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    Mommy 33 yr old Disney fan
    Mama my DM
    Me my 21 month old DS

    We wake up after a very restless night with my DS. He woke up screaming in the middle of the night and wouldn't stop. It was very unlike him. I put him into bed with me and we managed to sleep until 7:30.

    We decided to have a nice breakfast at Boatwrights'. DM had the pancakes and I had the stuffed french toast, delicious! DS shared from our meals. I let my DM pick which park she wanted to go to since I have been to Disney so many times and DS has seen all the parks and will again in November. She picked the AK. My DH and I had taken my parents to the MK back in '96 when we lived in Florida. So, I knew she'd want to see another park. We put our suitcases back in the car and caught a bus to AK.

    We successfully purchased her Seasonal AP and into the park we go. It was a very HOT day! I went right over and purchased a mister fan for my DS. Had I known we would have gone to Disney when we came to Florida, I would have packed our Walmart mister fan, my fanny pack and our refillable mug! Oh well. We head over to the Safari ride and ride within 5 minutes. DS loves animals and practically jumped out of the truck when he saw the elephants! We went to Asia next and toured the Maharaja jungle trek. It was so hot, we only saw one Tiger sleeping in the shade. Next, we headed over to see the Festival of the Lion King. As we were walking by, we were called into the Pocohantas training session. It only lasts about 10 minutes and it's very cute to see how they get the animals to do what they want. Next , the Lion King show. It was awesome as usual. It's a very loud, live show. But, my DS managed to fall asleep right in the middle of it! I guess all of the excitement, heat, no nap yesterday and restless night took it's toll. We walked out of the theater and people were commenting on how tired he must be to have fallen asleep during the show!!

    We put a very tired sleeping little boy into the stroller and decided to grab a nice late lunch while he dozed. We hit the RFC. We were seated in the gorilla section. We both ordered cheeseburgers and enjoyed our meal and the air-conditioning. As we were paying our bill, they gorillas woke up and so did my little guy. He said, "OOOH OOOH OOOH," like the gorillas. Thankfully, he woke up happy. It was now 3:30 and we decided that we might as well get a good spot for the parade. I'm so glad that we didn't miss it. Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade is awesome! We layed a towel on the ground and opened our umbrella to shade us from the very hot sun. It's true what they say about the AK being the hottest park. I think it's b/c all of the vegetation blocks the wind and it just keeps heating up.

    As we're leaving the park, DM decides to buy my Dad his seasonal pass. Unfortunately, all of the ticket windows are closed b/c the park is closing in 20 minutes. Well, we catch a bus over to Epcot and buy one there. But, by now it's after 5 pm and we need to grab little guy something to eat. We decide to go into Epcot and grab some dinner. We get our picture taken by a photographer at the entrance. I wish we had had time to view it before we left though. Epcot is the only park we don't have a picture from. We grab some dinner for DS at the Electric Umbrella. Looking at the time, we decide that leaving at 5:45 on a Friday night through rush hour traffic is not a good idea. We wander through Mousegears and then let DS run off some energy in the fountains. He has a blast! We change him and take a quick ride through Spaceship Earth. I would've stayed longer, but DM was anxious to get back to my Dad at home. We caught the bus back to Riverside, grabbed yet more souvenirs from the store and then got in the car and headed home.

    It was 7:30 when we finally left Disney and we luckily didn't hit any traffic. DS fell asleep on the ride home. A great last-minute trip. Counting the days until we return in November!!
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    Isn't that Jammin' parade good - I think that is my favorite one so far - thanks for posting!
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    Mar 9, 2001
    I read & enjoyed all your reports...what a nice little trip you had. Do you think your folks will venture over to the world on their own now? Hope so! I want to see the Jammin Jungle parade myself next month! Thanks for sharing with us!
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    Have your parents check out the FL residents page at the official site and as well.
    We bought the seasonal passes last year and this is what we've paid ( FL Resident rates):

    Nov 01- Courtyard at DTD- $25 (not FL res rate)

    Jan 02 - ASMo- $49
    May 02 -$84
    Labor Day weekend- $119 AKL

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