May/June 2001 Trip -- Part 7: Cheap Hotel Heaven

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    May 25, 2001

    The cast:
    Me (the 29-year old)

    I left WonderWorks for my hotel. I had a reservation at the Four Points Sheraton Kissimmee on 4018 W. Vine Street. It was a little far from the attractions, but I got a great deal on it from Priceline. I placed a bid for $20 for Kissimmee area hotels. I had no bonus money to use. I thought I would not get anything with that low of a bid, but I was quite surprised when a hotel accepted it! It was even more surprising, considering that it was the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend. With the $5.95 processing fee and tax, my hotel total was about $30.

    I-4 was backed up again at exits 28 and 29. I decided to take the 535 exit and bypass most of I-192. I remember the construction on that road and had no desire to encounter it again. It was smooth driving until I hit the 535 and I-192 section. Traffic was at a slow crawl. I can’t win! There’s traffic everywhere! I braved it out and traffic cleared up around Wal-Mart on I-192. I was looking for the hotel and drove and drove and drove, but I could not find it. I was looking for a place at 408 W. Vine Street and I knew I was lost when I passed the Florida Turnpike. I stopped at a gas station to fill up and check my directions. I found the correct address and headed back. I couldn’t believe I missed the place, considering that they had a big red and blue sign with the hotel name on it!

    I checked in and got a room on the fourth floor in the back of the property. I didn’t really care since I got my room for so cheap and I would be away from the traffic noise. While taking the elevator up, I met two guys who look liked airline pilots. They asked me if I was going to Disney World. They must have noticed my DIS shirt! One guy said that he was going to sleep while the other was going to party all night. I just hope the partying guy wasn’t going to be flying a plane tomorrow!

    I had heard some bad things about this hotel and I was expecting the worse when I opened the door. If the room was bad, I wasn’t too concerned because I wasn’t out of a lot of money. I was surprised when I opened the door. The room was adequate. The carpet near the front was a little wet, but that was probably from the monsoon storm earlier.

    The room was a standard hotel room with two beds, an outside sink, and a private bath. Part of the room had a sofa and a small office desk. I looked around the room and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. It was clean and would meet my needs. I don’t know where the horror stories came from!

    When I was lost previously, I had passed by a Subway, so I decided to go out there for dinner after a quick shower. I bought a Subway Club. I took it back to my room to eat. As I ate it, I began to sweat and my mouth felt spicy. I wondered why eating a sub was so hard. When I got down to the last few bites, I noticed that they put hot peppers in my sub. I told them not to do that! I don’t like hot peppers in my sub because it takes away the flavor of everything else. It’s like eating a hot peppers sub. I took out the offending things and the sub tasted much better.

    I spent the rest of the evening trying to get online with my notebook, but I kept on getting a message saying that the number was invalid. I was dialing a 9 out, just as the phone instructions said and it was the correct number. I was too tired to fight with it, so I went to work on some postcards and fell asleep around 1:00 am.

    Tomorrow: Islands of Adventure and Pete’s moderator party!
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    Hot peppers huh?:earseek: They're great when your expecting them but horrid when you're not!

    Thanks for writing!
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    :) Thanks for the report. :)

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