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May 2, 2011
Hey everyone

Has anyone been recently - is there still Pride merch around the parks? I'm going this weekend for a short trip with my niece and her girlfriend (their very first trip to DW) and we want to pick some up but we're not sure about timing. We don't have park hoppers and I don't want them to pass on something to see what else is available and end up missing out, if that makes sense. Is it everywhere or only in certain stores? Would it be better to try to go the World of Disney store in Disney Springs? Or are we too late and it's all sold out?



Oct 6, 2017
I'm honestly not sure about the parks. In the past they've started stocking it in the park stores in late May, all through June. During this time there is generally a table of the Pride/Rainbow merch near the front of the major stores like Emporium or World of Disney. The in store stock is usually limited so I don't know how much will be left at this point. World of Disney has the most merch or any store, so it may be worth checking out and asking a cast member if there is leftover merch from the rainbow collection.

Though you should note, it looks like this year's entire collection is still available online at Shop Disney.

One thing I DO know that you can find year round is rainbow pins. There is a rainbow silhouette of Mickey's body, a studded rainbow mickey-head, and a rainbow Cinderella Castle. The castle was a limited edition I believe and is prob long gone (they were hard to come by at end of June and a cast member would only sell us a maximum of 1). But the other rainbow mickey pins should still be available at various stores and stands.


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