Minutes of Astrid's WDW Meeting (3) - Hotel & Lost Property Report

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    Aug 19, 2000
    The following were filed a few days ago and I copy herewith for your information:


    To: Chairperson of Recent WDW Meeting From: Interested Parties

    Re: Trip Minutes

    It has been noted from various replies and correspondence that the Minutes of your last WDW are taking far longer to distribute than is acceptable. Please ensure that all Minutes are submitted at your earliest convenience or we will have no alternative than to take appropriate severe action. (ie. Any further WDW trips suspended for the foreseeable future).



    To: Interested Parties From: Chairperson of WDW Meeting

    Re: Trip Minutes

    Thank you for your recent Memorandum the contents of which have been noted. Following an unscheduled Meeting of attendees of the recent WDW Meeting it has been decided that the format of future Minutes will be changed from a diary format to one of separate headings. We hope this is acceptable to all concerned. Please address any complaints to the writer.


    Held Between Monday 11th and Wednesday 27th March 2002
    Location: All Star Music, Walt Disney World

    Previous Reports:
    Preliminary Notes

    Travel & Arrival Statement


    1. Present: Astrid - Chairman and Treasurer
    Bryn (9) - Junior Partner
    Carys (6) - Trainee (but learning fast!)

    2) All Star Music Report

    This was the first stay in a Disney Hotel for all concerned. We had always been under the (mis!) understanding that staying on site was not worth the extra money – The Chairperson stands corrected!

    From reading various comments on the US Dis the Chairman was concerned that the rooms at the ASMu may be rather small, however, when we visited the Robinson family at the Hotel last March I was pleasantly surprised that they weren’t the shoeboxes that I’d imagined them to be and we certainly had more than enough room and storage space. Oh and the thrill of having Mickey Mouse soap everyday!! :)

    The bottom line is – Chairman and employees are converted and would not stay in an off-site hotel again! Yes, it is more money (sorry Messrs Visa and Mastercard!) but well worth it, and, when adding up the extras that are included I believe that the additional cost is justified (do hope the bank manager is reading this!). Having the Unlimited Passes was a whole new experience and made life unbelievably easy, the idea of popping into a park just to see a Parade or, going to Disney Quest after a day at Sea World was excellent.

    The buses to and from the Resort were spot on, most of the time!! Chairperson took Junior Partner and Gary (son of Robinson family) to Disney Quest one evening and we had to wait a very long time for the bus whilst watching two or more buses to everywhere else come and go (grrr!). We then had a major gripe with the fact that the kindly bus driver took a long time ensuring that two wheelchair bound riders were boarded safely and then strapped in securely, only for the two persons once the bus driver was about to start the bus, to jump up from their wheelchairs in a spritely matter and go sit in two seats – I glared in their general direction but sadly this did not have any effect!! :mad:

    The majority of the time we never had to wait more than 10 minutes (if that) for the bus we wanted. Another plus point was that parking was free in all the parks so, $6 saved a few times too (hope you’re still reading Mr Bank Manager!).

    The clever little card that we all received on check-in was excellent and gave the junior employees no end of pleasure having their own ‘key’. As stated earlier though, Chairperson was the only one with charging facilities (hah!!). Each card also had a FlexFeature, which, thanks to tips from the Dis, we used to best effect. One for an adult Character breakfast, one for a pewter (very heavy I might add!) photo frame, and the last for a photo with Mickey Mouse himself!! That was an experience in itself and really good fun, some great, private, interaction with Mr Mouse, with a number of pictures taken so we had the pick of the best (we let Mickey make the final choice though!). We ended up with one large (A4 sort of size) photo, a 4x6 one and four small ones. I reckon the total cost of the flex features was about $60!!

    The Food Court at ASMu was more than adequate, we didn’t eat much there, but when we did, it was good food with a good selection at a reasonable price. The refillable mugs (as minuted in an earlier report) were excellent. The Shop (Maestro Mickeys – I believe but I stand corrected if that’s the wrong name!!) had everything we needed – souvenirs, stamps, milk, snacks, and alcohol!! Who would want more than that!! ;)

    All younger employees loved the swimming pool, even if at times it became over-run with far too pretty and healthy looking youngsters on their Spring Break!! The kids spent hours in there, though I have to admit the Chairperson only submerged herself once! Glad to say the water sprays on the centrepiece actually started working after we’d been there a week. There was a laundry near the pool too and doing the mundane chore of washing clothes suddenly took on a whole new experience when you could let your washing go round and round while you were lazing around in the sun by the pool or sipping coffee whilst listening to Beauty and the Beast music! :D

    I felt it was a very safe and secure environment, the car parks were large and easily reached from all rooms. It was very quiet and the themeing was excellent, the kids thought the huge maracas and guitar shaped pool were ‘cool’! A huge excitement too was the way our maid (not sure that’s the right name for her, so apologies if she’s reading too!), would set out the cuddly animals after she had tidied the room – all round the video camera doing some filming one day, hanging from the curtains and looking out the next!! Plus, great excitement because one day she left behind two helium filled Mickey and Minnie balloons!!

