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Earning My Ears
Sep 27, 2005
Last December DH and I took our first trip to the World for our 5th anniversary. It had been a hard few years with my mom having a terminal illness and us being told we would never be able to conceive a child without invitro (for 15K for a 30% chance). We had been trying for children for 4 years. We had both decided that one day we would adopt but for now, we would just enjoy our life.

Our trip was magical. Christmas time at Disney is like no other time. It was a dream. We walked onto rides and did everything we could have ever wanted. It was amazing. We left Disney sad b/c we didn't know when if ever we would be able to return.

The day after Christmas the impossible happened: I found out I was pregnant, and guess what, this baby is a 'little souvineer' from our dream trip. In August I gave birth to my miracle son Elijah. I love telling people about our disney miracle. God is good and He has a sense of humor. To concieve we just went to Disney, it was A LOT cheaper and WAY more fun.

My dream to is to take my son, DH, and my sick mom to Disney for his first birthday. I know Elijah won't remember it, but I am not sure how long my mom will make it. We are trying to get together a trip, only time will tell if we can afford it.

Thanks for reading. It was fun to just share our story. :)

I love Disney. All my friends just don't understand...


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Apr 1, 2006
Make it happen, you'll have no regrets. You can do it quite cheap if you stay offsite.

God Bless you and family! :grouphug:



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