Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Pary

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Sep 10, 2016
We will be in DSW in December for 5 days. We have been in DSL several times. So, we only want to go to the rides that are not at DSL. Will we have enough time to fnish all those rides if we only buy the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas party tickets? TIA for the advice.


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Apr 20, 2011
I personally dont know whats at DSL vs DSW but depends when the XMas Party is you're going to. We went 2nd week of November in 2015 and the roller coaster rides like Space, Splash, BTMRR were pretty much walk-on. SDMT was still a wait.


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Oct 19, 2013
I'm guessing DSW is Disney World and DSL is Disneyland.

Are you going to ONLY ride rides during the party or are you going to visit with the characters and do the party exclusive stuff like Holiday Wishes and the Christmas parade? Are you going to do all the non-DLR rides, even Barnstormer?

If you do only non-Disneyland rides/shows that would be : 7 dwarfs, barnstormer, country bears, enchanted tales w/belle, hall of presidents, "jingle" cruise, magic carpets, philharmagic, monster's inc laugh floor, stitch, carousel of progress, people mover. If you ride the things that are different than the west coast versions, that would be splash mountain (which i highly suggest you ride), pirates, big thunder, and maybe haunted mansion (ride queue outside through the graveyard is really great!).

That's a lot to fit into one night. I'd save the bigger rides for during the first parade and fireworks if you're skipping those. It will be a busy night for you, that's for sure!
Good luck and have fun!


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Sep 14, 1999
You can arrive unofficially before the party begins with part tickets. Some arrive as early as 4 pm, not 7 pm. This may help you get more done.
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