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    Feb 27, 2001
    Part 5

    ‘WE’ means……..

    DH …Ivan
    DS… Aaron (13)
    DS…Kyle (11)

    26th December

    We had a ps today for Chef Mickey’s and as we hadn’t done the ice cream social I really wanted to do one character meal this holiday so against my better judgement I woke everyone at about 7am. After such a busy day yesterday they were not amused to say the least. Several moans, grumbles and ‘I don’t want breakfast with Mickey any way’ later, we left for our 7.45 booking at 7.45!! I just hoped that they would still let us in. We arrived at the Contemporary at about 8.15 and no one seemed worried that we were late. We were seated by 8.30 much to my relief. To start with, the boys were not the tiniest bit happy about being there. You should see the photo we had taken as we entered!! Any way a bit of food and a couple of characters later they were in full swing. ‘Take my picture with Goofy’ ‘Are you videoing this’ ‘Let me take a picture of you’ ‘Quick mum here comes Mickey’ So Disney hadn’t let me down there is still a bit of magic there even for teenage boys. It was lovely to watch and I have some great photos. We had quite a few characters round, from what I remember…Pluto, Chip & Dale, Minnie and Mickey. Oh by the way the food was good too, about 3 times more expensive than Ponderosa but worth it. (Actually, it was the most expensive meal we had all holiday!!)

    After that we left for magic kingdom. Made the mistake of not getting a parking ticket before we went in and couldn’t find our way back to the entrance. We passed it but couldn’t turn round so yes you guessed it got lost again. We had to go right out to get back in again. So at about 11 am we were heading to MK. The monorail went through the Contemporary and we saw Chef Mickey’s. Oh the memories were flooding back.
    Entered the park and there it was the first view of the castle. I know I don’t have to describe the feeling as most of you get it every time you go too. It was every bit as wonderful as I’d remembered nearly 20 years ago. I turn to the boys and said look at that. Their reply? Wow mum it’s only a castle!!!!!!! And that was it. They’d had their little bit of Disney magic and were determined not to have any more. We spent about 3 hours in MK. We walked around a bit soaking up the atmosphere (well I was anyway) did Thunder Mountain, got fast pass for space mountain as the line was 60 minutes, and Buzz Lightyear. Had a stroll around the shops and Ivan found a badge with Mickey and the gang and my name on spelt correctly. I don’t very often find anything spelt with a ‘y’ usually just Jane, so the darling bought it for me which I proudly pinned on my new WDW hoody that I had also just bought. The boys thought this was very sad but I didn’t care and wore it anyway. I think by this time they were getting tired after all we had had a very busy day yesterday. They wanted to get something to eat and go on Splash Mountain. As we had about 1 ½ hours until the fast pass for Space Mountain, we gave them some money for food and told them to be back at SM for the fast pass time. I knew they would want to go soon and just had to see a bit more of the park. Luckily, we caught the parade. Walked through the castle, and covered most of the park. The only ride we managed to do was Pirates of the Caribbean but it was just lovely being there. After doing SM I was right they wanted to go. I knew there was no point dragging 2 sulky teenagers round so reluctantly gave in and we headed back for the car. I didn’t tell them we were returning tonight to see the fireworks though. Crafty eh?

    Had an easy afternoon and evening and returned to MK at 8 pm surprisingly without too many grumbles. Much to my delight we were just in time for Spectro Magic, which I didn’t realise was on. I’d never seen it before, it was wonderful. Very very colourful it lasted about 30 minutes. We then made our way up to the castle to see the fireworks. It was quite chilly and we were all wrapped up with coats gloves and scarves. Reminded me a bit of Bonfire night!!
    The castle was so pretty in the dark and kept changing colours. The fireworks were great. I must admit not quite as spectacular as I thought they would be as they only lasted 10 minutes but looked magical behind the castle. I just hope the photos come out. We stayed for a little while and watched the show that was on the stage afterwards but it was rather chilly and couldn’t see too well so said a fond farewell to the castle (I told it I’d be back)
    On the way back to the boat to get to the car park, we then caught another light parade on 7 seas lagoon. This was really good too with leaping dolphins, a lock ness type monster, lots of floats which then all turned into American Flags. So I was really pleased we went back for the fireworks as we caught the 2 light parades too. It really was an added bonus.

    Thursday 27th

    It’s our last day, I really can’t believe it. I decide not to wake anyone today as we have had a couple of very busy days. We stroll into Ponderosa about 10.30 and then decide to go for a drive. (Fools, we will only get lost). I wanted to get the entrance to WDW on video and really just drove around stopping off here and there to do a bit of last minute shopping. I had hoped to do MGM today but everyone felt tired and didn’t fancy it. We got lunch and went back to the villa, the boys had a last swim and I did all the washing in the giant machine I found in the garage, got it all dry too. (only the women out there will understand how wonderful it is to go home with cases full of CLEAN washing!!) I did draw the line at ironing it all too.
    Bonzo you were right we did make another stop at the Nike shop but only to return a basketball as Aaron had found a better one in Sports Dominator. I couldn’t believe it when he said he would wait in the car. I think I must have made my point. We did spend another hour in Sports Dominator though. Ah well it made a change from Nike.
    We had our evening meal at Ponderosa it was very good. We all really enjoyed it. Ivan and I had steaks, which were very tender, and succulent, the boys had fish and hot dog and endless amounts of ice cream. Back to the villa to pack.

