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Discussion in 'Dis Meets' started by PrincessV, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. PrincessV

    PrincessV DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2006
    It all started with one woman's dream... a dream of finding a way to non-verbally acknowledge a fellow DISer across a crowded park...

    Summer 2006: a terrific DISer named Lisa posed the question of how to acknowledge all those Lime Green Mickey Heads (LGMH's), lime green Crocs, lime green Baggallini's, lime green DISERS, when one is standing in line or otherwise unable to engage in conversation.

    The answer? Robert DeNiro's infamous "I'm Watching You Focker!" gesture from Meet the Parents, now known as the LIME LOOK!
    What followed was the joining together of many DISers willing to give the Lime Look to other DISers. We've come a long way, baby! We now have official(ish) mascots to go along with our greeting. (See sorul82?'s Crocker Exchange thread to meet the mascots and take a turn!) And a multitude of followers have joined the ranks, so we have a list to keep track of one another on our trips.

    Ready to join in the fun? There's nothing to it! Just outfit yourself and your loved ones in full lime green regalia, practice your best Lime Look, post your trip dates/hotel so I can add you to the list, get thee to a Disney park or cruise and start having some fun!

    One rule:
    Let's keep it clean! We all know how much fun one can have with the name Focker, but let's refrain from inappropriate word-plays with it on the boards, k? :thumbsup2

    I'll be watching you DISer!:magnify:
  2. PrincessV

    PrincessV DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2006
    Update 4/5 - future updates will be within thread

    Apr 07'
    sorul82? 3/31-4/8
    TEminnie 3/31-4/7
    casaazul 4/1-4/5 POR
    spongemomsquarecar 4/1-4/6 WL
    taekwondo_mom 4/5-4/13 OKW
    Mom2jcc 4/7-4/14 SOG
    robinlbr 4/7-4/9
    marathonmommy 4/8-4/13
    Tricia1972 4/10-4/13
    peanmunch 4/11-15, 4/19-21 WDW, 4/15-19 DCL
    TNAngie 4/13-4/20 CR
    DVCJones 4/14-4/21
    Tinker 4/15-4/21
    MomToAp1699 4/16-4/21
    WeRblam 4/17-4/23 CR
    Michele 4/18-4/25 BWV
    not-too-old4fun 4/18-4/25
    scrap4u 4/18-4/22
    tea4sanity 4/18-4/26 FW Cabins
    Lowillian 4/20-4/28 Poly
    LaraK 4/20-4/28 WL/POFQ
    newholidayx2 4/20-4/22 POP
    newholidayx2 4/22-4/27 BCV
    Renee1061 4/21-4/27 WL
    zdad 4/21-4/27
    ProudMomTo3Boys 4/22-4/28 POR
    laura001 4/25-5/3 CSR
    *MickeyFan* 4/24-4/29 POP
    U_Guys_Made_Me_Ink 4/24
    Kies99 4/25-5/2
    Tinkerbell_Teen 4/25-5/1
    Tink's_Pixieduster 4/25-5/5 POFQ
    baileybelle 4/26-5/4 POP
    Dsnymouse 4/26-4/28 POP
    english rose47 4/26-5/4
    tiggermybaby 4/26-5/5 POP
    mrsmom 4/28-5/5 POP
    wickey’s_friend 4/28-5/2 ASSp
    boysmom5150 4/29-5/4 GF
    marvel 4/29-5/4 POR
    rteezgirl 4/30-5/6
    Trishand5more 4/30-5/7 POP
    Tricia1972 Apr-07 SSR
    irishbosoxfan Apr-07
    snowwite Apr-07

