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    A while back I scoured the forums and created a list of Disney notes that I printed and took with us to Disneyland. Here's a reformatted list which is a compilation of information gathered elsewhere on the site (spelling corrections and formatting changes applied):

    If you have other secrets, I will gladly add them to this original post.

    Hidden Restroom Myths & Facts

    These bathrooms are located by the Cast Members Enterance near the tunnel going to Rancho Zocalo and located in Carnation Plaza Gardens on Main Street U.S.A. They ARE NOT located on a guide map as a restroom, but located on a guide map as a baby changing center.

    Well the real secret bathrooms are behind the Bank, in a little alleyway (I'm totally serious, there is an alley in DL) where NO ONE EVER VENTURES. EVER. I've been there on summer days and during the holiday season and there's maybe two other people there at one time. (And then, she realizes, this little secret she has kept to herself is now out, and is no longer secret. Unless she kills everyone on this thread, which she considers, but decides it's too much trouble to track the IP numbers of everyone and find good hiding spots for the bodies so she just decides to find a new bathroom.)

    The secret bathroom is in the courtyard for the Tiki Room next to the front door. The bathroom is there because the Tiki Room was originally suppose to be a restaurant with a bird show above you while you ate.

    Locations - In Alphabetical Order

    Astro Orbitor

    When you look at the tail fins of the 12 rockets, notice that each has a different sign of the zodiac.


    On Autopia there is a mouse-crossing complete w/ mouse holes in the curb

    Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters

    In that white circle is the (secret) hidden target on Zurg. It's also in the same location on the Zurg in the final battle with Buzz. A couple inches below his (Z) and in between the space on his chestplate. It scores 50,000 a hit.

    5-14-08: I can confirm the 50,000 hit can be done even by a terrible shot like myself, I landed it once on him. I tried to spam it but there's not much time to hit it repeatedly. Photo score proof link provided at:


    In Frontierland, when entering from the fort gate and walking towards the river, look up to the the left and you'll see the Davy Crockett Coonskin Hat Company, F. Parker, Proprietor window, which is a tribute to Fess Parker and his Disney work.

    Indiana Jones Adventure

    While in queue for the Indiana Jones ride, you'll enter a dark cave area with warning signs for bats. If you look into the caverns, you'll see bats hanging from the ceiling. Look for the caverns with a black light glow.

    As you walk through the Spike Room, there is a big spike (pole) with a sign that says not to touch it. If you pull on it (and it's working that day) you'll hear a thundering crash and the ceiling drops a few inches, as if you disturbed the gods.

    Once the hallways open up, you'll enter an area that has a circular queue with a trunk like thing in the middle. There's a sign that says not to pull the rope. If you pull on it, you'll hear voices of men working and telling you not to pull it. After about the 3rd pull, you'll hear one yell and fall.

    Right after the screening room where you see the safety video, as the line takes you in a U-turn, look back into the screening room, above the projector to the left. You might be able to see a faint outline of Eyore. It is an old parking lot sign since Indy was built on top of an old parking lot.

    While on the ride, when you enter the first room with skeletons, turn completely around and look at the skeletons on the wall. "Bones" has Mickey ears on. This one took me several attempts to finally see him. You'll get your best view by sitting in the last row, on the driver's side.

    In the queuing line for Indiana Jones, deep inside, in the middle of all of the bamboo poles, there is one that looks a little crooked. Pull on it hard, and the cavern will boom like a cave in. First time someone did it, it scared me to death!

    It's a well, not a rock. It's in the room right before the one with the safety video. There are 3 sets of sayings. When you first pull on it you hear someone telling you that there are people working and don't pull on the rope. The next time they are meaner about it. Finally the third time you hear them falling. Just like the pole, it takes a while to reset, even in between the 3 sayings.

    I think I remember somewhere in this thread that there was a Dumbo sign in Indiana Jones (cause the attraction s in that part of the old parking lot). I was there last weekend and asked a CM and she showed me the sign. It is actually an Eyeore sign! In that last section of Indiana, where the film is. it's back where the projector is, ask a CM to show you with a flash light.


    You may recognize the voice of Tom Morrow. It is the actor Nathan Lane, who did the voice for Timon in The Lion King. Also, if you can't read the note in his pocket, it says "Buy 10 W 30". If you have the time, watch the robot after he gives his spiel and the other guests have moved on. He will move and act like a person who is bored and waiting for his next group of guests!

