May/June 2001 Trip -- Part 26: The Orlando Roller Coaster Tour

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    Part 26: The Orlando Roller Coaster Tour – Disney-MGM Studios: Let’s Get Serious!

    May 29, 2001

    The cast:
    Me (the 29-year old)

    I rode the monorail from the Magic Kingdom to the Ticket and Transportation Center. As I departed, the line to get on the monorail ran down the ramp. People were packed in the monorail like sardines! I was glad I was not entering the park.

    I took the bus to Disney-MGM Studios. As I entered, I noticed a few additions to the hat. Some lights were added by the sidewalk. I headed to the Information board to check the waits. The Rock N Roller Coaster had a 60-minute wait! I would have to get a Fast Pass for this one. I would wait 60 minutes if the queue were in air conditioning. I did not want to wait that long in the oppressive afternoon heat! I picked up a Fast Pass and my return time was 1:05 to 2:05. I had about 90 minutes to pass until my window opened.

    I did plan to ride only roller coasters today, but I had to find another attraction so I could be entertained while waiting. It was either sitting around or standing in line. Neither prospect seemed appealing. My tour plans fell apart a little further. The Beauty and the Beast show was going to start, so I watched that.

    I came in at the tail end of the preshow. The preshow was a boy band singing. It must not have been very good since I don’t remember anything about the preshow. I sat in the second tier and I kept on feeling the vibrations of people stomping on the bleachers. The show was entertaining, but from my seats, everyone was tiny. I used my video camera to get a better view and record the whole show. My arm started to hurt near the end of the show. I also did not realize that my camera was tilted during recording! When I watched the show when I got home, parts of the show were tilted! It was like some shots in the “Batman” TV show.

    I was looking for something else to watch while I waited for my Fast Pass window. I decided to walk to the other end of the park to see what had a short wait. As passed by the Great Movie Ride, I bumped into Robin and Michael! They had just arrived. Michael seemed excited to see me since he said, “We have Barry again?” They were heading to the Great Movie Ride. Robin wanted to ride something where she can sit down for a while and was air-conditioned. The Great Movie Ride it is! Michael asked if I was going to Sounds Dangerous. I didn’t know.

    As Robin and Michael headed to the Great Movie Ride, I thought that Sounds Dangerous would not be a bad idea. I headed to the show and waited about 10 minutes. The last time I saw this, the Cast Member who introduced the show seemed very bored and unexcited about the whole show. This time, the Cast Member was happy and enthusiastic! The show was fun and some of the noise was hair-raising, like the hair cutting and knife sounds.

    I stopped for some lunch. I had a sandwich from a counter by the lagoon. Usually, Disney World food does not fill me up, although it is a little cheaper than Universal’s. This time, the sandwich filled me up and it was good!

    It was time to use my Fast Pass, so I headed over to the Rock N Roller Coaster. I was on in about 10 minutes. While I exited the recording studio and entered the back alley, I realized that every time I exit the studio, there is always a train sitting there and ready to launch. As I walk down the fence, it launches. I don’t know if it is timed to do this, but I found it interesting. Also, it seems like many people like to stop and watch the launch. The Cast Member said to feel free to walk around people who have stopped. Several people stopped in line and I noticed a path between them. I took the path and I was on the train. I rode in the middle of the train and I heard the song “Sweet Emotions,” which I don’t think I’ve ever heard on the ride.

    I didn’t have time to go to the Magic Kingdom for Space Mountain. I didn’t want to get shoved into the park like sardines either. It was time to go to the next roller coasters at Sea World.
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    Ya each train has it's each sound track. BTW rocken roller coast? they say that on magnum!
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