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    Aug 27, 2000
    After reading some post concerning discounts for teachers, police ECT I am curious if ALL municipal employees are entitled to a discount or specific areas. My wife works as a city employee in the school nutrition program. She does not teach, but is a city employee. Would this entitle her to a discount?

    We are heading for the Poly in peak time, Easter. We are Disney Club members and use that for our rate with Disney Travel. Would a city discount, if any, be along with the DC rate or is the DC rate final?

    Thanks for any info:
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    Aug 17, 2000
    The govt./teachers/nurses discounts you mentioned above are not for WDW resorts, they are for the Swan and Dolphin. The Swan and Dolphin generally do not offer DC discounts.

    Next, you would have to call the Swan and Dolphin directly to ask. THey seem to be pretty flexible. Keep in mind that they have a limited number of rooms they will discount.

    Even if the WDW resorts offered these discounts, it would be one or the other, they will not allow you to apply both. Disney CLub specifically states that you can't combine it with other offers.


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