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    You Don't Have To Read The Whole Thread
    But you do have to read the first page. Twice. Get a cup of coffee.

    The Good Old Days

    Many of us miss the golden days of beloved paper FP. We could easily obtain 6 per person a day, oftentimes more. It's hard for us to adapt to only 3 initial FP+ selections, even knowing that we can obtain a 4th after using the first 3. In the old days, the rulebenders among us would happily bring paper FP back for years, maintaining stacks four inches thick, bound tidily with a rubber band and kept in their desk drawer, bottom left. Maybe we had heard this golden tip on the DIS or maybe it was a CM who had first clued us in that paper FP could be brought back on one's next visit, that they never actually expired. Since the designs never changed, one might use a FP for Big Thunder from 2007 on their trip in 2010. Then came the dark times, when the CMs were forced to enforce the date, though most of them never bothered. Then came the darker times when the paper FP machines were covered in shrouds and removed permanently.

    A Second Set of FP+ in Today's Magic Band Days

    It's possible to recreate those paper FP days to a small degree -- because it's possible for each guest to obtain a second set of 3 FP+ selections. Or even a third set, though excessive greed is unseemly.

    Here's how it works. Read slowly and don't hurt yourself. Maybe stretch first by doing a crossword puzzle. Because many people find this to be complicated. Some may be too intellectually lazy to read the whole first page. Some may feel even more confused after reading the first page of the thread, twice. If that's you, please don't bother with extra FP+. It will just be frustrating and you'll wish you hadn't.

    You Already Know How to Pre-Book Your First Set of 3 FP+
    We all know about pre-booking our set of 3 FP+ 60 days prior to resort arrival, provided that each person in the group has a valid ticket linked on the MDE. (It's not enough for one person to have a ticket, each person has to have a ticket or no FP+ for that person.)

    The Second Set of 3 FP+ Cannot Be Booked in Advance
    It's possible to get a *second* set of 3 FP+ for each person. This second set can't be booked in advance (see exceptions to this rule at bottom of post which will probs not apply to very many guests) but must instead be chosen at the kiosks in the park, same day. These are therefore known as Same Day FP+ (SDFP+).
    To repeat, Same Day FP+ (SDFP+) can only be booked at a park kiosk. They cannot be booked in advance.

    Bring in the Clones
    Stop for a minute and sign in to your MDE and click on the Magic Bands (MBs) and Cards section. You'll see all the MBs that have already been issued to you. Every single one of the pictured bands associated with you (as an individual) is a clone of the other. You can use any one of them to enter a park (if you have a valid ticket linked) or open the door of your resort room (after check in). They are clones. They all refer to the same set of data which Disney has associated with you through your MDE -- your tickets, reservations, Memory Maker, FP+. If you took any one of these bands to a park kiosk and tapped it, you would see the 3 FP+ selections you already pre-booked online and would not be offered more (until you've used the first three). No matter how many bands you see on your MDE profile, you can only get one set of 3 FP+ because those bands are all part of a "hive mind;" each one is linked to your same personal data. That is each of your bands (and also cards) is a conduit to your information (tickets, room key, charging privileges, etc.).

    But Your Band is Not a Clone of Bands Belonging to Family and Friends on Your MDE
    Note that your band is not a clone of your child's band or of any other friend or relative whose bands appear on your MDE account. Any band shown under your child's name is a clone of the other bands associated with that same child. Same for every relative and friend on your MDE.

    So imagining the Bennett family's MDE: Jane's bands are all clones of each other. Elizabeth's bands are all clones of each other. Lydia's bands are all clones of each other. But Jane's bands are not clones of Elizabeth's or Lydia's - though they are all sisters on the same MDE. And Wickham is still a knave.

    Each individual on your MDE has his or her own profile - own tickets, own MBs. Of course, you can use your grandma's MB to open the door of your resort room (providing she's on the reservation, of course). You can borrow her MB to use a FP+. So grandma decides she's not really up for Splash Mountain - she can hand her MB to you so that you can ride in her place. This happens ALL THE TIME. The CMs don't care whose band you are using to enter a FP+ attraction. The only time it matters is when you want to enter a park -- in which case you obviously must use your own personal MB (or plastic ticket) which will match the biometric finger scan.

