May/June 2001 Trip -- Part 10: Islands of Adventure -- Being RhondaS

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    May 26, 2001

    The cast:
    Me (the 29-year old)
    Scottie (RhondaS’ DH)
    Erin (RhondaS’ DD)
    Malarie (RhondaS’ DD)

    It was approaching 10 am, so I sat by a table in front of Confscio’s Grill and reloaded my camera. I didn’t even finish reload when Rhonda came by with her family. She brought along her DH Scottie, her 5 year old DD Erin, and her 14-year-old DD Malarie.

    They wanted to eat something. Rhonda asked for a good place to eat a hot dog. I suggested the Burger Digs, but they stopped by the Green Eggs and Ham Café. I was thinking for what they paid at the café, they could have had the breakfast buffet for around the same cost. Oh well…at least I got to eat their leftover fries!

    We headed over to Dueling Dragons, where I had been earlier. I didn’t expect the queue to be empty this time since it was around 10:30. Scottie sat out with Erin as the rest of us rode. We used our keys to get into the Universal Express entrance. The front seat wait wasn’t too bad, so we rode Fire and Ice one time each in the front. Think we waited 5-10 minutes for a front seat. All the other rows were pretty much a walk-on.

    After dueling the dragons, we went to Jurassic Park River Adventure. We didn’t use our keys here since the wait was 0 minutes. We got into the second to last row. The Ultrasaur was missing last time and was back today. He looked better than ever! I even noticed some camouflage stripes on him. The Secataurs were both moving and the Stegosaurus finally had the sense to take his tail out of the water. He was starting to get a watermark last time. The T-Rex at the end had some strobe effects over his shoulder, which I never noticed before, and he was well hidden by the fog. Nearly all the effects were working! The only effect that didn’t work was the Velcoraptor box. It didn’t fall, but you could hear an angry beast in the box. We didn’t get too wet this time.

    As we walked past Pterandon Flyers, Rhonda had an idea. I could borrow Erin so I could ride. Erin was tall enough to ride. It was a good idea until we saw the wait time -- it was 45 minutes! The ride is not worth that long of a wait! Maybe next time…

    We stopped by Marvel Super Hero Island and had some photo ops with the different Marvel characters. Rhonda noticed that Spider-Man’s voice sounded familiar. In September, Dan Murphy took a bootie shot of Spider-Man, which Robin is supposedly drooling over all day at work. Rhonda asked if he was the Spider-Man she met in September and he said yes! I guess she could have asked him to turn around to confirm!

    The Spider-Man wait went up to around 60 minutes. The line for the Universal Express tickets stretched down the road. We then rode the Hulk. Scottie sat out again with Erin while the rest of us rode. We used our keys for Universal Express entry. The Universal Express line goes right under the train tracks. The single riders line sort of merges with the Universal Express line and then breaks off. It must be confusing to figure out who is Universal Express and who is single. I will have to try it one day and see how the single riders line works.

    It was nearing 2 pm and we had a big bash at Pete Werner’s house to go to. We went over to the Hard Rock Hotel and Rhonda picked up her room keys. We waited in the room while Rhonda dressed for the party and the rest dressed for swimming.

    As I waited, Erin and Malarie drew on each other’s hands. Scottie firmly told them to wash their hands and they did so. I started thinking and this is how they were to their kids all day long. I didn’t see Rhonda or Scottie yell at their kids. They were firm and did not raise their voice. I didn’t see them hit their kids once either. I thought that this would be something I’d like to do if I ever have kids – be firm and do not yell at them. We’ve seen parents at the mall or even Disney yell at their kids or even hit them in public. That’s really uncalled for. I think that the way to handle kids is to be firm and don’t yell at them. Yelling at kids usually makes them cry loudly and that causes even more problems. Maybe I ought to take notes the next time I meet the Rhonda family.

    We headed out around 3:30 pm for the big bash.
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    Single rider line saves me! most of the time it is a walk on. Sometimes when it is not posted outside you can walk up to it. plus it really is a mystery when you find out your seat!
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    Really like these reports Barry. Not too long and boring. Just right! :)

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