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Discussion in 'Virtual Traders Market' started by shannone, Nov 24, 2006.

  1. shannone

    shannone Mouseketeer

    May 7, 2006
    I have:
    x1 teleportation magic
    x1 bat magic
    x1firework magic
    x1 thanksgiving 06 pin
    x1 tomorrowland people mover retro pin
    x1 tomorrowland skyway retro pin
    x1 tomorrowland submarine voyage retro pin
    x1 disneyland pin
    x1 Happiest Celebration on earth pin
    x1 New years 06
    x1 4th of July hat
    x2 gold ears
    x1 baseball cap
    x1 black HM suit
    x1 Jafar hat
    x2 pink dresses
    x1 gold dress
    x3 crowns
    x1 super hero mask
    x1 black ear
    x1 blue flying carpet chair
    x1 ( as a set ) big thunder teleporters
    x1 penny press blue
    x1 penny press red
    x1 scoreboard red
    x1 scoreboard blue
    x1 everest ride chair
    x1 halloween bat bag
    x1 halloween pumkin bag
    x1 Halloween candy dispenser
    x1 HM rocking chair blue
    x5 ice cube chair
    x1 lightcycle chair yellow
    x1 lightcycle chair blue
    x1 mickey ear pumkin
    x1 pirate thrown green
    x1 rocket ship chairs colors black, dark blue, light blue,orange purple and yellow
    x1 skeleton at helm
    x2 tron chair
    x1 tron table blue
    x1 tron tank seat red
    x1 tron tank seat yellow
    x1 tpynoon lagoon blue crate
    x10 pirate well chair

    I would like bird hat, magic stitch hat, and credits if u want

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