    How to De-Borg Yourself
    In order to get a second set of 3 FP+ at the kiosks (that is, a set of 3 SDFP+) you must have magic bands (MBs) which are NOT clones, NOT linked to the primary profiles (for you, your family, and friends) on your MDE, NOT linked to your tickets. These separate rogue bands will not be part of the "hive mind" -- they won't be clones of your other bands. The independent rogue MBs won't know about your tickets or your Memory Maker, etc. Because there are no tickets, you can't get FP+ in advance (and of course you can't enter the parks with these non-ticket-linked bands). But ... because they are not clones, if you tap a rogue band at an in-park kiosk, you'll be offered, at the kiosk, a new set of 3 FP+ for that day - a set of 3 SDFP+.

    How Do I Get Rogue Bands?
    How do you get MBs that are not linked to your current tickets? You may already have them. Maybe you stayed at a Disney resort last year and have your old MBs sitting in your Disney drawer or Disney bag. Those old bands (linked to tickets that are no longer valid) can be used for SDFP+ with a big "if." This is the important part. You can use your old bands for SDFP+ if you make your new reservation on a brand new MDE on Do NOT use the same MDE that you used to make last year's reservation.

    Old Bands Become Can Go Rogue, New Bands Go Hive
    The new bands you receive (with a reservation on a second MDE) will become a separate and second hive mind for you and your family - they will know about your new linked ticket, resort reservations, FP+, Memory Maker. Your old bands from your last visit (with expired tickets and nothing else) will be your rogue bands. Your new bands won't know about your old bands. Your new bands will sit up straight in their classroom chairs and raise their hands when Disney asks for room deposits and will show respect and smile glassily. Your rogue bands will slouch in with ripped jeans and help themselves to a second set of FP+, maybe not even saying thank you to a CM who offers to help at the kiosk.

    Making a Second MDE
    The new MDE can have the same basic information (names, home address, etc.) listed as on your first MDE. The only thing that must be different is the email address you use to set it up. Avoid using the identical names when you register for a new MDE, particularly for the owner of the MDEs. Add a middle name or turn Joseph to Joe, etc.

    Make all the guest names on the MDEs at least slightly different to help you keep things straight and to avoid confusing the MDE system itself. For instance, you could go into your old MDE and change each guest's name to the middle names of your group. (The MDE allows you to entirely change a guest's name at any time.)

    You will need to use your real name on the new MDE if you're making a new reservation on that MDE (since your credit card will be associated with it and you will be asked for ID at check in). If you're going to have new reservations on two different MDEs, you could use your middle name or initial on one MDE and not on the other. The names on two (or more) MDEs should not to be exact duplicates even though they all belong to you.

    On the new MDE you'll make your new resort reservations. On the new MDE account, you'll link your new tickets (be careful not to accidentally use the old MDE!), and you'll prebook your FP+ at 60 days out. (To prebook at 60 days, you need both valid tickets linked and a resort reservation.) The new bands you'll be sent will be used for your advance FP+ (as well as park admission, the resort door, etc.) Because this new MDE will have your new linked tickets and reservations, think of it as your primary MDE or MDE #1. The secondary MDE from your last trip would be MDE #2.

    Short Recap of This Scenario (Keep in mind that there are other scenarios.)
    New bands -- prebooked FP+. Old bands -- SDFP+.
    The new bands and the old bands will NOT be clones of each other, because each set is associated with a different MDE.

    Am I Out of Luck?
    If you've already made your new reservation, and you made it under the same MDE as your last reservation, you will probably be wondering if it's too late to get rogue bands for SDFP+. If you have already booked your new reservation under the same MDE as last time, then the new bands you receive will unfortunately be clones of the old bands, and you won't be able to get a set of SDFP+ with them. There is no way to unlink the reservation. There is no way to unlink bands on your MDE. You would have to cancel the reservation and rebook it under a new MDE, which is probably not worth the bother, and not worth possibly losing a discounted rate you may have scored when you first booked the room.

    There Are Still Some Options for SDFP+
    You can purchase a set of Magic Bands at a Disney park or resort to use for SDFP+ at the kiosks. Before you leave home, set yourself up a new MDE. Your primary one, with tickets linked, will be MDE #1. Now you set up MDE #2 - it won't have any tickets or anything else, just the names of your group. To repeat from above, you only need a different email address to set up the new MDE, you can use the same names and street addresses. However, it can be helpful to do something like include middle names on MDE #2 so that you visually know at a glance which MDE you've signed into.

    This is very important. Don't link the extra bands at the time of purchase. Tell the CM you would like them in link-it-later mode.

