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Sep 9, 2000
I have noticed that the movies on the Magic are sometimes not Disney. We are cruising 3/2 and hopefully Return to Neverland and Snowdogs (which are both Disney films) will be playing. One movie my dd is dying to see is Crossroads (Britney Spears). It is made by (I believe) Paramount. Do you think this might be something they would show on the ship? It is rated PG, so I don't think it is too racey.
We'll be on the 3/2 cruise as well. I think the best thing to do is ask cruisers what was playing the week before we go. I think they show more current movies - isn't the Spears' movie opening this week. We probably have a better chance with Return to Neverland since it's opening mid-Feb. (cross your fingers).
We are on that cruise too -- aren't you guys getting so excited! My almost two year watches the video and screams "MICKEY BOAT MICKEY BOAT" at least once a week.

Josh's mom
Josh's Mom-

We can't wait either - haven't got our documents yet. Our in-laws are joining us and they received theirs last week. Have you gotten yours?

We're travelling with DS (turning 4 on the cruise) and DD 11 months. This will be our third DCL and we can't wait.:pinkbounc

Yes we got our documents about 2 weeks ago. Have you travelled before with a baby on the boat and did you use Flounders Reef? I am keeping my fingers crossed that my DS will actually stay there at night, but expecting her to pitch a fit when we try to leave her to go to the show. That is great that your inlaws will be with you, will they watch the kids at night for you? (hey, will they watch my kids at night for me? Just kidding)

Since you are a veteran, any last minute tips for us -- we have never done a cruise before as a family.
We used Flounder's about 5 times (only when we were at Palo's). When DS was 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 we brought him to the shows. When he was 1 1/2 he sat there the whole time watching TV. But when he was 2 1/2 he played a lot and really enjoyed it there.

As for tips, our biggest would be soft-sided luggage - like huge duffle bags. These can be folded and put under the bed.

Also requesting a Diaper Genie. The over-door shoe organizer is a good idea.

Also overpacking - we always come home with clothes we never wore. However, we are spending a week at WDW before the cruise so this will undoubtedly still be a problem for us.
Can I wait until we get on the ship to request the Diaper Genie or should I do that in advance?

As to the overpacking, we always do that, bad habit. Is there not room in the room for luggage? Ours is softsided, but still suitcases and we will likely have two of those with us.

A week in WDW and then the cruise? Sounds great. We just did WDW a couple of weeks ago and had a wonderful time.

There's room in the closet for luggage but it is limited. I remember having a piece next to the bed on our first cruise. And with a stroller and car seats to accomodate, floor space becomes a problem. On our last cruise we just folded the luggage and kept it under the bed (I think we had a piece of soft-sided luggage under there too). I think we had our stroller on the verandah.

If you can order the Diaper Genie in advance, it won't hurt. But just call room services and they send one up. Someone recommended ordering a high chair with your room service. This sounds like a great idea. We had coffee and muffins delivered every morning and keeping DS out of the hot coffee mugs was a problem.
Originally posted by disneyme

If you can order the Diaper Genie in advance, it won't hurt. But just call room services and they send one up. Someone recommended ordering a high chair with your room service. This sounds like a great idea. We had coffee and muffins delivered every morning and keeping DS out of the hot coffee mugs was a problem.

I called Disey Cruise and the operator told me that they do not have daper genies on the cruise ships. I told her I talked to pople who say they do have them and she put her supervisor on who also said they don't have diaper genies on the ships so I will wait till I get on there and then ask for one LOL
Ahhh. Coffee and muffins on the veranda every morning. I can't wait. Will take your advise to try to use duffles where possible to save room space and bring our umbrella stroller which will fit under the bed.

Also am going to go look for the shoe holder next week -- is that a wal-mart or target sort of thing?

Maybe I will see you at Flounder's Reef. My daughter will be the one with the crazy brown curls everywhere and the defiant attitude.

Oh, and don't forget to get your son a birthday button at the MK-- he could probably wear it for the full two weeks!

Josh's mom
Oh and Aprilgail -- keep us posted. I guess if they don't have diaper genies I will bring a bunch of plastic grocery bags to tie closed smelly diapers (and then carry them to a garbage outside of the cabin!) Lovely.
I had read on these boards about getting the Diaper Genie. We did the garbage bag route one our past cruises. The Diaper Genie would definitely be welcomed.

I got a nice over-door shoe holder at Bed, Bath and Beyond - it is mesh with two pockets per shoe slot (inside for shoe plus a smaller pocket on the outside).

We will probably use Flounder's again unless I can convince the in-laws to do some baby-watching. I think we would only use it if we go to Palo's or a movie.

On the last cruise I wasn't impressed with the spa - so may skip it this time. I agreed with Pete's report about the cabana massage and not getting your full 50 minutes worth (she arrived late, then at the end gave a 10-minute sales pitch - at the most it was 30 minutes hands on). I had gotten the foot massage on board and at first she was going to do it right in the reservation room then switched to a shower area. I think at those prices they can do better than that.

However, I am tempted to just try the Rainforest Room this time.
I probably won't use the spa either (I can do that sort of thing at home). Thanks for all of your very quick and helpful advice!

(You must lurk around this board as much as I do!)

Only 30 more days . . .

Josh's mom


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