My First Ever Trip Report! June 16-24 UPDATE 8/15/2019


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Jun 24, 2002
Ooooo!!! I want to see Kevin.

Keep it coming.


Mar 27, 2015
Day 2 continued- Animal Kingdom
When I left off, we were on our way back to the resort for a break. It had been sprinkling earlier, but was just really cloudy now. We quickly made our way back to our room, changed into our swimsuits and headed out to the pool. As we passed through the lobby, we ran into these guys….



So after a few quick pictures, we made it to the pool. We were able to get in and enjoy it for a few minutes, then started to hear thunder in the distance. But the lifeguards were allowing everyone to stay in the water for the meantime. About 15 minutes later, I guess lightning was getting close, so they made everyone get out of the pool. On our way back through the lobby, they were doing face painting, so the girls got theirs painted.



And this guy was also out visiting in the lobby.


Then we went back to the room to rest for a while. So of course I took some more pictures of the animals from our balcony.



AND I was able to get us another FOP FP for 5:30-6:30 pm!! So, around 5:15, we headed back to AK. Once again the bus ride was quick and we were back at the park in no time. It had stopped raining by this time. So, we stopped for a few photopass pictures…


And a few more…


to be continued in next post....


  • twinprincesses09

    Mar 27, 2015
    Then we had to do the Tree of Life photos…


    And then some Pandora photos.




    The photographer really took his time taking these and we got lots of good photos. I think this is the only picture I got of hubby and I together on this trip.

    Then on to another ride on FOP. It was even better the second time! However, when we came out, it was pouring rain. Everyone was crowding around the exit, not wanting to leave. We put on our ponchos that we had brought with us just in case, and made it to the gift shop. While hubby and the girls were browsing around, we had some fun taking pictures.




    And I was refreshing FPs on my phone to see what I could get. I managed to snag Na’vi River FP for about 30 minutes in the future, but then refreshed until I moved it up to only 10 minutes out. After a few more minutes of the girls begging for a banshee and us telling them no, we again donned our ponchos and headed to Na’vi. We had a relaxing ride down the river while I looked for our next FP. I managed to get one for Expedition Everest about an hour out. We decided to get some dinner before we rode, so we stopped at Flame Tree Barbecue. Once again, mobile order did not work for me, but there was no line. Hubby got the chicken and rib combo, I got the mac and cheese with pulled pork, and the girls both got hot dogs with grapes, cookies, and white milk (you will see a pattern with their orders- they always got grapes as a side and white milk to drink).

    After that, it was still sprinkling, but we made our way over to Everest for our third ride up (and down) the mountain today.


    Then, I had been promising the girls ice cream all day, so we stopped and A got a frozen strawberry lemonade and C got a frozen lemonade. Hubby got a mickey bar. I decided to skip ice cream this time (as I knew I would probably end up finishing the girls’). We were able to get a FP for the safari with an immediate return time, so headed that way. We didn’t really need it though. Everyone was walking straight through line and onto the next truck. We didn’t really see too many animals, but did get to hear the lions roaring. And I must admit, I was so tired by this time, I nodded off several times. After our safari, it was almost closing time, so we made our way out of the park and to the buses. And at least the rain had stopped.

    We got back to the resort, and got ready for bed. I’m always the last one to bed and the first one up. I like to organize all our stuff and get everyone’s things ready for the next day before I go to bed.

    So overall, we had a great day. We went on 11 rides, met 5 characters, got lots of photopass pictures, and watched 1 amazing show from the FRONT ROW! I would call that a successful day!


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    Nov 20, 2006
    Thanks so much for sharing your pictures of the face painting. I've been reading up on all the resort activities for our upcoming trip and thought that was one that my daughter and nieces would enjoy so it will be great to show them your pics!


    Mar 27, 2015
    Sorry for the delay in updating! We have been on another trip to visit family the past few weeks and I haven't had time to post.

    Day 3- Epcot

    Once again, our day began early as we had a PPO reservation for Garden Grill this morning. We decided this would be the best way to be able to ride all 3 tier 1 rides, given that you could only FP one of them. I had heard you are seated in the order of arrival for a PPO breakfast, regardless of your reservation time, so we decided to try to be there early to make it to Soarin’ before rope drop.

