Music for video...what were your choices?

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    Feb 5, 2006
    I have to pick music for our video in the next couple of weeks. We are using A Cut Above with Kyla Feely. She send me a list of how many songs to pick, its about 10. I am just wondering what everyone picked to help get me started. The hardes to pick are the fast songs for dubbing over the dancing part. I don't know what to use. This is what I have so far but its not the final list.

    Photo Montage: Remember the magic
    Pre- Ceremony: L-O-V-E
    Cocktail hour: In the mood
    First Dance: Just in Time by Toni Bennett and Michael Buble'
    Father Daughter: What a wonderful world
    Groom/mother: not decided
    3 fast songs for dubbing over dancing: Unsure
    Ending montage: When you wish upon a star or Somewhere over the Rainbow
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    Aug 24, 2006
    Well, if you wanted to go classic with the fast songs, you could pick swing music - either big band stuff like "Take the A-Train" or neo-swing songs by groups like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and Royal Crown Review.

    For more modern music, anything funky or disco could be good: "I Will Survive," (hmmm....the lyrics aren't exactly wedding-worthy...) or "Stayin' Alive" or any of the Earth, Wind & Fire hits.

    Check out Diane's reception video, which she just posted a link to in her trip report - her DJ hit all the major party songs! :woohoo:

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