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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by QJ411, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. QJ411

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    Jul 20, 2002
    Hi! We are a group of 9 DISers who's sharing a May PhotoPass, but I was hoping we can recruit more DISers so I can split the team/group evenly so the price stays low. :grouphug:

    PLEASE, anyone traveling from late, late April to mid or late May and would like to join our group, please PM me.

    THANKS!!! :flower3:

    **********THANK YOU so much for your interest, this photopass share is now full!!!!*****************
  2. Dizneydaz

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Hi, just a quick note, I was in a CD share last Sept. that worked out great. :goodvibes Our group only had 6 members in it. The only difficulty with doing the CD share is that the more pix in your account, the more time it takes to edit your pix. I probably spent, conservatively 20-24 hours reviewing and editting my pix! :scared1: Not kidding. :confused3 The more photos that appeared in the account, the longer it took to load, etc. After edits, I ended up with 676 pix. Our entire group had 2182 pictures, total. 8 Discs. I think we each paid about $20 each, which inc. cost of CDs and shipping costs. :goodvibes A great deal!:cloud9:

    If I was running a group (and I'm thinking of doing one in May at DLR when my DD will be off track) I wouldn't want to have more than 6-7 members. It just takes too long to do the edits. Of course, that's just my opinion.

    I had a great time doing the CD share since I normally don't buy any Photopass pix and it was nice to be able to be in pictures with my family, instead of always being behind the camera! :rotfl2:

    In rereading your post, it looks like you might be splitting the group up? If so, ignore above comments. :goodvibes
  3. QJ411

    QJ411 O'hana means family...

    Jul 20, 2002
    EEK, that's a long time to edit photos, I've read that the upload/edit can be slow and a drag on the PhotoPass site. I know when I used it last year (BEFORE I knew about PhotoPass shares...:sad2: ), it took me quite a while to do some edits; and I only had about 12 photos. :eek:

    LOL, yep I'm hoping to get an additional DISer to join so I can split the group evenly into 5. :grouphug: But thank you for sharing your experience w/ us, it's good to know that even with 8 disks and 2182 photos, PhotoPass didn't even say boo or give you guys a hard time (I was worried about their 'unlimited' policy) PHEW! :thumbsup2
    THANKS again!
  4. dngtrumps

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    Mar 14, 2008
    Not sure how you do a photopass share but I'm interested! I'll be there 5/9-5/16.

  5. QJ411

    QJ411 O'hana means family...

    Jul 20, 2002
    Hi Dawn! :goodvibes

    Here's is a copy from the original Photoshare thread we are in.

    seattlebusymom (of PhotoPass Share for late April) was kind enough to let me borrow her disclaimer to post here for our May PhotoShare. THANKS SeattleBusyMom!!!

    I hope this helps everyone. Please email me if you have any questions, we're looking forward to the trips!

    I am not a professional photopass host so remember I am just a Disney lover trying to do my best to save us money for an extra treat in the park! All specifics about money are based on everyone actually paying me who says they will. Hopefully it will all work out and I don’t have to come back to you and ask for more money.

    If you are interested, please PM me your
    User Name
    Real Name
    Email address where you can be contacted
    Dates and location of your trip
    Any pertinent information you think I should have

    Here is how a photopass share works:

    First thing, the photo share host decides on the travel dates and the amount of people that can participate. The cost is determined by adding up the pre-order cost of the CD (99.00) and the agreed upon per person cost for mailers, postage, media and case. This cost is then divided and payment is made by each person.

    Now for the fun part....
    1) Get a photopass card from a photopass photographer when they take your pictures in the parks. Have fun and have lots of photopass photographers take your picture. Each photographer will scan your photopass card to add photos to your photopass card id number. Please try and limit yourself to one photopass card per family to help the host when uploading numbers.

    2) When you get home, DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR PICTURES rather than create your own Photopass account on the Disney Photopass website, email host all your photopass information and they will put it into the account and email you back the account information and password.

    3) Edit your pictures in a timely fashion 

    4) When everyone is done editing, the host will order the CD(s), copy them (hopefully with just your photos on them, but they don’t make any promises) and send them as fast as they can.

    5) There is no limit to how many pictures you can take. If we have enough pictures to fill more than one CD, Disney will send as many additional CD's as it takes at no extra charge.

    IMPORTANT: From the time the first photo is taken on a photopass card you must claim that photo on the Disney photopass website within 30 days. So everybody needs to get their photopass IDs added to the account as soon as possible upon their return. The sooner the better, so that everyone can get their CDs ASAP!

    Here is an example of another groups share pricing based on $99.00 for the CD and $3.00 for media/mailers/postage.

    3 People in our group: $36.31 per person (share of pre-order plus $3)
    4 People in our group: $27.99 per person (share of pre-order plus $3)
    5 People in our group: $22.99 per person (share of pre-order plus $3)
    6 People in our group: $19.66 per person (share of pre-order plus $3)

    Here is the link to that thread:


    Thanks for joining us, Dawn!:dance3:

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