    We caught a bus with little wait, but we had a new bus driver training that morning. So it seemed to take forever to get to Epcot. And when we arrived, he let us off at one of the bus stops farthest from the park- and it wasn’t even the stop for AKL. I think he made a wrong turn in the parking lot, but no matter, we were there and breezed through security with no wait since we were bagless this morning. Unfortunately, the line for breakfast reservations was very long by this point. I was feeling anxious since we had hoped to be near the front of the line. But then I realized most of the families in front of us had little girls wearing princess dresses, so figure they were headed to Akerhaus and not Garden Grill.

    We took this picture while waiting to get in the park at 7:53am.


    By 8:07, we were seated and well on our way to eating the sticky bun and fruit. Then Dale appears.


    Followed almost immediately by Mickey!


    Then Chip!


    Then Pluto!


    We saw all 4 characters within the first 10 minutes. After all the pictures, hugs, and autographs, it was time to eat! The food here is your typical breakfast food. We all enjoyed it. I was really looking forward to the sticky bun, but was actually a little disappointed. It was fine, could have been a little warmer, but it was good, even if we didn’t finish the whole thing. The rest of the food was good as well, and I believe our server did bring us a second pan with eggs, sausage, and bacon. However, I am not sure I would do the PPO breakfast again. We did achieve our goal of getting to Soarin’, as I will soon get to, but I felt a little rushed. We usually make the latest breakfast reservation we can and take our time eating since my girls are not fast eaters. Instead I felt like I was rushing them to finish so we could head down to Soarin’.

    We finished up by about 8:40am and since we took others advice and went ahead and paid at the beginning of breakfast, we were ready to head down. After a quick stop at the restroom, we were in line by about 8:45am, then let in a few minutes later. After Soarin’ over the world, we left the Land Pavilion just as the rope drop crowds started flooding in. Since we had finished Soarin’ before the park even opened, we decided we had time to make a quick stop to see some characters. Joy and Sadness only had 2 other families waiting, while Baymax’s line was a little longer. Still, we were meeting Joy and Sadness by 9:15am, and A was having a staring contest with Baymax by 9:24am according to my photopass pictures.




    To be continued in the next post....


    Mar 27, 2015
    Day 3- Epcot continued....

    After that, it was off to the world showcase for FEA. We waited about 20 minutes, which was about what I was expecting for that time of the morning. This picture was taken at 9:55am.


    After a quick stop in the gift shop and a picture with the troll,


    we headed over to meet Anna and Elsa. The posted wait was 25 minutes, but given that the line was extended outside, I figured it would be longer. I tried to talk A&C into coming back later, but they were not leaving until they meet the sisters. In all, we waited about 45 minutes to meet them. Longer than I had planned, but fortunately we did decided to wait now, as we never made it back to the world showcase that day.

    So here are my girls with the sisters.



    After that, we headed for our first FP of the day -Mission Space 10:20-11:20am. We always do the orange side, and the girls always love it. Fortunately, neither my husband nor myself are prone to motion sickness, so we enjoy it too. After a few minutes playing the games at the end, our next FP is now open- Spaceship Earth 11:25-12:25pm, so we head that way. Unfortunately, the FP line is extremely long. Longer than I had ever seen it. We thought about skipping it for now, and trying to change it to a later time, but ultimately decided to wait. In my experience, FP lines, even when backed up, usually move quickly. However this one did not. I’m not sure if the ride was down earlier, or what was going on. But we got in line right at 11:25am, and wasn’t on until 1200pm. So we had about a 35 minute wait in the FP line for Spaceship Earth!

    After that, we headed over to meet Ralph and Vanellope. This line was long as well. I expected it to be, but there really wasn’t a better time to fit it into our day. So while hubby and I stood in line, A&C played games in the Imagination Pavilion. Finally we made it to the characters and were meeting them by 12:50pm.


