Mom24Princesses 4/1-8/06 Report Day 6

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    Feb 7, 2005
    I will refer to my DDs as DD1, DD2, DD3, and DD4 (14, 12, 8, & 6)

    Day 6 - At Sea- April 6, 2006

    We were up a little after 7:00. It would have been a nice day to sleep in BUT we had the early character Breakfast in Parrot Cay. About the Character Breakfast, Big deal about not much more than nothing. We have done many, many character meals at WDW. We’ve done The Crystal Palace, Cindy’s Castle Breakfast, Chief Mickey’s all 4 times each plus a lot more. THIS WAS THE WORST character meal we’ve done. The food was not very good at a best comment. The pancakes were cold, and dry!! The characters flew by. The ship’s photographers only came by with M&M. We never found any pix at shutters with Minnie. I might try it again next time ONLY if the rest of the family insist.

    We dropped DD3&4 at the programs and I went to do laundry. FACE IT, THURSDAY AT SEA IS NOT THE DAY TO DO LAUNDRY. TRY TO COME UP WITH A BETTER PLAN. There are about 8 w/ds in the deck 7 Laundry Room. The washers take 40 mins ($1). BUT the dryers need 60+. That is not enough for folks on a seven or ++ night cruise. I had to sit there with another lady waiting for a machine to come open. I wanted to do 2 loads. Finally one did then after a bit another. All the dryers were being used. Here for space the washer is under a dryer. A nice man came and took his clothes from a dryer that had my clean, wet clothes under it. He still had about 20 mins left and moved my clothes up to use his time. I just had to add some more quarters. For the dryers 1 quarter = 10 mins of drying time. I left a half used small bottle of Tide liquid behind, I hope someone used. DH showed up and took over for me. I went down to Guest Services. We’d not been able to get my credits from our Disney Visa Reward’s card onto our account. (I’d saved up $171 and wanted to use them) It was the 3rd time I’d been down. It took a ship to shore call BUT it did not take long this time. (Go during normal Mainland business hours), I went to Shutters and to the gift shops. When I went back to the cabin DH was folding clothes.

    We went and checked on DD4 who was finishing lunch in AP. She wanted to stay and go see Herbie Fully Loaded with the 5-7s. DD3 wanted us to take her to lunch. We wanted to go to Lumiere’s BUT she wanted Goofy’s Galley sandwiches, salad and fruit on deck 9. There was a mini down pour for 3 ½ minutes. (THE ONLY RAIN OF THE WEEK.) We got her food and took her to a table in TS. DH and I got salads in TS and 3 desserts each. (WE did not eat all of each dessert.) My best dessert at TS all week was on the first day. It was a little fruit tart. If they have them next time on the first day I will get extra to take to the cabin. Never saw them again.

    We went back to the cabin and put more clothes away. NOTE TO SELF - SHOULD HAVE PACKED MOST OF THOSE CLOTHES!!!
    I studied the schedule. (Planning how to get younger DDs to graduation.) I’d wanted to go to the matinee of Disney Dreams BUT the older girls said no. I took DD3 to you program and read a book on deck 4 until Herbie was over. You must spend some quality time on a deck 4 chair. WOW.

    I took Rachel from movie theatre, changed her into a swim suit, went to deck 9 and the Mickey Pool was closed due to the usual Mickey Pool problem!!!!! :rotfl2: ;) The little kids had taken over the goofy pool and left hot tub was were Rachel headed (it had 8+ little girls in it) Dh and I sat above it on deck 10 where we could see her and sun and have a fruity drink above the screams. They were showing “The Incredibles” on the dive-in big screen and IT WAS VERY LOUD TOO. Even with all that it was hard to stay awake.

    I took DD4 in at about 3:30 and DH went to get DD3. I stuck DD4 in the shower and we dressed them for dinner. VERY TIGHT SCHEDULE. We dropped them at graduation practice and dressed ourselves. I got done first??? And went down at about 4:45. The Walt Disney Theatre had very few people. BUT it started to fill fast. DH did not get there until 4:55. The Graduation was real neat. Not only did they get their Disney Sea Univ. Grad t-shirt, they got a very nice graduation cap with Mickey ears too. When we left we noticed a cool sunset withthe ship backdrop set up in front of WDT. We had to go to the clubs to get DDs!!! MAD HOUSE!!! :furious: Somehow I got DD3 without my keycard 10X faster than DH got DD4. :confused3 I found DDs1&2 and sent one to tell DH where to meet us for the pix. ALL WORKED OUT. AND WE WERE EARLY TO DINNER!!! ONLY TIME ALL WEEK.

    FANTASTIC MEAL – Lobster Night
    Shrimp Appetizer could have been a meal (if you ordered 3) Fantastic grilled shrimp.
    Lobster was very good, Fettuccine Alfredo was very good too. The Chocolate Lava cake was great. I think I liked it better than the chocolate soufflé at Palo. (SORRY!!) It needed more ice cream.

    We hurried to Studio Sea to see the last “Who wants to be a Mousekteer?” We were late and got high, hand written numbers. (ANY CHANCE THEY’D PICK ONE OF THESE???) DD4 could not see and we were standing in the back. I gave up fighting with her after a while and took her out.

    DH WAS PICKED AND WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (I was not there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    I’d gotten in line for Disney Dreams with her and they found us somehow. This being our 5th show, we took the first 3 seats down front (maybe 8 rows back) on two different rows on the SIDE of an aisle and let younger DDs sit on the outside. (Everyone else is fighting for the front center.) We all could see great and they had NO ONE in front of them since they were looking to their right into the aisle). Several times characters came and stopped right by them. THIS IS MY IDEA OF THE BEST SEATS. (Don’t tell anyone.) Super Great Show!!

    Stopped to shop again, went to the cabins, picked up a little and went to bed.
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    Apr 5, 2006
    What did your DH win?

    Laundry - yikes! I was hoping that I would be able to go all week and not do any laundry on the ship - is that unrealistic? Did you do it out of need or not wanting to have to do it once you got home?
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  4. Jillpie

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    Apr 30, 2002
    Oh no, I hate to see your cruise come to an end. :guilty: I've loved every day, and look forward to it. Today sounded very hectic, I hope you get some nice relaxation time on CC tomorrow. :thumbsup2

    PRINCESS VIJA Viva Latvia!

    Feb 18, 2001
    I love your reports! Can't wait to read about CC!
  6. LisaSp

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    Apr 8, 2005
    Unless people were coming onboard after spending a week at the parks, I cannot imagine the need or desire to do laundry on the ship! I admit to being a bit of an over-packer but there was NO WAY I would do laundry on a cruise vacation! Not having to do laundry is one of the things that makes a vacation a vacation to me LOL!!
  7. Mom24Princesses

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    Feb 7, 2005
    I mentioned not doing it until we got home and one of the big girls or both protested. I'd hate to have ALL that to do at home BUT I will not do that again. (DH doesn't sleep late, next time he can do it at 4:00 in the morning!!! :rotfl2: )
    It was a bit hectic!!
    BUT we'd had too much sun between St. M adn St. T and it was not a bad day.
    Next time - not check on DDs so much, if they want us they'll page us!!
    Spend more time on a deck 4 chair
    Pack up clothes as they are used. (Like pack up formal nigth stuff, it's day 2 on the Eastern!!!) We had 3 kitchen trash bags of sorted laundry (air squished out) in one suit case.

    Pack suvies earlier. Bring some bubble wrap - worried about my 3 coffee mugs. Nothing is better than drinking coffee in a mug from somewhere Disney :love:
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    Feb 7, 2005

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