Member Services open on Monday Martin Luther King Day?


Feb 4, 2001
Do you think Member services will be open on Monday 1/21/02 even though it is a holiday?

Want to try and book Dvc Cruise on 4/7 even though I have seen that it may be full already! We just got the mailer they sent out so I hope that there are still some Cat. 8 or lower left.

I had called MS this week. Usually if they are going to be closed for a holiday, they include it in the recording. I don't remeber the recording saying that they will be closed on Monday.

Good Luck on booking the cruise.
I have been working on bookin a 2 bdr standard view for a week. I have been told by MS to call back Tuesday for my last 2 nights because they will be closed for MLK.
Hmm...when I talked to them on Friday, they said to call back Monday to complete our reservations. Guess I'll find out in the morning.

Well Hmmmm that makes me paranoid, I guess I will call to make sure. However 2 different CM's told me they were closed and one told my DH the same.


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