May have to move out of our house - Hubby lost his job last year !


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Feb 16, 2000
I make $12 and hour. DH found a temp job at $15 and hour.
DH needs to find a better job and so do I.

We used up most of our savings.

We may need to have a large garage sale of items we hove in our home - piano, chairs, beds, dressers and rent a 1 bedroom apartment.

We are in our 60's - less chance of getting a good job.

Any suggestions ?
Should we move to another state ?
Best state in the USA to live in ?

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Nov 19, 2010
Seek extra jobs? Maybe rent a room?
Start collecting social security?
See if you qualify for the state equivalent of Medicaid if you don't already qualify for Medicare?


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May 11, 2003
I am sorry you are in this situation. It is true that there is age discrimination especially once people get into their 60's. I would run the numbers and see if it would be wise to start taking Social security if you are over 62 1/2. Some states are cheaper than others to live in so research those to see if it would be in your best interest to move. I live in Massachusetts and it is expensive. For example, New Hampshire next door does not have sales tax or income tax. Renting is most areas is less expensive than in Massachusetts. Look at the states around you to see what taxes and expenses are like. Also, see if you can get a job there or are you better off renting where you are and keep your current jobs while you look for something else in your area. Also, second jobs could be an option or online jobs with a reputable company.


Aug 3, 2004
I am so sorry as well. I don’t know tHE US as far as which states are the best to Live in. Researching does sound wise. How about downsizing your hone ?

I wish you nothing but the best


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