Mom & DS, 4, solo trip - where, when ideas?

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by jenjersnap, Jan 3, 2005.

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    Between DS starting kindergarten in the fall and our desire to add another baby to the mix sometime (soon, Lord willing!), I am thinking of getting some alone time with my oldest and springing for an AP. Any particular recommendations for a deluxe resort? We stayed at AKL in December and absolutely loved it, but we wouldn't rent a car this time and I'd like to be within a short distance of a resort. I'd love to stay at the Poly and I think there are lots of things to do, but it feels silly cos we don't need that much space so I think we'll save it for our December trip with the whole family. So, I am wondering if WL would be a good bet for us. Smaller rooms and smaller price tag. Short distance to MK. How is the breakfast at their counter service restaurant? Are there enough things to look at to keep a small boy happy (like there was at AKL)? This would be a 4-night trip and I've toyed with switching to the S or D after two nights since we wouldn't have much luggage on this trip. Is that too short to split a stay, in our opinion?

    I have rooms reserved for 2/2-2/6 (at the Poly actually, but when I called Sunday they had availability everywhere I checked), but was thinking that maybe the first week of May might be a good option too since our last trip was so recent (and I have the itch already! :love: ). However, AP rates aren't out yet and I hate to let a bargain go (it seems like the airfare and hotel rates are falling into place with good availability in airfare too!) Also, I am concerned about the heat in May (don't like it hot) and crowds (not much tolerance there either). But then I think that DS would enjoy using a pool and waiting until May while planning would help break up time until the bigger trip in December ... *sigh* just don't know what to do. What do you think generally: February vs May with a preschooler? Thanks for the help!
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    WL is the best WDW hotel for boys according to my 7yo and 9yo boys. We have stayed there a couple of times over the years. They loved taking the boat to them, the boat was the first "attraction" of the day.

    Be sure to have a meal at Whispering Canyon, the restaurant off the lobby which has a table full of lincoln logs toys to play with while you wait for your table. Kids ride stick ponies to the table, and then have stick pony race around the restaurant with the other kids. The servers are great. DS 9 still remembers when the server hung up DS' crayon drawing on the wall near our table. DS was 4.

    Roaring Forks, the counter service restaurant is just fine.

    Watching the geyser off the lobby was also lots of "boy fun".

    I suggest going in Feb. just because the lines will be shorter. We have been to WDW in Feb. It might be too cold to swim, or it could be shorts and t-shirt weather.

    If you can avoid switching hotels, I would recommend you stay at one place for your whole trip. If you stay at WL, I don't think your son will want to leave. Have a great trip.

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