"Must Have" Souveniers


Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2001
My trip is in August. I know I'll have loads of souveniers to bring home. I'm sure I'll get the 'mouse-ears' but I don't want to miss a real keeper.
What is the one item that you wouldn't leave WDW without.

:rolleyes: ;) :cool:
For me it was getting one of the pins from each of the worlds. I really enjoyed looking at all the pin stations and finding that perfect pin. I also got pins from my favorite rides (TOT, RNR). And my Mickey ball cap.
We always have our picture taken by the main street photographers in front of the castle. It's become a tradition. We always get the 5x7 and it's nice to look back and see how we've changed each year. :)
How much do they charge for this?

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I was also wondering about the cost of the main street photographers.
Thanks for the input so far...
Any more "Must Have"s out there??

Sharkie ;)
The pictures are taken as you walk in.They are 12.95 for the first one and around 8.00 for a second.You dont have to buy them if you dont like them.After they take your picture they give you a card to return to the photo shop and view the pictures. You then choose weither or not to but them. No pressure if you dont want them.

We would get two or three taken on the way in and choose the one we liked best.

At WDW dont just have one taken by the first wave of photographers also get one taken in the hub. You get a better shot of the castle in it.
new disney watch every time I go to the world.
I love wearing them every day and thinking
of the time and the shop where I bought it.

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The watch is a great one! Buy a photo album to put all your vacation pictures in. The best souveniers we bought were CD's with all of the music from the parks to remind us of our trip. We listen to them all the time and even fight over them.
The item our kids (ages 7 & 9) enjoyed the most was their Disney autograph books. They had the best time collecting the autographs and then reviewing them when they got home, and remembering in which park they had seen their favorite character. Another favorite souvenir of ours, are the pictures taken during the rides. We always view them at the end of Splash Mountain, Test Track,etc. and have gotten countless laughs when looking at them when we return home.
I absolutely could not do without my Mickey Mouse Watch - LARGE face, "old time" Mickey, black leather band - that I bought @ the Magic Kingdom clock shop on Main St. last June. It ran about $50, but I now have a 'dress watch' I wear only on Sunday that reminds me of the most fantastic 'time'(pun intended) that my family has had - and we're going back this June!!!!

William :D :D :D

We were last in WDW in 1999, and the photos wer 9.95 ea. If it's a good or particularly funny shot, it's worth every penny.
Also if you're staying on site, you can have them delivered to your hotel so that you don't have to carry them around all day. :)
what a great idea with the photographs on main street, I'm going to start that tradition this year!

My must have is a big mickey shaped rice krispie treat with chocolate ears! It is usually by the time I get home!

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Allways, allways, allways have my daughters picture taken in front of Casey Corner (her name is Casey) and every year I add the photo to the last one and now I have a fantastic "watch me grow" series. always a shotglass, a new mug, throw blanket, something for my "disney" kitchen and of course a sweatshirt with the year on it !!!!!!!! those are the definate "gotta haves". But I always come home with a new something for a new collection to start ! :) laura

We always get a Christmas ornament everytime we go. My kids always pick out their own "large souvenier" with their own money (last year DD carried bongo drums home from Mexico/Epcot) I like to get them "petrified" wash clothes. Cheap, small and makes it easier for them to take a bath when we get home!! Have fun
DD gets an autograph book every year, I always snap a picture of her with the character so when we get home and develope the pictures, I place the picture of her and the character next to the character's autograph. Makes a nice souvenier. I enjoy buying one of those wash clothes thats packaged in a small wade and then when you get home you wet it and watch it grow. I also grab a figurine each time for my collection and I buy a fridge magnet.

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How much are the wash clothes? Do they have a Disney design on them and how big are they when they are "re-hydrated"?

Thanks for the input!!

Sharkie :D
Petrified washclothes??? what on earth could a washcloth be afraid of? :D

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Don't forget to get a shadow cutting!! to watch the Artist cut out the shape of your youngesters face with those flying sissiors with such accuracey is amazing!! and you get 2 for the price of one!! ;) :cool: :)

Would have to be my park mugs with my name on them. No morning would be complete without a cup of coffee in my WDW mug. The DH thinks I'm crazy sometimes when I have to think about whether I'm in a MK, Epcot, MGM, or AK mug mood. LOL



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