Mini HH Trip Report - July 10-16, 2004

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by David in Manassas, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. David in Manassas

    David in Manassas Lifelong Fan!

    Jun 20, 2000
    Had another wonderful time at HH. We are so lucky to have been able to visit the resort many times. We always seem to get lucky to snag a 2 is the report.

    Left Virginia on Saturday AM at 4 AM...yes...I said 4 me that is the best time to travel. I have 3 teens (15/17/19) and the 2 oldest ones can help with the driving along with my wife. By the time they all woke up for breakfast, it was 8:30 and we were already 1/2 way there. (the entire trip lasts 9 hours for us). At 1 PM we were on the Island eating at Atlanta Bread Company!

    For Saturday, we had booked the Residence Inn on HHI. It is hard to find a place that will let you sleep 5, but the Residence Inn is one of them. We had 2 queen beds and a pull out couch. We were able to check in a 2 PM and had a nice rest before Church at 5 PM. After Church we were going to try to Sea Shack that we had heard so much about, but it was closed for vacation. We would up at Sticky Fingers and had a great meal.

    I invited another family of 5 to join us at HHI and got them their own 2 bedroom villa. There were also staying at the Residence Inn. They didn't leave Virginia till 12:30 and didn't get to the hotel till 11:30 pm at night!. We were getting worried.

    The next morning we ate breakfast and the kids played tennis. They have a nice court and will loan you the equipment for free. They also have a basketbacll court. We left the Residence Inn at 11 and headed over the Disney. Wow...both our rooms were ready!!...seems like everyone was trying to check in early cause when we left the Lodge there were 5 families behind in line.

    Our rooms were in building 30 1st and 2nd floor. My daughter claims the rooms here are smaller and I believe she is right. It seems that the other rooms had a balcony separate from the main one in the bedroom. I guess it depends on how they were able to squeeze in that building.

    We all got bikes (except my wife) for the lengh of stay. We decided to check out the beach around 4 PM and it was so beautiful. We ate at an italian restarant close to the resort on the other side of 287. I think it was called Frazillos. We had a wonderful meal. Most f the adults had the sausage house special. Spicy italian sausages and pasta...yum!

    The rest of the week we basically got up late, went to the beach and then went out to dinner. (with a few exceptions).

    One night we ate at Wild Wings...oh my good ness...We got there at 7 pm and were told it would be a 40 minute wait (reasonable for a party of 9). We didn't get seated till 1 hour and 20 minutes and didn't get out of there till after 930. Never again!!. Other people were complaining about the wait vs what they were told when they were checking in. The food was good, but we will not be back as the service was poor and the tip was added to the bill automatically.

    We ate at the sea shack for lunch (take out) one day. It was fine, but nothing I would make a special trip for. We usually eat at the Captains Table (closer to the resort) and I would say the food is just as good and closer.

    We had ice cream at Brestlers one night (next to Guiseppes)...oh my was sooooooo good..sooooooo creamy and such large portions. I had this white turtle ice cream...yum....I wish I had some now!.

    Had pizzas from Guiseppes. Good as usual. We only do take out there. I can't imagine waiting in line for a table there as it is always so crowded.

    On Tuesday night we did the Private Affair and I finally got to meet Gordon. What a wonderful person! The food was so good. I can tell you what we had if you are interested. My wife had to tell me to stop asking him questions and to let the poor man go! part of the meal was our friends picked up the tab!

    Other things. Shopped at Piggy Wiggly. Be sure to ask for the vacation card so you can get the discount prices. Also shopped at both Publix. I like the one that is at the north end of the island better then the one closer to Sea Pines.

    Anyway...please ask any questions. Hope all those that are going in the near future have a wonderful trip!.

  2. Patty3

    Patty3 DIS Veteran

    Jun 3, 2004
    Hi David in Manassas, it sounds like you had a really great time. I know what you mean about leaving early. When we vacation on St. Simons Island we leave Dumfries at around 2:30 AM, at least there is not much traffic at that time.
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  4. Judique

    Judique Dis Veteran, Beach Lover at BWV, BCV, HHI, VB

    Aug 1, 2003
    Thanks for the report! We just got back from vacation also, but spent the previous week at Hilton Head. On my way back to Maryland I wanted to detour in to HH for another week!
  5. cgcw

    cgcw <font color=cc0099>On the blinkie Crocs foot-fetis

    Jul 28, 2000
    I think I parked next to your van one afternoon. I saw the dealership sticker from Manassas on it. We were in building 31 right across the way. I'm sure we passed each other many times during the week. I didn't want to leave a note on your windshield as if it wasn't you, I'm sure someone would have thought I lost my mind - LOL.

    Glad you had a good trip.
  6. Disneyaholic

    Disneyaholic DIS Veteran

    May 9, 2000
    Were you in building 14 or 15 in the past? Those are the ones along the boardwalk, closer to the main lodge building. Those two buildings DO have a second porch off the second bedroom, but as far as I know, none of the others do. Not sure if the actual square footage of the rooms is any different, though.

    Glad you had a great trip. We have been home for about 10 days and I'm wishing it was time to go back already!!! ::yes::
  7. stacy6552

    stacy6552 Keep to the code!

    Jun 18, 2000
    hey david. was is just me or did half the cars in the lot last week seem to be from VA?

    I wore my dis shirt around the pool in hopes someone would say, "hi" but nobody did. im so bummed to know some dissers were around and i didnt know it.
  8. David in Manassas

    David in Manassas Lifelong Fan!

    Jun 20, 2000
    Sorry I missed you all. Actually..we never went to the resort pool at all the entire time. My teens did do the barbecue while we were at the Private Affair. We also never did any activities so that's probably why we didn't wind up seeing anyone. We pretty much just used Disney as our home and spent the time at the beach. thing I did forget to mention is that we made the trip to Savanah one evening and ate dinner at RiverWalk and did some shopping. I can never pass up homemade pralines and taffy!

  9. WithDisneySpirit

    WithDisneySpirit DIS Veteran

    Jun 30, 2004
    Sure sounds like you had fun::yes:: Hope we get to try HH not too far in the future:teeth:


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