Men in Black?


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Apr 27, 2000
What is this? Is it a simulator ride like Spider man? DH gets really sick on simulator rides like star wars or bodywars and Major problems in Back to the future. I don't have a problem riding alone but I don't want him on anything that will ruin the day! Made that mistake last year. He went on back to the future and the rest of the day was me and the kids, dd 4, ds 2 riding one fish 2 fish....over and over again....
It's a video-game style dark ride. Similar to Buzz Lightyear in that you use a laser light gun to shoot aliens and attempt to achieve a top score.

Found this a little more exciting that Buzz, the vehicle spins much more and a little more vigorously. Six people in the vehicle (3 people in two rows) each with their own gun. Unlike Buzz, the guns are on a cord and are hand-held, not stuck to the vehicle itself.


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It is a 6 passener car, 3 in the front and 3 in the back. The cars travel on a track (ala Haunted Mansion, Pooh, Mr.Toad, etc.) The cars spin like Spider-Man when the targets on the back of the car, at the top of the post are shot by an Alien or another car.
Scoring is achieved by striking an Alien's target. The back of the gun light's up green for a hit and red for a miss.
Scores are displayed in front of you and are averaged for the vehicle at the rides end.
The characters are much more detailed and interactive than on Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.

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I find "Back to the Future - The Ride" rough too, as well as "Body Wars" (not as bad). I love "Men in Black" however. There is not as much motion - it's smooth and fun. I doubt your husband will have a problem with it. :)

The cars spin on one axis (rotational only). It's the same vehicle chassis as Cat in the Hat. The motion will not be as intense as Spiderman, BTTF, or most motion base rides.
I loved this ride! How much the car spins depends on how good a shot you are... ;-) My cousin gets sick really easily on rides, but he rode it over and over again and didn't get sick. But if you are worried, you could always use the single rider line. You bypass practically the entire line. We used the SR line 4 times and the longest we waited was five minutes! And this was on a crowded June day too. So he could always just wait outside for 15 min. while you tried it out. Just a thought! Enjoy!

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THAT is Disney! ;-)
Sounds like he should be able to ride it with out a problem.


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