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Feb 19, 2019
I am thinking about taking my kids , we have been to christmas and afterhours.... i was telling my DH about it.....he was concerned about the price. Why is it the cheapest party? Do you get less
I've only been to MNSSHP so I don't know exactly how the two compare. My guess is the price variations you may see have to do with expected crowd levels/ lower prices to entice people to attend on days they don't expect as high of attendance. The parties are generally cheaper during the week earlier in the season and more expensive on weekends, the actual holiday, and the days leading up to it. Late August-September tend to also be lower crowds than Nov-Dec, so that probably has an effect on pricing as well.

Other than the general theme of the decorations/fireworks/parades, I *think* the only real difference between the two parties is MNSSHP has trick-or-treating with different free candy locations whereas MVMCP has the free cookie and drink stations. They both offer holiday-specific souvenirs and food/drink for purchase, each has their special holiday parade and fireworks. There may be different characters at each, like I think Santa might be at MVMCP(?) but he's not at MNSSHP.

We went to MNSSHP in 2017 and really enjoyed it. The park did seem less crowded than on regular days and most of the ride lines weren't long (though we did go on a Tuesday in August so that may have helped). Character lines were insane so we didn't mess with those. There was a dance party with Sulley that the kids adored and they loved seeing the characters and floats during the parade. If you enjoyed the Christmas Party, you'd probably also like this one.
Been to both and prefer the Halloween party for sure. I think the parade and fireworks are superior to those at the Christmas party. I think it depends too on how much of a Halloween lover you are versus Christmas lover. The previous poster is correct that the pricing all has to do with the timing. The party prices fluctuate depending on time of year and day of the week etc. so I wouldn't worry about that. Cheaper is always better!
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I get it, I didnt think of that. I think the reason we loved Christmas so much was the weather it was a week before Christmas it was in the 70s the crowd level was low due to it being a party. It was one of the best times we have ever had. They can keep there gross boxed free cookies.
We will be in Orlando for other reasons I hate to get into our giftcard savings but I dont think I can pass up on spending the night at our favorite place. It will be 350. for 4 people so its really not bad, two months of swagbucks.

I think it is 'cheap' because it runs very long and frequent in comparison to the Christmas party. After Hours events tend are even less frequent and they sell less tickets. Anyways, I wouldn't put too much stock in the price in terms of if not being worth it.
September and October tend to be slower months than December. I have been to both parties.

Here's how I (an average Joe who has attended both several times) compare them.

Both pretty much both offer the same extras, Character Meets, Special Shows, Special Parade, Special Fireworks, Free Snacks and special merchandise and don't forget your Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom Party Card which if you don't play you can easily sell on eBay for $10 or so after the party to offset your cost.

1) Character Meet & Greets - Character's you don't usually find otherwise can be found at a party, both MNSSHP and MVMCP are equal on this

2) Shows - Both have special shows, I feel that MNSSHP wins out in this category with the Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular

3) Parades - This is where I feel the MVMCP wins out with the better parade

4) Fireworks - in years past I have preferred the MNSSHP fireworks over the MVMCP, they are changing it this year so we will see

5) Food - not the free food (milk and cookies vs candy) but the specialty foods for purchase. This comes down to if you prefer Halloween vs Christmas as both are excellently themed

We usually don't bother with the trick or treating for MNSSHP, find out ahead of time the best cookie for MVMCP and usually don't ride rides (though we'll jump on some if there is a 5 minute wait or less) We are there for the extras you don't get during regular hours. For us we book our vacations to coincide with the parties if we are able and getting to dress up for the MNSSHP is treat in itself as adults don't get to usually do this. This year I am thinking of going with a "Line starts here for Galaxies Edge" costume


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