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Jan 11, 2001
I just got through putting my cruise album together. If you would like to see it here is the link Where it says member's name put in Tluvs2talk. Please sign my guest book, it is located on the album page at the top.
Great pics! I really enjoyed seeing all of them. Thanks!

:earsgirl: :earsgirl:
Im ready
Thanks for the pictures. We are cruising on the 7 day Magic Nov 30th. Which is a long time from now. In a few years Id love to be on the cruise going to Atlantis. We are DVC members so this may be a possibility.

Thanks for the pics,

Just remembering our 2, 7-day cruises on the Magic this last fall.
And our unforgettable 1st cruise aboard our "favorite" the beautiful Wonder last December.

Thank you for letting us view your photos. They are gorgeous! We will be staying at the Swan before our upcoming cruise so I really enjoyed seeing the photos of the S/D resort. The best part for me was seeing the room number of the stateroom you were in. On our first cruise we were in 7567 but on the Magic. It still thrilled me to see that room number and the photos of your cruise. It brought back such wonderful memories. Thanks again!

Thanks for the great pictures! We are in the process of booking room number 7067 (just on the other side of 7567) on the Magic.

I loved seeing your pictures of the room. I wondered, did they have any place to unpack your clothes and was the room big enough?

How was the noise and location of the room and did you feel too much movement?

Just wondering.....this is our first cruise, so I have a lot of questions. :rolleyes:

ALSO....for the couple who stayed in that room on the was it staying in the smallest inside stateroom for 7 days? Some say too dark and others say it doesn't matter because you are not in your room enough anyway.

We actually requested this room because it is mid-ship. I honestly felt no motion this cruise. Others from this cruise did. We had plenty of room. The Cat 12 does not have the split bathroom but I like it that way better. I enjoyed our inside room because we could nap during the day if we wanted. We had no problems with noise. We bring a small fan with us on all vacations and it blocks out any noise. I slept like a baby. We had a cat 7 with navigator verandah on our last cruise, but still enjoyed our cat 12 inside just as much.
Hi deannalew, We also had no problem with noise in this room. The closet and dressers were a good size to store our clothes and suitcases. It was just my hubby and I. Before we went to bed we would turn the light on in the closet and leave the door open alittle for a night light so we weren't in total darkness when we woke up in the morning.
Our travel agent requested a room midship because I have had trouble with seasickness and I had no trouble in this room. We felt no motion at all.
When we cruised it was December 1999 so we were on the 4 night cruise on the Magic. The 7 night wasn't available then. Since it was our first cruise we were not in the room much. As people say, "to get dressed, bath/shower and sleep. Since our upcoming cruise will be a 7 night we are going to splurge on a catagory 6 verandah. I'm just hoping with the 7 night that we will be in the room more to rationalize spending the extra money. I think I would have no trouble staying in our room 7567 for 7 nights again. I know you'll have a great time.
Patty :earsgirl:
Great Pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you guys had a great trip.
Pics Are FABULOUS!!! What kind of camera did you use? Obviously, not a cheap disposable. Did theee aquarium cost much and was it within walking distanse?
Girls Scout Leader,
Thank You! We used a digital Sony FD Mavica. I bought it for my husband for Christmas at Walmart. It was around $300.00. We went to Atlantis by cab on our own. We had limited access to the aquarium. They do have the Discover Atlantis tour which you do by yourself. I think it is around $24.00 PP. They have the information on their site. The Resort is not within walking distance. It is $4.00 pp and $1.00 toll for the bridge each way. You might could negotiate a group rate with the cab driver.
That was TOTALLY ENJOYABLE!!! :) Thanks for the great picture post.
Hi Teri, fantistic pictures! Thanks for sharing with us. I wish I was smart enough to post mine!! It looks like we may get to meet afterall, I just booked the $99 10/10 sailing! DH couldn't be gone from work at the fiscal year end and the kids have a teacher prep day 10/11 so that was the date we came up with! I still can't believe he agreed to go, I had to book it before he changed his mind! What a great way to cure after cruise depression -- book another one!

Absolutely GREAT Pics! As this will be our first time cruising with Disney and with kids this was most helpful to see! I am getting excited and hubby and I just got home from a cruise last week so I cant wait to go again with the kids this time!!
Trying to decide what week is best to go however!!!
Thanks again for the pics...I love to see them so everyone post their pics so I can torture myself for 10 more months! LOL
Thanks for the wonderful pictures! I'm getting so excited!!!


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