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Apr 25, 2017
Hi all
We are flying in to Miami and driving to Orlando which i believe is about 4 hours. I am looking for advise on where to stop for food about 2 hours into the journey. We hope to be leaving the airport roughly about 10 pm so are looking for something with very late opening or 24 hour opening. I appreciate that maybe we are stuck with McDonalds, thats not a problem for us - its just advise on where to get off the turnpike that will offer us any food option so late at night.
Thanks for any advise

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Jan 31, 2002
the florida turnpike has service stations every so many miles..
you don't leave the turnpike, the stations are located right in the middle..
each one has several different eating places, all located inside the building together..
for example, the fort pierce station has earl of sandwich, dunkin donuts, wendy's, villa pizza, freshen and auntie anne..
so of course, i would pick earl or wendy...

each station is like that with multiple eating spots..

the last time i drove the turnpike, it was from orlando to fort lauderdale (for a cruise)..
i'd planned on stopping halfway for coffee, but it turned out i was soooooooooooooo tired, i stopped at every single service station to walk around for a few minutes..
it was the only way i could finish the drive...



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