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    I will refer to my DDs as DD1, DD2, DD3, and DD4 (14, 12, 8, & 6)

    Day 7 April 7 Castaway Cay

    Castaway Cay

    I got up early (6:30) and went up on deck 9 early to have a look around and get a drink. Nothing but water and a few small islands in every direction. I went back and woke the girls, DH was up. It was 7:30 before they were ready to go up! We got breakfast at TS and it was crowded. We watched the approach and tie down. The weather is prefect.

    We got our stuff and headed off at about 9:15. It was very crowded. In St. T and St. M you had to take towels from deck 9 BUT at CC they have them out side. Grab a few extra and they have drop boxes next to the beach. You will not have to haul them back.

    Getting a few good pix was very easy. We walked as tram was way to slow. Younger DDs complained but we ignored them and kept walking. We walked way down past Cookies and the RRs to the hair braiding area to enter the beach. We had our choice of chairs and claimed 4 with 2 umbrellas. It was not long before the “front” was full and people were filling in behind us. It was never as crowded at that end as the other and we were very near RRs and Cookies was not far. DH had to wait a long time to rent snorkels.

    The water was colder than the other islands. ( A good bit north of them LOL!!)
    DH, DD2 & 3 went snorkeling and were gone an hour!!!!!!!!!!!

    I watched DD1 play in the sand. As it turns out she played in the sand building a giant sea turtle and decorating it with tiny seashells, the sand must have rubbed off her sunscreen, so her lower legs and feet were badly burned. (this is the almost 15 year-old) DD4 messed around at the water’s edge. I walked up and checked out the location of everything and brought back everyone a drink. I told DD4 about the kids program at Scuttle’s Cove and she wanted to go. She stayed 21/2 hours until we checked on her and she wanted to leave. When DH and DDs finally showed up DD1 and I went snorkeling. We did not enjoy it. Her mask was tight and gave her a headache. Mine leaked so badly I could not enjoy myself. Next time I will stay in the shallows and get it fixed before taking off. I liked all they had for you to see. There are many fish in and around there. HOWEVER, when we got our underwater pix back, the ones we’d done at Coki Beach on St. T were 10X better.

    Lunch was not too crowded when we got there. We went around to a far left line. (There are A LOT of lines to pick from, all with the same food.) We found seats under the cover. I think they have added more covered seats from the past based on pix I’ve seen. I have to say that I thought it was just OK. . . not anything great. They had chocolate chip cookie dough and strawberry ice-cream (on board it is just chocolate or vanilla) AND the strawberry was great. BUT THE LINE WAS VERY LONG, THE MACHINES (BOTH) KEPT BREAKING DOWN, AND THE SERVING WAS SMALL) I know. . . BUT have I complained much in the past 6 days?? On the one hand they are feeding 2000++ people lunch, but on the other I was not impressed with it. (Cold hamburger bun) I ‘m one of those who wants cold food cold and hot food hot. AGAIN, I have not complained much up until now AND this is to balance the posters who rave about how great it is!!

    We enjoyed the afternoon, which FLEW BY, walking around, shopping, (spent too much $$ and got too much sun, oh well, ) taking Pix of the girls and ship and before we knew it, it was time to leave!! There was a long wait to get back on board. Next time head in about 3:30.

    Showers all around and we were late to dinner a tiny bit. Dinner was good and it was very sad to see our servers on this last night. DD1, Robin was dancing in the Family Talent Night which started at 7:30 and that made us rush a little. She ate her main dish quickly and went to warm up. There is a sweet little “show” that will make you cry if you tend to easily by the servers. I ordered the Baked Alaska which was served quickly. I wish I’d ordered Chocolate Decadence as Dobi fixed one for us to take to Robin after she danced. (Robin, the size zero ballet dancer, ate 2 desserts every night. Genetics are very unfair) It looked incredible. We told Dobi and Jay that we were not coming to breakfast at 6:30 in the morning. (There would be NO WAY we could get everyone there!!) They were saddened. We gave them their gratuities that I’d put on our stateroom account covered by our Disney Visa to help earn rewards for the next trip. There were more tears. ((DH got Jay’s e-mail address and they exchanged messages two days after we got home)) I slipped away while they served DH and DD2’s desserts to drop DDs 3 & 4 at OL and OC. They’ve seen DD1 dance! NBD.
    I went to RockingBarD?? to save us seats. No problem, DD2 and DH got there. Robin was 4th and did wonderfully. After #5 performed, I ran to cabin to pack. They stayed until the end. I met them for farewell show.

    After a last trip to shutters for the day’s CC pix I went to pack. OMGosh!!! New plan next time!!!!!! We got the 10th bag in the hall by 10:50!!!!! I will not do it that way again.

    WE missed the Goodbye in the Atrium. (Something to do next time.) We got DDs3 & 4 and said goodbye to the counselors (More tears for mom, they were so awesome.)

    CRAZY took them to Mickey’s Mates. (Won’t on last night next time!!)
    Walked Deck 9 & 10, got a drink
    Went to bed 12:00!!
    Mom sat up messing around and writing until1:05.

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    Feb 18, 2001
    sounds like you had a fantastic trip overall. Sad to hear that your CC day had some bumps in the road. THanks for taking the time to post your trip report. I have loved reading it!
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    Apr 5, 2006
    Your trip reports have been so helpful! I appreciate so much your taking the time to write them.
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    Jan 31, 2006
    We were on the same cruise! I have loved reading your reports- it was a great week! :sunny: We couldn't have asked for better weather. Thanks for taking the time to write such a great trip report so I could see this trip through someone else's eyes.
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    Thanks for your trip reports - I have read every single one of them. We were on this very same ship and sail date - had a great time as well. For us, since we had the late seating, after we got back to the ship from castaway cay, our kids went to the kids club on deck 2 (ocean lab?) for "open house" from 5:00 to 6:00 while we packed. It took us about an hour and a half to pack. We then showered, changed, put the bags out and had some time to stroll around before our dinner at 8:00.

    Unfortunately, our 3 year old got sick at dinner and my wife had to leave to take him back to the cabin. That was a damper - but it was really the only small negative thing in a great week.

    I echo a lot of your sentiments - if I have time, I'll post our own report later, but thanks much for taking the time to write this.

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