My First Trip Report June 2009 - Day 7 - Blizzard Beach / Grand Flo / Wishes

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    Jun 10, 2009
    A few reminders:

    Pre Trip Report:

    Journey/Arrival -

    Day 1 -

    Day 2 -

    Day 3 -

    Day 4 -

    Day 5 -

    Day 6 -

    The Cast:

    Me- Pete (27) Last WDW Trip Nov 07, with plenty of DLRP in between.
    Jo (29) The second veteran from our Nov 07 trip, has also been to DLRP ten times in the last eight years
    Kathryn (21) WDW Virgin, mad on Princesses, Alice in wonderland & Mary Poppins
    Paul (21) Known as Kip, just along for the ride and cocktails if you ask me
    Amy (23) Younger sister of Chris is over there working ,massive Princess and Tink fan. But she does hate all things HSM, so we may clash, eek!

    Supporting Cast
    Chris (25) On his year working in the Rose & Crown in Epcot
    Kayleigh (23) see above
    These two have proved very useful in the holiday planning / dining reservation department!!!

    Day 7

    So after snoozing till about half nine we all headed down to the food court for a “family” breakfast, this time we all had a light one and settled for cereals and fruit. Truly an uncharacteristically healthy move for me. Anyway once breakfast was over, we’d all bought our towels down with us, and we had our swimming gear on, or under our clothes. So off we set for the Blizzard Beach bus stop. As we waited for the bus the sun was truly blazing, and I started to wonder if there would be any water at the park, or the heat would have already turned it to vapour by the the time we got there?

    Eventually though the bus arrived and within literal minutes we were walking up to the turnstiles, BB is very close to the All Star Resorts! It was as we got to the turnstiles, I realised I’d left my “Key To The World” on my bedside table, oops!! The girls carried on through the turnstiles as they wanted to get Amy a towel from the shop anyway. Kip waited with me for what seemed like an eon for a CM to see us at one of the ticket windows who proceeded to stare at me blankly for a while before telling me:

    “Just tell the guys at the Turnstiles that Lou-anne said you can go through okay??? Just this once!”

    Well at least we were being by the book? Once I had been buzzed through it was on to find the girls and round to deposit our flip flops, Tee’s and towels etc into a locker. Now came two problems… Firstly, as mentioned in yesterdays report my shoulders and upper back were literally red raw and flaking cornflake sized pieces of skin. So walking round topless exposing this to more heat, wasn’t great. Secondly, the ground here was unbelievably hot!! Like seriously scorching!! They were spraying water in most of the main walkways, but inevitably a time would come when you would have to stray from these safe routes, and literally sprint across boiling hot pavement, screaming like a mad-man and charging toddlers and OAP’s out of the way just to find the next wet piece of concrete!

    Regardless of the logistical issues with travelling the park, we spent some time enjoying most of the attractions (except Summit Plummit which none of us were brave enough to try) and enjoyed a healthy meal of Nuggets and Fries at the quick serve there. Eventually though things seemed to have reached a natural conclusion, and we made our exit. Calling by the shop so the girls could pick up some board shorts and dresses that they liked, and so Kip & I could scream like teenage girls when we saw a snake slithering around by the menswear. I’m sure it looked at us in disgust before disappearing through the crack under the door.

    Once we were back at ASM, Amy and decided to embark on a new adventure… The Launderette!!!! Not the most exciting of adventures, but there was a massive storm whilst we were in there. So we watched that, and experimented with the various treats in the vending machine… I would like to point out now, that whomever told me Cheet-o’s are the same as Wotsits, is a liar! Still at least we got clean knick-knacks at the end of it all, and that’s whats important right?