    Next, it was time for Test Track. We had a FP for 12:50-1:50pm. So we scan in and make it to the room were you line up before the design room, and hear an announcement that Test Track is closing due to imminent storms in the area. Everyone around us starts sitting down to wait. I ask one of the cast members how long it will be and he tells me after the storm has past, it would be 30 minutes before the ride would be running again. Since we didn’t want to wait an hour or more, he offers to give us an anytime FP that is good the rest of the day. We decide that is best, and he lets us out of a side exit.

    We had planned to head back to the hotel after Test Track to take a break anyway, so we start heading toward the buses. We got as about as far as Mouse Gear before the rain started. Remember, we had gone bagless this day, so we had left our ponchos in the room. It wasn’t forcasted to rain until about 2:30-3pm, so we thought we would be ok. It wasn’t raining too hard yet, so we decided to keep heading toward the buses. Then it started to rain harder, and harder. We took cover where we could, but kept going toward the buses. By the time we got outside the park, it was raining so hard that it was hard to see. I was expecting to see cats and dogs fall from the sky. We were wading through 2-3 inches of water on the ground, soaking our shoes. And yes, we had worn sneakers today- big mistake. The bus to AKL was at the bus stop, so luckily we didn’t have to wait. But by the time we got on, there was a river flowing down the center of the bus. The bus driver was trying to push some of the water out of the bus using some small towels she had. She offered us use of some dry hand towels, but I politely declined saying I didn’t think it would help us much at this point. Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures of us in our drenched condition, although I’m sure it would have been entertaining. I was trying to keep my phone as dry as possible in my pocket. Although I wasn’t successful, at least it still works.
  • cinderaimee

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    Sep 26, 2016
    Just joining in your report and all caught up, I'm really enjoying it so far! Your girls are just the cutest things!

    As we are walking over to join the standby line, a young woman asked if we were on our way to see the show. I told her we were, and she asked if we would like to come with her. Of course, everyone knows when a CM asks if you would like to come with them, you always agree! So she lead us to a side door and handed us off to another CM who escorted us to our seats. RESERVED FRONT ROW SEATS!!
    We had the same thing happen on our trip in 2016! Such a fun surprise and great way to experience the show. I told my kids to look as cute as possible as we walked up on our latest trip but it didn't work that time ;)

    I was able to get us another FOP FP for 5:30-6:30 pm!!
    How lucky!

    After a few more minutes of the girls begging for a banshee and us telling them no
    This sums up like 75% of our last trip :rotfl2:

    So we had about a 35 minute wait in the FP line for Spaceship Earth!

    We were wading through 2-3 inches of water on the ground, soaking our shoes. And yes, we had worn sneakers today- big mistake. The bus to AKL was at the bus stop, so luckily we didn’t have to wait. But by the time we got on, there was a river flowing down the center of the bus.
    Double yikes!! Oh man, what bad luck.

    Can't wait to read about the rest of your trip :)


    Mar 27, 2015
    Day 3 continued…Epcot

    When I left off, we were on our way back to AKL after being caught in a downpour at Epcot. Although our PPO ADR at Garden Grill was successful in giving us a good start to the day, and we got everything accomplished that morning that we had planned (except for Test Track), we ran into a few longer wait times than we would have liked. Nonetheless, our morning was a pretty much a success. Our evening/night not so much.

    Our girls were 9 years old, had been to Disney 5 times prior, but we had never been to Bippity Boppity Boutique. We decided this trip to remedy that before they decide they were too old for princesses. So after a rest at the resort (during which time the rain continued), we left for Disney Springs. I tried to get reservations at MK, but had waited too late to book. However, I felt it worked out pretty well anyway since we had so much planned to our MK days. So about 3:30pm we headed out and took the bus to DS for our 4:20pm appointment at BBB. We made our way over to BBB, thankful the rain had finally stopped. After about a 10 minute wait, we were taken back so the girls could change. We had so many princess dresses at home, we decided to take our own for the girls to change into, instead of buying more. A decided to dress as Jasmine, and C as Cinderella. Then we met our fairy godmothers in training. The girls were very excited and really enjoyed the experience. Here are a few pictures of the makeovers.



    Afterwards, a photo pass photographer took some pictures of them with Cinderella’s coach.