    Mark Twain Riverboat

    You can 'pilot' the Mark Twain! Be the first on up to the captains door and knock politely - or ask the cast members that are on duty there to let you pilot the boat. You'll ge to pull the whistles and horns, use the huge wheel, and take the whole trip around the river up there! There is even a guest log book to sign in on.

    As for captaining the Mark Twain River Boat... we did it once. As we were waiting for the trip to begin, a CM tapped my shoulder and asked how many there were in my party. I thought it was an odd question (as none of them had jumped overboard or anything) but when I answered his question, he offered us a chance to pilot the ship. On our trip through the Rivers of America, the captain told us all sorts of DL trivia (and some funny jokes)

    Mickey's House

    When you enter Mickey's house, the first room contains a passport with stamps from everywhere a Disneyland is located.

    New Orleans Square - Train Station

    In New Orleans Square at the train station, you'll hear a telegraph signal, the message is Walt's opening day speech (I've only heard this once and it's never been confirmed).

    The telegraph that keeps clicking at the New Orleans Square railroad station is actually the first two sentences of Walt's Disneyland opening-day dedication speech ("To all who come to Disneyland, welcome. Here, age relives fond memories of the past, and here, youth may savor the challenge and promise of the future.") It is not modern Morse Code but land line telegraphy as used by railroad telegraphers to communicate with train dispatchers and other telegraphers at other stations. Although the Morse code message at the telegraph office of the New Orleans railroad station only plays a small part of Walt's Disneyland Opening Day speech, it used to play an even smaller part until an error below was pointed out to Disney. A ham radio operator noticed the sound from the telegraph office of the New Orleans train station seemed to repeat a definite "message" and not just random dots-n-dashes like a lot of places do. He decided to try and figure out the message. He searched the web and only found this page which originally stated erroneously that the message was Walt's entire opening day speech, but the message was way too short to be that. Some years ago Disney had converted the system from a long looped tape system to a digitized recording. Apparently, the engineer who did it listened to the old tape until he decided that the message was repeating... but he got it wrong. But, thanks to the work of George Eldridge (N6RVC) it now plays correctly and non-stop at the New Orleans train station.

    Park Entrance

    The entrance plaza to the park was intentionally designed to mimic entering a movie theater. Walt wanted people to believe that they were literally walking into live, 3D versions of his movies. Walking into the two tunnels (under the train tracks) simulates having to walk down the side aisles of a movie theater. As soon as you get out of the tunnels, you smell popcorn from the carts in Main Street Plaza, another intentional movie reference.

    The two entry tunnels (as mentioned above) are nicknamed "Voms" (short for vomitoriums) by CMs. For some unknown reason, kids frequently throw-up in the tunnels.

    Walt kept an apartment in the park, above the Fire Station. If you look in the window, there is always a light left on for him.

    The Partners Statue (Walt and Mickey holding hands) in the hub was designed after Walt's death. It symbolizes Walt pointing out the way for Mickey to continue with the company after his death.

    Disneyland is actually built on a slight slope. why? Because Walt wanted people to work their way into the park, going uphill. This also makes the illusion that all the building is taller. Walt also wanted the downhill to make it easier to go home knowing ppl would be tired.

    If you look up the pole at the fire station, you will see that you can't climb up it, there is a barrier up there. They had to do this, as people kept climbing up it!

    Pirates of the Caribbean

    When Pirates first opened, most of the skeletons were real. It was easier in that day to get true skeletons than make your own. They have, over the years been replaced...but there is still one human skull in Pirates. It's over the bed in the Captain's Quarters.

    You probably all know that the building above POTC was built as an apartment for Walt but he passed before it was finished, its now used as a gallery (last time i went they had props and stuff from the Haunted Mansion film) and if you ask one of the employees they will give you a tour of the apt. Theres a door way in the apt. that leads into Club 33.

    Sleeping Beauty's Castle

    In front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle is a plaque celebrating the 40th Birthday of Disneyland. Beneath that plaque is a time capsule with a lot of 1995 stuff.

    Snow White

    Outside the Snow White ride there is a 'golden' book and apple - try to take the apple and see what happens!