    After the excitement of the laundry and getting changed, it was down to reception and off to the Grand Floridian to meet the other three for dinner. We didn’t feel like facing all the transport transfers to get to the GF, so just called a cab so we could go direct to the door. This time we were there before the guys, or so we thought, so chose a sofa in the reception area and sat down. After a few minutes, Chris, Kayles & Matt appeared, it transpired they had been here before us, but had been at the Grand Floridian Café trying to sort out our reservation, as they had nothing for us till tomorrow night. So someone had messed up, we blamed them, and I think they blamed us. Either way, it seemed we weren’t eating there after all tonight. Chris went to speak to the concierge about anywhere else for reservations, but it seemed most places had a wait. Eventually we decided just to accept the potential two hour wait for the GFC anyway and pass the time here in the bar… It was now that a four piece band struck up on the first floor of the reception area and started playing rather atmospheric swing versions of Disney Standards. It was now I realised just how completely inadequate our own accommodation was and started to weep inside. I would happily have sat here listening to them all night. Cocktail in hand. It turned out that wasn’t happening though, as the two hour wait we’d been warned about had lasted thirty minutes, and our table was now ready.

    After a brief chat with the restaurant seater we were soon sat at our table and enjoying dinner. This time we all went for quite varied choices, but I enjoyed a New York Strip, well done. Which was nice. That’s all I have to say on dinner really. It was nice, but nothing really made it stand out enough compared to others on the holiday for me to write much more…

    After dinner we all made our way to the GF’s monorail station and onto the MK from there to finally watch Wishes properly. In the park, not in a restaurant. We made our way straight down Main St, and slyly positioned ourselves amongst the crowds just in front of the castle… Wishes like this was amazing, and we had a fabulous view. About half way through I started to become annoyed at a lot of commotion behind me, but even my ice cold heart was thawed a little when I realised the man just behind us was down on one knee having just proposed to his girlfriend….Very sweet, but perhaps not a great omen, that he did it just as the Evil Queen’s voice started booming out in the villains section.

    So once was the show was finished we slowly trudged off through the thousands making their way down Main St… Its times like this you really see the added benefit of the covered arcades that DLRP put in down the rear of either side of their Main St. Naturally as we muddled our way down, we became separated. I managed to hold on to Kip and Kathryn, but Amy and Jo were nowhere in sight. We assumed they were with Chris, Matt and Kayles.

    By the time the three of us that had clung together got past the turnstiles and still couldn’t find them, I rung Chris on his cell. They were already on the Monorail back to GF to pick up Matt’s car, and had last seen the others by the turnstiles also. Deciding that in their shoes, we would have just gone back to ASM, that’s what we did…Walking into our empty rooms, we realised that perhaps it wasn’t what the others would do.

    Thirty minutes later as we in our bedclothes and tucked up watching Will & Grace, in walked Amy & Jo… Oops. Commence thirty minutes of moaning, and a whole page in Amy’s journal about how important group cohesion is when dealing with issues of a public transport matter.

    Note to self, only get buses as a group in future!
  2. natalielongstaff

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    Apr 7, 2004
    great day :thumbsup2

    I would love to see a proposal at WDW :hug:
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  4. mandymouse

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    Mar 8, 2003
    Another great day ::yes::
  5. SusanEllen

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    May 24, 2004

    Never mind. There's always next time and you'll have fun sorting through the resort possibilities when you're planning that trip.
  6. suzycute

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    Apr 30, 2005
    Hooray for clean knick knacks!! Thanks for sharing another great day! :thumbsup2
  7. jockey

    jockey Runs for Wine!

    Apr 25, 2004
    I love the GF cafe , great menu and service :) I have to admit that we have the GF band's cd :scared1: They are very good :thumbsup2
  8. wicket2005

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    Mar 31, 2005
    Thanks for sharing.:thumbsup2
  9. Loubbylou

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    Jun 7, 2007
    Another great day, glad the girls got back safely.
  10. Pinky166

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    Feb 6, 2008
    Sounds like a lovely day. I don't blame you all for not doing Summit Plummit! :scared1:
  11. arieljasmine

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    Apr 12, 2004
    I agree with you about walking round water parks burning your feet!

    I love cheetos but they are totally not like wotsits! Flaming hot cheetos are amazing!

    Laur's xx

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