My DH & 2 kids were given a Magical Moment!

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    We were in MK on 12/6, and Dh and kids were at rope drop for Adventureland due to an early ADR at Crystal Palace. (Which was a magical moment in itself -- 8:15 ADR for the character breakfast on a day that the park didn't open until 9 a.m., empty Main Street, castle pictures with only a few people behind us)

    My husband, DD7 and DS6 waited at the rope drop and were escorted back to Splash Mountain. They were the very first riders of the day, and were put in their own boat. When the ride ended, they were told to stay in their seats, and got to go around again! When they got off the ride, they were given a "Magical Moment" certificate, both of their ride photos complementary, and were then walked to Big Thunder Mountain and put right on the ride without waiting in line!

    And I missed it all because I was waiting at Tomorrowland rope drop with DS3 to get fastpasses for Space Mountain!

    But I had my own Pixie dust, there was an engineer working on one of the fastpass machines, who said his job is to check all the FP machines right before opening to make sure they're all working. He had just tested the Buzz ones before moving over to Space Mountain, so he reached in his pocket and handed me 5 Buzz fastpasses! So my errand had netted us concurrent Space and Buzz fastpasses! Yeah!

    Three cheers for being at two rope drops first thing! And you know what, that was the only morning we were ever at a park early!!
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    That's so cool :) What a neat memory!

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