    In Fantasyland, when standing next to the sword in the anvil, look about the Snow White ride, the Evil Queen pulls the drapes apart and peeks through the second story window at the crowd.

    Snow White - and Enchanting Musical - Although most people flock to sit in the middle rows of the theater, one of the best places is the front row on the far right side. Characters from the musical come down to shake the hands of children sitting here!

    Also the apple in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs dark ride all ways gets stolen. They have tried all sorts of ways to keep people from stealing it.

    Soarin' Over California

    On the ride Soarin' Over CA - the person that hits the golf ball is Michael Eisner, and the ball has a tiny hidden mickey on it.

    There's also a pirate ship in the bay when you fly over the Golden Gate Bridge, I was told by a CM it is supposed to be Peter Pan's/Capt. Hook's. - Wendylady36

    Space Mountain

    Space Mountain is sunk into the ground nearly 20 feet so that it does not dwarf Sleeping Beauty's Castle

    Star Tours

    At the end of the Star Tours ride, just as your star speeder is about to crash into a fuel truck, a man in the control booth ducks down, then stands up and picks up the phone. The man is George Lucas!

    While waiting to ride Star Tours, listen for the announcer to page Sacul Egroeg - that's George Lucas backwwards.

    The droids working and talking to the guests through the Star Wars queue were once animatronic geese in America Sings! Look at their feet.... they are still webbed!

    The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

    On the Winnie the Pooh ride at Disneyland, if you turn around after you pass the scene where Pooh is pigging out on honey, you can see 3 animals that were from the Country Bear Jamboree (a tribute).

    Tower of Terror

    On the Tower of Terror when it first opened if you looked at the rails on the stairs in the boiler room it had scratch marks (like if someone was being dragged) on them and HELP etched on random areas. Also, when you are by the wall in the same area you can hear a young girl asking for help.

    General - Not Location Specific

    As one person already said, you can't purchase gum anywhere in Disneyland, but did you ever notice all of the gum on the ground. If you look very closely, you will notice that some of the "gum" on the ground from Main Street to the Small World is actually fake! Magnetic sensors that look like gum on the street were actually placed there to tell when parade floats enter and exit specific "zones" along the parade route.

    The first time I noticed a cat, it was near the haunted mansion, and it was black. I thought it was there for ambiance. I asked about it, and was told that years ago Cats were brought into Disneyland to help control a mouse problem. When the solution did not work, there was an attempt to eliminate the cat problem, but that failed also.

    When you walk by the Candy store you say yummy what's that good sell? Sometimes they are NOT making candy. What they do is pump sugar air out. They boil hot water with sugared added. If you look closely the vents are right under the windows.

    There is a tunnel under Disneyland. It runs from under Space Mountain to the restaurants in back of the park in Frontierland. It is use as a service tunnel for food distribution for the restaurants. CM walk from back stage of one part of the park to the other. Its not very impressive just a tunnel and pipes and wires.

    The first tunnel (TLT Tunnel) starts behind Innoventions and goes to CircleVision (the stairs come up on the Matterhorn side of Circlevision by the tables. It is mainly to get supplies to TLT (or Club Buzz if you want). The other "Vid tunnel" goes from behind Videopolis (Fantasyland Theater) and goes to the large service gates at Big Thunder Trail.

    You can get a list of all the hidden mickey locations at city hall.
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    What a fun list!
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    thank you for sharing your list
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    definitely printing this one
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    Great list, Disney Mystic. :thumbsup2

    If this doesn't make it as a sticky it needs to be kept handy for future posters. Alot of cool info.
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    Wow thank you for sharing. Now I have found info I must have missed. I cant wait to see hidden Mickey's and have my kids try to pilot the Twain. Counting down the days. I will be sure to copy your compiled list-thanks
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    Haha...I knew all this. Nice post. :thumbsup2
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    There's also a pirate ship in the bay when you fly over the Golden Gate Bridge, I was told by a CM it is supposed to be Peter Pan's/Capt. Hook's.
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    "You probly all know that the building above POTC was built as an apartment for Walt but he passed before it was finished, its now used as a gallary (last time i went they had props and stuff from the Haunted Mansion film) and if you ask one of the employees they will give you a tour of the apt. Theres a door way in the apt. that leads into Club 33."