    May 07'
    laura001 4/25-5/3 CSR
    Tink's_Pixieduster 4/25-5/5 POFQ
    baileybelle 4/26-5/4 POP
    english rose47 4/26-5/4
    tiggermybaby 4/26-5/5 POP
    mrsmom 4/28-5/5 POP
    wickey’s_friend 4/28-5/2 ASSp
    boysmom5150 4/29-5/4 GF
    marvel 4/29-5/4 POR
    marvel 5/5-5/12 WL
    rteezgirl 4/30-5/6
    Trishand5more 4/30-5/7 POP
    bksab 5/1-5/5 POP
    mikeesuee 5/1-5/8 POR
    PrincessV 5/1-5/2 AKL
    PrincessV 5/2-5/6 CSR
    lklasing 5/2-5/6 Poly
    Dan_Murphy 5/4-5/12 Swan
    susislickermouse 5/4-5/21
    hannahsmomma 5/5-5/11 VWL
    MemoryMakers2669 5/5-5/12
    Tinkabella 5/5-5/12
    limabeanmom2003 5/6-5/12
    Thumper_ehhhhh 5/6-5/16 POP
    tinkerbell87512 5/10-5/15
    princess@heart 5/11-5/15 DLH
    NewCrew42 5/12-5/20
    huggiebear23 5/13-5/20 Vistana
    Katiebell 5/13-5/18
    ptrbryant 5/13-5/21
    RachelRol 5/13-5/22
    GoofyBaby 5/14-5/29 POP/Poly
    pirates_are_our_joy 5/16-5/23
    WDWHeather 5/16-5/23
    Scraper 5/18-5/24
    lorimc 5/19-5/25
    kydeb1346 5/20-5/27
    EasyGoing 5/22-5/29 POLY
    Jacky 5/22-5/28
    Michele 5/25-5/30
    Fish_Out_Of_Water 5/26-5/31 FWCG
    cmp1111 5/27-6/1
    lovehoney 5/28-6/1 OKW
    sleepyone 5/28-6/3 GF
    Mickey_Mania 5/30-6/3 POFQ
    Along4theRide 5/31-6/7 WL

    June 07'

    sleepyone 5/28-6/3 GF
    Mickey_Mania 5/30-6/3 POFQ
    Along4theRide 5/31-6/7 WL
    lovehoney 6/1-6/3 ASMu
    Disnewbie_N_MO 6/2-6/10 POR
    Stargazer 6/2-6/9
    SleepingBeautyDreamr 6/3 - 6/10
    PrincessAlways 6/5-6/10 OKW
    glewis1123 6/9-6/14 AKL, 6/14-6/19 BCV
    Goofyluver 6/9-6/16
    Halloweenqueen 6/9-6/18
    HoneyMom99 6/9-6/18
    Meeskamouska 6/9 - 6/17
    GottaGetToDisney 6/9-6/17
    meeskamouska 6/9-6/17
    MyZoeJane 6/10-6/17
    chessclubmom 6/11-6/18 CSR
    aprild873 6/14-6/20 POP
    maraca 6/15-6/22
    kachoo 6/16-6/27 POFQ
    angiejg 6/17-6/22 Poly
    1disneychic 6/18-6/26 OKW
    CourtneyandRyan 6/20-6/25 POP
    Crazy_Kanga 6/21-6/27 Swan
    ClaraBug Jun-07

    DisneyBee 7/1-7/7 AKL
    MACfamily4 7/1-7/7 ASMo
    PrincessNancy96 7/1-7/7
    The_Disney_Dude 7/1-7/8 ASMu
    Xcited4Disney 7/3-7/10 POP
    AngieWin 7/6-7/21
    sewer 7-9-7/13 WL
    iggbees 7/10-7/17
    Tropicana 7/12-7/16 Poly
    T-i-double-g-err 7/11-7/18 WL
    robnkris 7/14-7/28 POP/OKW
    bennythepug 7/21-7/31 POP/FW
    kdkrebel 7/21-7/30 ASMo
    ilovepooh 7/22-7/27 WL
    marciemi 7/28-8/11

    Aug 07'
    mirthmaiden 8/3-8/11 POP
    Victoria’sMom 8/5-8/12 ASMo
    ClaraBug 8/8-8/11 POP
    newholidayx2 8/10-8/17 VWL
    POLY1985 8/11-8/18 WL
    DisneyJo 8/13-8/27 CSR
    IMALOVNDISNEY 8/15-8/25
    lonegungal17 8/15-8/24 POP
    MikeS. 8/15-8/22 SSR
    lovealldisney 8/17-8/23 POP
    Disneyland_Mama 8/21-8/30 POFQ
    disgram 8/23-8/31 ASMu
    Lauralee131 8/24-8/27 SSR
    PrincessV 8/25-8/27 SSR

