Movie Review: The Odd Life Of Timothy Green is everything you think it is.

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    Mar 25, 2009
    Touching but completely predictable film for those of us who've seen it in so many other forms. I'm not going to mention any other movie names cause you'll know the path this one takes in an instant. Writer/Director Peter Hedges brings us the story of a little boy who brightens up a couple who can't conceive. The boy, Timothy, turns around their life and the lives of all who meet him. It's beautifully shot of course with lots of sunsets and sun flares. It's also, as the title suggests, very odd. But it will get you at one point and it comes when you expect it most. However, while I've seen this story more times than I can count, my son hasn't and he was completely enthralled. In the end, it's a story about family relationships and I had a good time. That raises this rating a half leaf to 3 leaves out of 5. BTW, as you may have already guessed, the movie deals with serious and mature material. It gets rather heavy at times. My 7 year old son enjoyed it but know your child and use caution.

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