    Sniffle sniffle.

    Reading that list about the tunnels, I couldn't help but put two things together. As you leave the tunnels you smell their popcorn, and children tend to vomit in the tunnels. I *hate* the smell of most popcorn, makes me nauseous. Seems a really easy answer about why kids get sick right there to me! :upsidedow
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    The original post where I pulled a lot of this information out at can be found at:

    One afternoon I just scanned through and copied out the interesting things we wanted to look for. I can state that the basketball thing isn't a myth according to a good source, yet if you go to the book store on main street, there's an older lady there that shot the rumor down with a passion.

    I also could not find anywhere that would give me a map to the hidden mickeys.

    I will tidy up the original post and categorize it a little better so that it is a little more useful.

    Please remember I take no credit for any of the actual content in the original post.
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    Thanks so much for the neat post.
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    AWESOME! :thumbsup2
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    Just to let you know the "spike room" and "bamboo room" would be one and the same. The bamboo pole that says "don't touch" is what drops the spikes.

    Star Tours-
    Paul Ruebens of Pee Wee Herman fame is the voice of the droid "whose programing is new, and he will get it right nest time"

    The two small robots that are working in the que started their lives in another part of Tomorrowland of yesteryear. They actually used to be ducks in "America Sings" show. In fact one still has its webbed feet.

    Oddity- i noticed this on the ladies trip. If you sit on the train platform patio (VIP seats) during the fireworks or when there is a strong light shining from Fantasyland out, the Friend's statue, takes on a new life. With their compareable size it actually looks like Mickey and Walt are walking out of the Castle like on opening day. Don't know if its intentional but if its not it was a heck of a draw of luck.
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    Vomitorium is an architectural term that has nothing to do with vomiting. It usually refers to tunnels beneath the stands in a theater or stadium.
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    pretty cool, never knew about the secret target on buzz, maybe now i can finally beat my fiancee who always seems to beat me.
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    Intersting facts!!

    Here is a couple more, that many may know, the organ in the Ballroom scene in HM is actually the same organ used in the movie 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    Some of the pirates in POTC were actually designed to look like the original imagineers who designed the ride.

    On one of the first boats to go through POTC rode Aniheims current fire marshall. When entering the fire room at the end of the ride, the fire looked so real he thought there was actually a fire!

    HM was originally designed to be a walk-through attraction, with a path leading to the HM from Main St.

    I have read in one of my books that behind the HM is a pet cemetery where some CM bury their pets.:scared1:

    Thats all I can think off of the top of my head, if I remember more I will post them!!
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    Mar 1, 2008
    thread jacking, but kinda interesting:

    A vomitorium (plural: vomitoria) is a passage situated below or behind a tier of seats in an amphitheatre, through which crowds can "spew out" at the end of a performance.

    Despite their association with Ancient Rome, vomitoria are still found in some theatres. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, for instance, has vomitoria in two of its theatres, the outdoor Elizabethan Stage and the Angus Bowmer Theatre. The voms, as they are called, allow actors to mount the stage from passageways cut into the amphitheatre. The Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota has two permanent voms, one at stage left and one at stage right, of its thrust stage. The Circle in the Square Theatre, designed to reflect the theatres of ancient Greece and Rome, is the only Broadway theatre that has a vomitorium. The Vomitorium is still used in many of their productions as an entrance and exit for the actors.

    A commonly held, but false, belief is that Ancient Romans designated spaces called vomitoria for the purpose of actual vomiting, as part of a binge and purge cycle
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    Feb 7, 2008
    A quick bump to bring this back up. Keep the secrets coming, I'd like to get some new stuff printed out for the visit next week!
  20. TheAXIOM

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    Locations of all the Hidden Mickeys at City Hall?

    I'm so checking that out come October :)
  21. Disney Mystic

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    The bad thing about the City Hall is there is usually a slow line there, so I waited once, went up there and asked for the map, and the lady didn't have a CLUE what I was talking about.

    Now granted, that could have been just a misinformed employee. The bookstore on Main Street had an employee who passionately denied (and even laughed) the existence of a basketball goal in the Matterhorn mountain. Follow-up conversations with other staff and former staff members confirmed it did exist.

    It just depends on who you speak to I guess. You can find a pretty good list of the Mickeys over at

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