    Sept 07'
    Ktink 9/2-9/8 Poly
    MemoryMakers2669 9/6-9/9
    pospisil 9/7-9/15 ASMo
    wvdislover 9/7-9/15 AKL
    CinderellaBride12 9/8-9/18
    _Cujo_ 9/8-9/15 CR
    Glendamax 9/8-9/12 POFQ
    Stink 9/8-9/15 BCV
    mcdee1980 9/10-9/15
    mainstreetmickey 9/12-9/16 Poly
    annie1995 9/14-9/24 POP
    Tinker 9/14-9/18
    Applemomma 9/15-9/22 POP
    cgmac12 9/15-9/22 Poly
    DisneyMom5 9/16-9/27 POP
    Marshay 9/16-9/23 BCV
    Up2late4clay 9/17-9/22
    Pooh_Lover 9/20-9/25
    cjhinch 9/21-9/28 GF
    luvthemouse71 9/21-9/29 POFQ
    Sunny_Soph 9/22-10/7
    rolshuk 9/24-10/8 ASMo
    connie1042 9/26-9/30 CR
    mousiemom 9/27-10/2 POP
    Tricia1972 Poly
    kissy 09-2007

    Oct 07'
    rolshuk 9/24-10/8 ASMo
    mousiemom 9/27-10/2 POP
    Sunny_Soph 9/22-10/7
    laura001 10/3-10/9 POFQ
    mlill 10/5-10/9 CR
    boysmom5150 10/6-10/14 VWL
    islandbeachnut 10/6-10/14 BWV
    glassslipper2004 10/7-10/11 DCL Wonder
    glassslipper2004 10/11-10/14 POR
    Tinkbellfan 10/11-10/14 BCV
    Schachteles 10/14-10/20 POR
    sticker231 10/20-10/27
    pigletforever 10/21-10/28 AKL
    MyGirlLovesMickey 10/25-10/28 CBR, 10/28-11/1 DCL Wonder
    mickeysaver 10/27-11/4 AKL
    MemoryMakers2669 10/30-11/6

    Nov 07'
    mickeysaver 10/27-11/4 AKL
    MemoryMakers2669 10/30-11/6
    mcdee1980 11/1-11/6
    PaulaMurf 11/5-11/13 OKW
    newholidayx2 11/9-11/16 BCV/VWL
    PoohBearFreak32 11/12-11/16 BWI
    Tikihula/Suflay 11/14-11/18 DCL Wonder

    Dec 07

    LoriMistress 12/8-12/19 POP
    KathVA 12/9-12/15 POP
    SlightlyGoofy 12/9-12/19 ASSp
    taekwondo_mom 12/9-12/16 SSR
    LuckyLabonte 12/10-12/16 ASMo
    MikeS. 12/15-12/22 SSR
    reelmom 12/18-12/23
    luvsmickeymouse 12/22-1/1 ASM?
    Samar 12/22-1/2

    Feb 08'

    wardfamily1 2/4-2/13
    Delnjudy 2/22-2/29 WL

    Mar 08’
    MomofCKG 3/12-3/18 POFQ

    Apr 08'
    Sanibel_Spirit 4/20-5/5

    May 08'
    Sanibel_Spirit 4/20-5/5

    Nov 08'
    fan_of_small_world 11/1-11/8

    Dec 08'
    wardfamily1 12/4-12/13
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  4. boysmom5150

    boysmom5150 DIS Veteran

    Feb 12, 2007
    :yay:ITS HERE!!!ITS HERE!! Our beloved list is back!!!Thank you to princess v,sorul82?,and also the mods:grouphug:
    Love the new names:meet the disers and Lime look
  5. sorul82?

    sorul82? <font color=red>I have an alibi<br><font color=lim

    Apr 12, 2006
    Or should that be the Lime Life? Now, what shall we call ourselves?
  6. Samar

    Samar DIS Veteran

    Mar 21, 2006
    Okies, my dates are 12/22-1/1/08. Places I'm staying are in my siggy :) Can't wait to meet my Foster Croc :thumbsup2
  7. PrincessV