    Final assessment of the Hotel – Excellent!! Next trip we’ll be staying there again, so no more need be said (hope Mr Bank Manager didn’t read that bit!).


    No travels with this Chairperson and entourage can be complete without various pieces of property becoming lost! Every year without fail Carys manages to lose her sun-hat, this year was no different! Try as we might we cannot figure out where she lost it this year, Valerie and I have deduced that she didn’t have it at our visit to Sea World and various trips to assorted lost property departments have meant it is lost forever in Sunhat oblivion. $16 later and a new sun hat purchased, thoughts of stapling it to her head were considered but it was decided that this might cause problems with hair washing!

    It remained firmly attached until our last day, when, suddenly realising that time was short to get to the airport we quickly piled into the car after visiting Downtown Disney, I turned round to say “all set kids” and noticed, (imagine dramatic music at the moment!) no hat!! Arghhhh!!! One very hot and bothered Chairperson with one eye on the clock (remembering check-in time!) and gritting her teeth in an unladylike manner, calmly (hah – don’t believe that word for one second!) quizzed said Trainee for where it was last seen, interrogation and deduction lead to the fact that it could only be in Wolfgang Pucks Express. :rolleyes:

    Various wheel spin turns in the car park to get nearer the restaurant (because you know how it is – we couldn’t have parked further away if we’d tried!), sprint from the car in the steaming heat, hairpin turn leaving foottracks on the pavement into WPE – and hooray, my faith in the human race is realised once again, nice lady has hat and says ‘have a nice day, mad and hot looking English lady’! So, another hat returned to live another day!!

    Second article lost was the most annoying, Carys (yup, that Trainee is in need of more training!) put all her holiday money in her best little purse and wanted to take it out for the day. Chairperson refused and told her to leave it behind in the room. It was never re-discovered and we said goodbye to $70. I take responsibility for not putting it in the safe but, (hopefully!), you all know what it’s like when you’re trying to leave for the day out to a park and are weighed down with various rucksacks, kids and pushchairs. To this day we don’t know where the money got too – Carys claims to know nothing bless her, and, as much as I was seething, I, obviously felt really sorry for the little mite too. Worry not those interested parties, she didn’t do without and was as spoilt as always!!

    Also lost, one Mickey Mouse pin – another article capable of disappearing acts (oh, guess, what, that was Carys’s too!!)

    Ok, ok, I admit it, I lost something too. I left my new blue fleece top at Typhoon Lagoon and even though lost property forms were filled in for everything mentioned above and handed into the ASMu check in none were ever returned. Ho hum, suppose the good thing is that it meant I just had to go out and buy myself a new top to make up for it!!

    Next report – MGM!
  2. WDWfan uk

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    Aug 21, 1999
    ... enjoying reading your minutes very much Astrid :) but sorry to hear about the lost property :( ...... it is quite a familiar theme with us too. Both sons are very good at losing caps and sunglasses - particularly new ones :rolleyes:
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  4. Boo Boo Too

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    Mar 29, 2002
    Is it possible that the maid could have mistaken the money as a tip?

    Did the balloons appear before or after you lost the money - they could have been a thank you to a family of very generous tippers!

    (someone who rarely tips room maids enough :-( ).
  5. SpottyDog

    SpottyDog Guest

    Good report Astrid.

    Like yer new style and hope it'll speed yer up from now on.

    I wondered if them balloons were a thank you for a good tip!
  6. TraceyL

    TraceyL Always planning........

    Nov 7, 1999
    At last !! At last !!

    New writing style is totally acceptable :D

    Don't you just love staying on site ??:Pinkbounc
  7. Boo Boo Too

    Boo Boo Too DIS Veteran

    Mar 29, 2002
    All of your writing styles are acceptable! I have really enjoyed reading everything that you have written: great trip reports :-)

  8. squitty

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    Mar 7, 2001
    Hi Ad:wave:

    Any style is good enough for us....;) Just as long as we get to read them. :D
    Excellent report.
    Shame about Carys's spendies though.
  9. Janice

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Great report Astrid - love the style :)

    Sorry to hear about Carys money loss :( I lost a purse with £2 10s in it when I was 6 at Southend. I was leaning over a railing from the path looking down into the Speedway just by Peter Pans playground. I have never forgotten how desolate I felt at losing all my worldly savings! And I still think of it when ever I walk past there now!

    Enjoying hearing about your holiday - thanks for writing

    :D :D :D
  10. Hilary

    Hilary There's always something new to learn!

    Feb 10, 2000
    Great write-up of the ASMu experience! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks on-site isn't <i>that</i> much more expensive when you take the 'extras' into account (well, I believed it, anyway ;) )

    What a shame about the lost property :(
  11. Minniespal

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    Jan 14, 2003
    Thanks for the wonderful report - luv reading them!!!!

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