    They then told us about the photo pass studio that was only a short walk away in Disney Springs. I had already heard about it, but it was nice of them to direct us there if we wanted more photos. And we did want more photos. There was only one family in front of us, so after a few minutes, it was our turn. They did lots of different backgrounds, some specific to their costumes, and others that were just fun. They even talked hubby and I into joining in for a few photos.







    continued in next post....


    Mar 27, 2015
    continued from previous post....

    After those photos were taken, the photographer directed us to another setup right next to her where they took more photos of the girls. This time without the green screen backgrounds, and more like portraits.




    As soon as the photos were done, the girls were ready to get out of their costumes and back into their regular clothes. So after a quick wardrobe change, we decided it was time to eat. Earl of Sandwich was nearby, so we grabbed a bite there. I had the chipotle chicken avocado, and hubby had the Italian. The girls each had grilled cheeses. Hubby and I liked ours, but I had made this mistake before with the girls. Although they love grilled cheese sandwiches, Earl of Sandwich serves their grilled cheeses on a hamburger-like bun instead of sandwich bread. But they were hungry since we hadn’t had anything substantial since breakfast early that morning, and it was now about 6:30.

    In my planning, I really didn’t account for how long it would take at BBB and the photo pass studio. I had planned to be back at Epcot by about 6pm, but of course that didn’t happen. And since there are no direct busses from DS to the parks, we planned to take a bus from DS to the Beach Club, then enter Epcot through the international gateway. However, we got to the bus stop at DS and waited. And waited. And waited some more. I think it took at least 30-40 minutes for the bus to show up. By the time it did, of course it was raining again.

    So we make it to Beach Club and find our way through the hotel and out to walk to Epcot. Of course it’s still raining, so we don our ponchos and make it through security and into the park. I had planned to spend from about 6-8pm in the back in future world, then head over to World Showcase to see Illuminations and visit some countries. We were about 2 hours behind schedule and it was raining so hard, we decided to head to future world to hopefully get out of the rain. It was raining almost as hard as it had that morning. Luckily we had our ponchos this time, and were wearing sandals. But there was so much water already on the ground that splashed when we walked, and the rain was blowing in at an angle that still caused us to get wet under our ponchos.

    At some point during our break I was able to make a FFP for Soarin’ so we could get a second ride on it if we wanted to. I believe it opened about 8pm. So we headed that way. As we got close, the rain stopped again, and we were greeted with this sight.


    After our ride on we still had the anytime FP from TT that was good until 9pm, and it was about 8:40pm at this point. I checked on the app, and it was showing that TT was open! So we hurried over that way and were on by 9:04pm according to this picture.


    Tonight was Epcot’s evening EMH, so we still had time some time before they closed to onsite guests. But as we were walking out, they announced Test Track would be closing for incoming weather. So we were really happy we got to ride when we did.

    Next, we headed to Mission Space for a second ride on the orange side since it was nearby. On our walk over, it started to rain again L. The girls were getting really tired by this point and we thought about calling it a night, but they really wanted to go on LWTL. So we headed back over to that side of future world. We ended up going on Figment first. With no one else in sight, we got a vehicle to ourselves. After that, we did go LWTL and had a boat to ourselves. And like the night before on the Safari at AK, I shut my eyes for a little too long, and I think I slept for a few minutes. But we decided to keep going and finish the only other ride in future world, Nemo. So after a few pictures out front (and the rain had stopped again),


    We walked on the ride with no wait. Of course, no matter how tired they were, the girls still wanted to play in the little play area and take the obligatory picture inside Bruce.


    After that, we headed toward the front entrance. I realized we didn’t get any pictures taken that day in front of Spaceship Earth (photographers weren’t out when we arrived for our PPO, and it was raining when we left). So, we stopped for a few quick pictures, then headed for the buses. This pictures was taken at 11:04pm.


    It was a long day and a wet day. We were successful in getting on all three tier 1 rides, most of the other rides we had planned (all except for Three Caballeros), and meeting the most important characters (to us anyway). And don’t forget makeovers for 2 princesses!! I wish we had gotten to spend time in the World Showcase exploring the countries. We never seem to have much time to do that on any trip we’ve taken. But overall, still a successful day!


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