My Current Schedule For January Trip

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Reservations' started by ybeshsm77, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. ybeshsm77

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    Oct 11, 2011
    This is my current schedule with times for just sit down dinners. On dinning plan (cs, sit down service, snack) Our family include myself, husband, four year old girl, and eight year old son. No park hopper tickets.

    Saturday, January 21st Going to Epcot Park, Garden Grill at Epcot at 5:45pm

    Sunday, January 22nd, Going to Animal Kingdom Park, (Not sure) Someplace at Animal Kingdom? Or our resort Port Orleans Riverside? Need suggestions. Do character breakfast at Animal Kingdom? Or dinner? Or someplace else?

    Monday, January 23rd, Going to Magic Kingdom, Ohana 5:05pm

    Tuesday, January 24th, Going to Hollywood Studios, 2:15pm late lunch at Hollywood and Vine. Will eat a cs breakfast early. No dinner.

    Wednesday, January 25th, Going to Magic Kingdom, The Crystal Palace, 5:15pm dinner.

    Thursday, January 26th, Plane leaves at 10:45am

    I think the day I am least sure about where we will eat is Sunday, when we will visit the Animal Kingdom. Because we do not have park hopper tickets, I made sure to avoid parks that have early or late magic hours those days. I do not know if this is a good plan. Be as critical as you want. I want to know what you all think. I have never planned a trip to disney before.

    Thank you everyone.

  2. disneymagicgirl

    disneymagicgirl Been there, Done that, Going back!

    Dec 13, 2005
    Hope that helps:goodvibes
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  4. Mjkre

    Mjkre Mouseketeer

    Nov 6, 2010
    The first time we went, we also went that time in January. It was about three years ago and the only place we experienced any lines at all was in HS. Make sure you go there early (at rope drop is best). You will be done early, so I would plan on going to dinner back at your hotel...perhaps taking a boat to downtown disney from your hotel. It is one of the benefits of staying at Port Orleans.

    We at at Hollywood and Vine that trip to. And while the characters were ok, the food is terrible. If your kids are huge playhouse disney fans (is Jo Jo's circus even still on?), then they will enjoy it. Otherwise I would skip it, do a counter service. One other option is when you are leaving HS is to take the boat to the Boardwalk area. There are some great restaurants over there and all will enjoy the boardwalk.

    AK day: we have never done a table service there. We only have gone to Flame Tree and then ate elsewhere for dinner. Again, if you arrive early, you will want to leave before five (at least we did both times we went). Lots and Lots of walking there. Carnival games in the dinasour part. If you end up back at resort, I would again go to DTD.

    It was very cold when we went...32 some days (it was -0 at home though). Bring lots of layers. We still were swimming in the pools, but some days were cold.

    Otherwise, looks great.
  5. Cin

    Cin DIS Veteran

    Sep 12, 2010
    We'll be there the same time as you and at the same resort!
    I liked Flame Tree Barbecue for a counter service meal at Animal Kingdom and you can dine at Downtown Disney for dinner. I have heard a lot of good things about Raglan Road and it is on the dining plan. I have it booked for our trip and it will be my first time to dine there. Mom and I are going over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge though after our Animal Kingdom day and dining at Boma. It sounds exotic but it isn't really. I ate there last Oct and loved it so it was a definite repeat this trip. Their soup is the best!!! And on a cold January day I'll bet it's going to be even better this time.
    On Tues evening after Hollywood Studios, since you aren't having dinner go on over to River's Roost Lounge at Riverside, they serve snacks and beverages and catch Yee Ha Bob's show, he starts at 830 pm and plays until midnight. All ages are welcome and kids definitely participate.
    At the Magic Kingdom for counter service lunch I liked Colombia Harbour House and Peco's Bill's. I also liked the Main Street Bakery.
  6. JDUB

    JDUB Mouseketeer

    Sep 11, 2011
    Tusker House is a good character meal at AK. We usually leave around 3pm and go to resort to relax and then go to a resort ADR (Chef Mickey was our last trip - then rode the monorail to see other resorts). There are other good TS at the resorts like Whispering Canyon, Boma, Chef Mickey etc.
    Enjoy your planning and trip!
  7. Colleen27

    Colleen27 DIS Veteran

    Mar 31, 2007
    Avoiding parks with EMH is a good plan because those do tend to draw higher crowds, particularly in the winter when people are looking for ways to get the most out of shorter park hours. Personally I feel that hoppers are a waste that time of year too, because when the parks are only open until 7/8pm who wants to spend part of the day on a bus going from one to another?

    Since you have an early flight home, make sure to use up any snack credits you have left the day before at the Confectionery on Main Street... Lots of yummy goodies there that travel well. :cloud9:

    It looks like you've got a good handle on your dining planning! :goodvibes We're going to be at POR that same week. We arrive on the 21st and are staying through the 29th.

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