    PrincessV DIS Veteran

    Jul 6, 2006
    Yeah, that's where I got stumped. :confused3

    But I figured someone would come up with something at some point and I'd just get the list back up for now. (That's a little example of V's Fuzzy DIS Delegation, a close relative to V's Fuzzy Disney Calendar and V's Fuzzy Disney Math. TFI. :rotfl: )
  8. ClaraBug

    ClaraBug DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2006
    My family and I will be at the Pop Century

    8/5 - 8/11/2007
  9. FHS_chick_2005

    FHS_chick_2005 <marquee><font color=magenta>Too busy to even thin

    Feb 6, 2007
    YAY! once I find out our trip dates I will have to let you know! my aunt is talking about a 2008 trip to DL or a 2009 trip to DW... so I don't know yet! :confused3
  10. sorul82?

    sorul82? <font color=red>I have an alibi<br><font color=lim

    Apr 12, 2006
    My lime green Bagallini arrived today. Thanks UPS guy...I love Brown, what can Brown do for you? Imagine if UPS changed their color to lime green? :thumbsup2 We'd all be foaming at the mouth! :rotfl: I think I now have the officialish DIS approved lime green gear. I have crossed over to the lime side. :yoda:
  11. GoofyBaby

    GoofyBaby Happily married music teacher and Disney

    Aug 1, 2006
    Ooh ooh please add me! I'll be in the World May 14-29 (Pop & Poly) and I'll have Flora Crocker one week and Fritzie the other week! :teeth:
  12. T-i-double-g-err

    T-i-double-g-err <font color=blue>Would like to <img src=http://www

    Nov 18, 2005
    It's good to see some more July folks! Jumping on board, so I can see who all is gonna be around the world when we are. :cool1:

    V, S'late- Thanks for recovering and reposting the list! :thumbsup2
  13. Disneyland_Mama

    Disneyland_Mama <marquee><font color=peach>His head instantly infl

    Aug 13, 2006
    Yay!!! :cheer2:
    V, you're awesome!!! I'm so glad we TFW's have a new place to chill! :smooth:

    :magnify: Watch out.... 'cause I'm watching you DIS-er!! :magnify:
  14. huggiebear23

    huggiebear23 Can't wait for Disney!!!

    Mar 21, 2006
    Yeah!! Thanks for posting the list again!!
  15. LaraK

    LaraK <font color=magenta>A wet monitor is the sign of a

    Feb 18, 2005
    Princess V-you're limetastical! Thanks for bringing our beloved group back together...I've been spiraling the whirlpool of depression all night. Now I feel better.
  16. DisneyJo

    DisneyJo Missing my tags!

    Oct 22, 2006
    Yeah way to go V :yay: thanks for doing this and getting the list back, BTW could you just add CSR beside me please :hug:
  17. disgram

    disgram DIS Veteran

    Jul 3, 2005
    Add us in too!!!! We will be at the All Star Music, August 23 thru the 31. Cannot wait!!!!!!:cool1: :cool1:
  18. Goofyluver

    Goofyluver <marquee behavior=alternate><font color=red>Knock

    Oct 31, 2006
    Don't you love your baggallini???? :love:

    So, what's our new name gonna be??? :confused3 You guys are all limerrific! :goodvibes
  19. LaraK

    LaraK <font color=magenta>A wet monitor is the sign of a

    Feb 18, 2005
    We're all going to limaliscious Dis'er Watchers....I like the official Dis'er Watcher thread! (or the crocker watcher thread to play on our mascots)
  20. WDWHeather

    WDWHeather <font color=deeppink>I'd much rather have IASW in

    Feb 25, 2007
    PrincessV and sorul82? you guys rock! Thanks so much!! I was really sad there for a while, but I came home and everything was resolved! Woo hoo!

    Also a special "shout-out" to the mods who got us our list back and let us get up and running once again.

    I LOVE LIME! haha.
  21. PaMom001

    PaMom001 <marquee><font color=red>Used to be good at dodgin

    Sep 7, 2005
    I love you V!! I love you to no end. Leave it royalty to come up with a reworded phrase. :woohoo: :thumbsup2 :banana: :dance3: :cool2: :cheer2: :worship: :thanks: :love1: party: :jumping1:

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