Michael's Cinderella Cross Stitch Kits??


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Apr 6, 2000
A while back Michael's sold Cinderella Cross Stitch Kits. Well I didn't buy them at the time and now they have been discontinued and I of course am now looking for them. Anyway if anybody has them and is interested in trading copies of charts let me know.

Here's the info I do know. They are made by Just CrossStitch. Here's the names of the ones I know, I am not sure how many there were total.

# 39005 Fairytale Bride
# 39006 Wedding Portrait
# 39003 Dancing at the Ball
# 39004 Gardenias
? Going to the Ball
# 39001 Late for the Ball
# 39009 Special Edition
# 39002 The Glass Slipper
? Working Together


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Sep 7, 2004
I hadn't heard of them. I searched the internet and couldn't find anything on them. Do you have pictures of them?


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Mar 3, 2004
there's a magazine called Just Cross Stitch, is it the same company that made the kits?
You could try contacting the magazine for help.


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