Mears Wheelchair/Scooter Accessible Taxi

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  1. Groot

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    Aug 24, 2018
    During our next vacation, my mom and I are going to meet a friend over in Celebration for dinner and need a taxi to get there. The thing is, I’ll be using my scooter and will need an accessible taxi. My first choice would be the Minnie Van, but since they don’t go off property, the only other choice is Mears. Now, I’ve been on their site, but can’t find if they have an accessible taxi, and what they look like. I would look into other taxi companies, but I don’t know if they’ll pick up from the hotels/parks, and if they have accessible taxis either.

    Please help! (Pictures would be helpful too.)
  2. RaySharpton

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    Oct 28, 2000
    The Mears Yellow Taxi accessible van that I used had a rear fold-out ramp, but maybe an older minivan and not as new or clean. Instead of using the Disney Magical Express bus last June 2018, they put me on a Mears accessible van by myself straight to my resort. I don't know why. And I didn't take a photo, but they said they charge the same a regular taxi.

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