My Dining Reviews Day 1: Crystal Palace, Ohana

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    Our flight left NY at 6:30 a.m. and we arrived at VWL by about 10:30. Room not ready so we headed off to MK. We used some snack credits at Roaring Fork but can't remember exactly what for. I know one was for veggies and dip.

    Our ADR was at 12:50 at CP and boy were we ready for some food by then! We arrived right on time and had to wait about 15 minutes. DH was annjoyed that we weren't allowed to wait inside in the AC. I had been second guessing this choice, but by the time our ADR time came, we really needed to sit, rest, drink and eat ASAP. We all ordered Arnold Palmers for a drink (I remember getting these here last time, too) and they were so good and refreshing. I think we all had at least 3 or 4. This drink would, unfortunately, not be duplicated for the rest of the trip. Not sure why.:confused3 Anyway, our waiter was awesome--friendly and attentive but not intrusive. We all enjoyed the buffet here and appreciated the fact that we were able to eat right away. Food was fresh and hot. I remember I really liked the soup here but for the life of me can't remember what it was. Chowder? Character interaction was excellent but given the fact our kids are now 20 and 22, not really relevant. Overall Grade: borderline B+

    Our ADR at Ohana was at 8:50 which was the earliest I could get. After returning to VWL and freshening up, we opted to take a cab there. We waited about 15-20 minutes in what appeared to be a not so crowded restaurant.:confused3 DD and I had a Pina Colava (which I drank in about 2 seconds flat) while DH and DS watched the Yankee game. We were seated and waited about another 10 minutes or so before our drink orders were taken. We ordered Arnold Palmers again, but instead got some reddish concoction that tasted like diet fruit punch. She insisted it was made with iced tea, but when I told her I couldn't drink it and would like to order something else, she mentioned that it was "pomegranate iced tea". Um, OK. The service here was spotty--at times very quick and at other times, we had to ask twice for something. The food was very good, however. We all loved the wontons and the chicken wings, but I admit I missed the old menu with the "lazy susan" items; especially the potatoes. All the meats were delicious and plentiful. Dessert, which was bread pudding, was one of the best of the trip. Surprisingly Delish!
    Overall Grade: B (possibly a B+ if the service wasn't so spotty and the drinks so lousy)

    Up next: Seasons and Teppan Edo
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