meg veg . . . where are you?

Discussion in 'The DIS Unplugged Podcast' started by finallydvc08, Jul 18, 2008.

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    Apr 3, 2008

    PM me. I left you a post on the trip report thread, but I thought maybe you missed it.

    I am writing a book like you said. It is almost 50 pg. right now, and I am still not close to being done. It may take me another month to get everything down on paper.

    I am going to make the dedication to you, so I wanted to know if you wanted it to read "Megveg" or your real name (which I don't know).:)

    If you PM me, I will e-mail you what I have down so far. You tell me what you think.:hug:
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    Jun 27, 2005
    What is your book about? :)
  3. finallydvc08

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    Apr 3, 2008
    Hi Nikkibell.

    My book started out as a trip report, but it was in "story form". After only getting through the first couple days of my family's trip, many people seemed really invested in it. People were telling me they were hooked, or they felt like they were right there with us as we experienced our trip. Since then I have had some people that I should very seriously consider turning all this into a book because they liked it so much and it sort of reads like one. Megveg was the first one to suggest it. She even begged me to do it.

    Since then, I have had my non-Disney friends read what I have so far. I wanted to see if it had wider appeal than people who love Disney as much as I do. Apparently, it does because they are asking me for more as well.

    I really need to finish it, but it is taking a long time. I write with lots of details, quoted conversations, etc. And my three children keep me from having lots of concentrated time to just sit and write.

    If you tell me how I can contact you, I will let you know when I get my story "out there" . . . either in a blog, book, completed trip report on the boards. I thought I might send a copy of it to the podcast when it is finished because there are a couple brief tributes to Bob as well as mention of the help I received on the internet from the boards in planning my trip. Maybe they would have an idea what to do with this?

    In the meantime, here is a snippet:


    by: Me


    Then with a couple group snapshots and affectionate gestures (excluding little, viral girl), we pile up in the minivan for the last leg of our pilgrimage. I promptly begin to play Disney music as ritual dictates, but I am shockingly affronted by DD8. "Mom," she says, "I am not complaining or anything, but you have been playing Disney music all day long, every day for many months now. Could we
    please listen to something else?" I consider this truth. Since I have discovered Mouseworld Radio, Dis Radio, Sorcerer Radio, and Dis Unplugged, I truly have been streaming Disney soundtracks almost constantly in our home. And some might say that when your children are able to differentiate between the Old Key West Resort lobby music and the Adventureland background music as mine can, it is time to broaden their horizons musically.

    "But DD8," I calmly explain, "it is our tradition to play Disney music on our way to Disney World." "I know," she says in a tone that lovingly assures me that her loyalties still lie with the great mouse, "It's just that we have already listened to these songs so much that I am a little tired of them." I truly take her concerns to heart, but then I recognize we are at the top of a slippery slope. If we allow them to play non-Disney music on our way this time . . . OUR FIRST TIME AS DVC MEMBERS . . . this could set an ill-advised precedent. They may want to
    play non-Disney music the next time and the next time and the next time until all future Disney trips are corrupted by music of the “outsiders.” Such blasphemous practices just can't be tolerated. I have to nip this in the bud before we find ourselves in an apathetic state-of-mind.

    "DD8," I say in a very loving but firm voice, "it is very important to play Disney music on our way to Disney World. It helps us get excited about arriving there. Think of how wrong it is to see the huge, welcoming, Disney World banner and pass under it while listening to something that is not Disney related. Now in past years, the rule has been to play only Disney music for the entire time we are in FL. This year I have already broken that rule. We have been in FL for a whole day, and I haven't played any Disney music. But now is the time. We are actually driving to Disney, and we must play Disney music." DD8 understands this logic and is pacified with a promise that after our vacation I will not stream Disney radio at home for another two weeks.

    As we begin seeing road signs indicating that Disney World is not so far away, I flashback to past Disney trips when we have made the drive all night and arrived at the World fresh off the asphalt. Those trips involved me emerging from our minivan in sweatpants and heavy sweaters, the remnants of a colder climate. Hair would be in disarray and make-up would resemble Disney's scarier parade characters. If our room wasn't immediately available, I would have to stake out prime property in the resort lobby bathroom to change, freshen up, and (on occasion when shaving had been overlooked) take to the difficult task of removing excess hair in an awkward position near the bathroom sink. Those days of blushing and profusely apologizing to fellow guests seeking relief from overburdened bladders were gone. We had taken the higher road this year. I loved that I would now arrive stylishly, pre-shaven and immediately ready-to-roll.


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