    Well I’m sure it happens to nearly everyone but no room in the cases. As hard as I pushed, jiggled or re-packed it would not fit in. Off to buy an extra bag first thing in the morning. That done settled down to a quiet evening watching TV, eating up the goodies and drinking Southern Comfort.

    Extra bag bought, car loaded we set off to return the keys. Found it very much easier than our arrival! We asked for directions to the airport and the very helpful lady gave us a map of the quickest way to the airport. Not sure whether we should risk it but then as we got so terribly lost on the way here didn’t know the route anyway so followed her directions and found it no problem. It only took about 20 mins. (Kept the map for next time)
    The return journey was pretty much uneventful so I won’t go thought it all. But arrived home tired, depressed and wishing we were back in Florida.

    Right……..was it my dream holiday?………No not really. Don’t get me wrong it was a fantastic holiday, the best I have had with my children. But I was expecting too much, they are 11 and 13 year old boys after all. I really wanted them to experience the magic of Disney but they just didn’t. I don’t feel as if I have had my Disney fix, as we didn’t see much of MK, EPCOT or AK. (but hey you know what that means I’ll have to go back). What I’m really hoping for is to go back for a week on our own when the children go on holiday with their dad later in the year but we shall have to see.
    For this year, I have just booked a week in Majorca in June, at a hotel with loads of activities, sports and entertainment, which should appeal to Aaron and Kyle so it will be a bit different to Florida, but hey you can’t do Florida every year, can you??
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    Aug 18, 1999
    I hate it when a set of reports comes to an end! Jayne these have been very enjoyable to read :) It is a shame that your boys didn't feel the magic, but as you say, they are teenagers!
    :) At least it didn't spoil your memories :)

    We had a holiday last year, just the two of us, and I have to admit that it was just lovely doing exactly what we wanted, when we wanted. I thoroughly recommend it!


    Enjoy Majorca and then look forward to Florida at sometime in the future.

    Thanks again for writing the reports - it was lovely to share your holiday :)
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  4. JayneL

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    Feb 27, 2001
    Thanks for your comments Janice
    Glad you enjoyed the reports, I'm just pleased I still have them to re-post.:)

    I've been talking to the boys about going back and they both want to. Sooooo maybe next Oct, Nov you never know. I must admit though I can't wait until we can go on our own as even next time I doubt that they will want to do Disney:( Still it would just be wonderful to return.
  5. UKDEB

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    Jul 7, 2000
    Jayne, I've enjoyed reading these too. I was wondering if you would say how your boys enjoyed their first trip - I kind of sensed that they were happiest in the pool at the villa. Still, I'm pleased that the Disney magic didn't fail to do its stuff and that they enjoyed Chef Mickey's. Our girls <i>claim</i> to love WDW, but they always 'spoil' our holiday a bit - well, teenagers can be very self-centred can't they? In fact, I think it must be part of the job description!

    Their Dad took them away last summer, so dh and I took the opportunity to take a trip to WDW without them (with their blessing, albeit a bit begrudgingly at first!). We had a truly <i>wonderful</i> time. I'm counting down the days until they leave home, so we can do it again! What a wicked mother I am! Still, they'll probably be like those two in the British Gas advert and still be at home in their middle age :rolleyes:
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    Feb 28, 2002
    Great trip reports, and I have really enjoyed reading them. Our teenagers are hooked on Disney, ( 18 and 19yrs respectively , ) but I do seem to remember them going through an awkward stage at the ages of your boys, and it was always very hard to please everyone! This year Roger and I had the opportunity to go off for a quick 6 day break to The World, on our own and I had no idea what I would feel being without the remainder of the family. I LOVED IT! Yo can eat where you want, see what you want, stay for as long as you want etc etc. It is to be highly recommended. LOL Carolyn
  7. JayneL

    JayneL Mouseketeer

    Feb 27, 2001
    Deb...From the boys point of view....

    Villa and pool great-loved it but mum kept on dragging us out to go to parks.

    Ponderosa...Aaron-fantastic I could eat as much as I wanted and have ice cream for breakfast. (and he can eat!! 13yrs old and 6' 1'')
    Kyle- not too bad I liked the pancakes and ice cream but Mum kept on paying for a childs meal $2.99 and I wanted her to pay $3.99. (Kids- he had exactly the same buffet as us but we just paid less. How do their minds work?)

    Universal- Great had a good day there. Some rides a bit sad, like jaws and king kong.
    Kyle- I loved men in black

    IOA- best park it was fantastic. (edited version!!)

    Magic Kingdom & EPCOT- BORING

    Overall- good holiday we want to go back.

    So I think they enjoyed it altogether well they want to go back but Deb & Carolyn like you I can't wait to go on our own. It will be so different to do JUST what we want. But hey thats being a Mum isn't it giving in to others!!
  8. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful reports - luv reading them!!!

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