell her what I knew. Aunt #1 acted like I asked her to give my great aunt her liver. unreal.

    Okay enough rambling. At least in my heart, I know that I've done the right thing. I'll be picking up my mom and my great aunt at 1 to take them up to see nanny. After all, My great Aunt and my grandmother are the only siblings they've ever had. And being in their 80's for petes sake, it's not that big of a deal to bring her to see her sister!

    Yes, my great aunt can get annoying. but what 80 year old lady whose never been married, had no children, and lives in senior housing cant? I'll hear all about her neighbors who brought out their trash at what time etc.. but you know what? When I see my grandmothers face, when her only sister walks in- well that'll be worth it....

    uugghhh vent off- god I'm sexy...sorry pd


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