May/June 2001 Trip -- Part 29: Night Shows at Sea World

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    The cast:
    Me (the 29-year old)

    I headed over to Journey to Atlantis. The wait had dropped to 5 minutes. On this ride, I try to avoid the front seat. I rode in the front once and I was sopping wet! I think it took half the day to dry off. Today, I chose to sit in the back. I didn’t get too wet. Most of the upper half of my body got wet. I really don’t like wet shorts. I hate the squishy feeling you get while walking around and sitting down in wet shorts. I’m glad I didn’t get sopping wet this time! At the end of the ride, one person asked everyone if they liked the ride. I wasn’t asleep, so of course I did!

    I wanted to get some night rides on Kraken, but Shamu’s Big Chill show was going to start at 8:45. I only had time for some dusk rides. Using the same techniques that I used earlier in the day, I had gotten three rides on Kraken in 15 minutes. I even got an empty front seat space! I must use this technique more often. It beats walking through the queue over and over again.

    I shot some video of Kraken at dusk and headed over to Shamu’s Big Chill show. My ankle was hurting and I was hobbling over to Shamu Stadium. Younger people passed me as if I was a grandma going 45 mph in her Cadillac on I-75.

    Shamu’s Big Chill used to be Shamu Rocks America. I wanted to see the show for “board research” and see if it was any different than the previous show. Shamu’s Big Chill played some different music and the whales did different tricks, but the format of the show was basically the same. The preshow still showed shots of the audience member while toe-tapping music played. The whales still did amazing tricks. They still brought out the mother of all killer whales to splash the audience at the end. I sat in the splash zone again and managed not to get wet again!

    Sea World says the mother of all killer whales (not Sea World’s official name, of course) is the largest killer whale in captivity. It weighs about 20,000 pounds! This killer whale must be the hardest-working killer whale at Sea World since I see him at every Shamu show. I hope he gets a day off every now and then!

    Next was the fireworks show in the Bayside Lagoon. This year, Sea World was doing the Rock N Rockets show. Last year, it was called Red, White, and Blue Spectacular. I was pretty unimpressed by last year’s fireworks. The show seemed pretty old and too off-the-shelf for me. Disney’s and Universal’s fireworks were much better. Rock N Rockets was much better. The soundtrack used music from the 1950’s to today. It was a combination of a laser show and a fireworks show.

    I was pretty impressed! The show didn’t have the water screens like in the Red, White, and Blue Spectacular or like in Fantasmic! Maybe it was good that they didn’t because I would have expected a Tinkertoy dragon to pop out of the cave! Disney’s and Universal’s fireworks are still better, but Sea World’s version makes staying until the end worthwhile.

    After the show, I headed home. As I exited the parking lot, I noticed a lot of cars were trying to squeeze out of one exit. I looked down the lot and I saw another exit that was clear. I hit the gas and went to that exit. I was out of the parking lot in a few minutes! I headed home and I wanted to stop to eat, but I wanted to wait until I got close to the hotel. That was a mistake. I arrived at my hotel after 11 pm. All the fast food places and restaurants were closed. The only place I could find food at was a 7-Eleven. I got a sandwich and ate it in my hotel room.

    I fell asleep after midnight. Tomorrow: the Walt Disney World thrill ride tour!
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    Thanks for keeping up with your trip reports! I really like reading them.:)
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    Enjoying these reports! :D

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