My fiancee's 21st birthday

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by tfoley427, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Hi everyone.

    My fiancee Ashley is turning 21 (yes she is 21, and I am 23, and we are getting married next year), and I have no clue what to get her! She is turning 21 on July 7th. July 11th we are going to a casino (Foxwoods) that her parents are paying for. I have about $200 bucks that I can spend on her gift, but would like to spend around $100 so I can give her $100 to gamble with. She is a DISNEY FANATIC (we're going the end of August.) She is not big into jewelery as she has everything she needs. I was thinking of an oil painting of the Castle in MK as that is where we got engaged (GO CRT:woohoo:) Any ideas that yo uguys have would be GREAT! thanks so much.
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    Congratulations on your impending marriage. Very exciting!!!

    As far as Ashley's 21st, Thomas Kincade painted a picture of the castle on canvas. There was a big celebration when it was presented to Disney World. My husband and I actually went to the unveiling of the print. There has been a smaller version of the print since then produced that you could probably buy at an art store or even order it online. Mat the picture and frame it, or have it done professionally. Here is a link to the picture:

    Also they make a smaller version that is sold in Epcot, Art of Disney, Main Street, etc.

    Have fun!!!:dance3:
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    I think your castle painting idea is a great one. It's personal, shows you put some thought into it and if you also give her a mushy card and mention how happy you've been since the engagment and wanted to give her a gift that would remind her of the happy day.....she'll connect the dots and love it. And as a smaller gift, maybe buy an awesome WDW frame (call WDW merchandising) or a really fancy frame with a photo of your engagement (if you have one) as a little bonus.

    I know you said she didn't need any jewelry but does she have her wedding jewelry yet? Maybe a anklet or bracelet to wear for the wedding with a Mickey head or glass slipper on it. Again, building on the engagement/wedding theme. And later, maybe Christmas give her a pair of earrings to match and save the neclace for the big day. Or since she's now 21and legal a WDW shot glass as a little (funny) gift. Just an idea.

    Sounds like you're a great fiancee, and that you've really put some thought into getting her a gift she'll love. But really anything you give her that's personal to you two (with an appropriately mushy and romantic card) will be a hit. :grouphug:
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    Here are a couple--signed Lithographs.

    Also what about calling the animation store---there is one in HS and DTD that I know of they have lots of designs to choose from and they can draw whatever you choose hundred or so designs and can add on a special message too. In October we did it got the drawing and added the matt and they added DD first trip to Disney with the month and year for about $35 (I think) and the Frames with mickeys cut out were about $30.

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