MCO to AKL to Disney Springs timing


Jul 22, 2012
Hi all - looking for some timing advice!

We're coming in on 12/1 to MCO, landing at 3:40 pm and staying at Kidani. We want to do the Star Wars VR experience at The Void that night, and are trying to compromise between giving ourselves enough time to get places and making a Void reservation that's really late right and tiring out DD right at the beginning of the trip.

- Flying in on Southwest, and we will have to check a bag (no way around it for various reasons)
- Not renting a car
- We plan to Uber to AKL instead of DME to try and save time (we did this to the "other" park last trip to Orlando and it worked out great.) We realize this might or might not actually save time, but at least it's highly unlikely to ADD time!
- We'll check in at AKL if possible, and drop luggage if the room's not ready.

The plan then would be to take the bus to Disney Springs and have dinner there at a quick serve place before our Void time. We've stayed at AKL before, but never been to Disney Springs so I've no clue how long a bus ride to expect. Looking around, people say 20-30 minutes, plus wait time?

If I'm planning conservatively, can I guess that we'd be to Disney Springs around 6:30?
Aim for the 8:00 slot at The Void? Or should I aim later?
Having never been to any of the restaurants there, should I anticipate a longer wait than a quickserve in the parks?
Any other better suggestions than this plan? This is really the best day of the trip to do the Void, and DD and DH really want to do it.



DIS Veteran
Feb 21, 2005
I think that sounds reasonable. Maybe book The Void for 8:30 just to be safe. Since everything revolved around that, you don't want to risk not making your reservation. That's what I would do.


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