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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by TampaDisneyFreaks, Feb 2, 2001.

  1. TampaDisneyFreaks

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    Sep 27, 2000
    At the end of May, we are going to Vero Beach for the first time. We are staying 3 nights in a studio. We are having some friends come with us to stay for the first night. We have been put on a waitlist for a room for them (InnRoom or Studio)for that first night. Does anyone know if we get the room, if it will be added to our original ressie or will it be considered a separate ressie? We are concerned that if it is added to the original, that something may get "crossed" and we end up having to move or something when our friends check out? Is there anything special we need to know or do to prevent something like that from happening? Thanks
  2. drusba

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    Aug 19, 1999
    If you are doing this on points the separate room will be treated as a separate reservation (and you would get two separate confirmations in the mail); at least that is how it has worked for us whenever getting multiple rooms at BWV; in fact you can even put your guests name on the ressie for the other room.

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