Mk e-night in July. Worth it with 8 & 10 yo?


Earning My Ears
Sep 18, 2000
We are taking our niece and nephew (10 & 8) this July for 5 nights. I was thinking about doing an e-ride night (if available.) But, with the hours being SO late (11-2??), would it be worth it with the kids this young?

Napping would be required that afternoon and the next morning would be "resort/lazy" morning.

Or should I forget the whole thing and just stick to regular park hours.

We've done it with our kids when they were 4 and 6, 5 and 7, and 6 and 8, and will most likely go again this summer when they are 7 and 9. It is most definitely worth it!!! I actually prefer the really late e-nights in the summer time. As long as we have a nap or rest time that afternoon the kids always make it to the end. They naturally fall asleep the minute we get on the bus though. :) We do plan on sleeping in and taking it easy the next day.

In the summer when the crowds and the heat can be so intense it is WONDERFUL to be in the park so late at night when it's cooler and there are practically no crowds. The kids have a blast running from ride to ride One night my husband and my son rode Buzz Lightyear 10 times in a row, while my daughter and I rode Space Mountain over and over again. We just kept running up the ramp, laughing our heads off! The characters are also out late at night and the park just feels so deserted. By the end of the night you start to feel like you're the only ones in the park.

Definitely give it a try if you can. :)
I totally agree with Beth, the later E_ride nights are better but you have to plan to sleep in the next day or your kids experience will be a little less than magical if they are overtired


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Thanks for your insights. I'm definately going to try and plan for it. :)

I'm also going to try to keep the kids on central time. That way, they will be able to stay up later. We just won't have any Mickey wake up calls and the kids will sleep in every day.

Totally Agree!!! We did E-night when our daughter was 5, 6 and 7. She did great. We just
slept late the next day and took it easy. She thought she was so special getting the e-night wrist
think of it this way:
Waiting up to two hours fot the big rides durig the day....... or having a lazy day and being able to ride the big rides several times in a row without getting off? The choice is def. e ride nights!
This past summer we had 2 e-nights during our stay. We did both. To give you an idea of how GREAT they are; Splash Mtn 5 times, Big Thunder 3 times, HM 2 times, Space Mtn 4 times and Buzz 11 times. My kids are 8 and 11; we have been doing this since they were 3 and 5, they love it as much as we do!!!!!!!!

I love e-nights too! But, I've only done them with adults. Riding Splash for over an hour can't be beat!!!!

Do your kids stay up until closing (2am) or do you leave earlier?
Mine last to the very end!!!!! This past summer after all the above mentioned rides were rode except Space I was exhausted but I managed Space once but my boys wanted more. So I pulled up a chair about 15 ft from the entrance/exit(There right at each other) and told the boys to go for it. I wasn't lonely about a dozen other parents like myself were rode out but NOT the kids. Mine were begging for a 5th ride as they roped off the entrance.

We always build in a nap on e-nights and mine don't mind because of e-night. We get up early the morning of e-night and tour a park until around 4. Maybe play in the pool for an hour and then NAP!!!!!


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