    How Do I Link My Purchased Bands?
    After purchase, leave the shop and go to (not the Disney World app) on your mobile device. Sign into MDE #2 (NOT MDE #1) and use the little codes printed on the inside of the purchased bands to link them to the individuals named on MDE #2. Once the new bands have been linked to your new MDE #2, they can immediately be used at a park kiosk for SDFP+.

    Keep It Straight
    Don't make a mistake and link the new bands to your primary MDE (MDE #1) or they will become useless borged clones of the other MBs you already have. Resistance is futile. And it can't be undone.

    Check Back on This Thread Before You Go
    Keep in mind that the MDE system may change at any time and your unticketed MBs might no longer work at the kiosks. So check back on this thread before your trip to confirm that the SDFP+ system is still working as reported here before investing in your second set of MBs. Also note that buying bands on eBay can be risky -- they might not have been purchased in link-it-later mode. They might have been pilfered rather than purchased (in which case they won't function at all). Or they might already have been linked to someone else's MDE (in which case they can never be linked to yours - MBs marry for life).

    Another Way to Get Rogue Bands for SDFP+

    Split Stay
    If you're already planning a split stay at two different resorts on the same trip, make each one under a separate MDE account. Then link your tickets to MDE #1 so that you can prebook FP+ on those MBs at 60 days out. You can then use the separate (unticketed) MBs from MDE #2 for SDFP+ in the parks. That second set of MBs will open the resort room door, but it won't get you into the parks, since your tickets are on the first set of bands. And your prebooked FP+ will be booked on the first set. Having the wrong band can be pretty frustrating (as when you can't get back into your room because you took the wrong band with you when you ran down to the pool). And of course you need to carry both sets to the parks.

    You might end up booking one more night at a Disney resort at the beginning or end of your trip. If you do that, be sure to do so under a new MDE #2, then the bands you'll receive will not be clones of those on MDE #1 and so the MDE #2 bands can be used for SDFP+.

    If you are purchasing bands for SDFP+. You don't need a second MDE. Just add the alter egos to your primary MDE. As always, don't use the same names as the real guests. Give your kids the names of their favorite Star Wars characters or Disney princesses. Then all the names will be on one MDE. This is the most straightforward scenario. You can see all your FP in one place. Remember you can only prebook FP to the profiles with tickets.

    OF THE GUESTS ON THE MDE PROFILES This won't change anything entitlements (tickets or room reservations).

    Another time you don't need a second MDE: Put Phantoms on your Reservation
    (even if you don't like the Haunted Mansion)
    If you are staying in a room that accommodates 5 people (for example), it might be a good idea to put 5 guests on the reservation (or even 6 guests if one is under age three), even if only 3 guests will actually be present (making any phantom guests under age 18 to avoid higher nightly resort rates - $25 extra for each adult after the first two). That way, you'll have 2 (or 3) extra MBs which could be used for SDFP+. (You can't prebook FP+ for the phantoms since they won't have tickets linked.) So MBs received for any reservation phantoms will be "rogue" -- not linked to real guest data. In this scenario, you have both real and rogue bands on the same MDE.

    If you have booked a package, the idea of adding a phantom won't make sense as each guest must have a ticket. Unless you add a guest under age 3 - that should work since a guest under age three doesn't need a ticket.

    Past Guests/Family Members in absentia
    If you have MBs from your last trip for family members who are not coming along this time (thank goodness, right?), you can use their MBs for SDFP+. If they have no valid tickets linked, use their MBs for SDFP+. If the non-attending guests are annual passholders or have remaining valid park tickets, you can even prebook FP+ for their MBs and use them yourself.

    Managing Multiple Bands
    Wearing bands can be sticky and Stepfordy. Unless you like them. In which case, they're fun! You can wear as many bands on your wrist/arm as you like. Cast members are not there to interrogate or hassle you. Disney wants you to have a magical time and come back and make the rest of whatever money you may have left also magically disappear into their coffers.

    So maybe your kids complain about wearing their bands, so you are already wearing three different people's bands, plus your own. Maybe grandpa doesn't like wearing his, so you've got his on your arm, too. This happens all the time. Therefore, if you choose to wear your primary band and your SDFP+ band at the same time, no CM will question you about the fact that you are wearing two. No one is paying attention to you anyway. It's not always about you.

    Color Code Those Bands!
    It makes life much easier if you color code all the SDFP+ bands for your group. Then, as you enter the FP+ line for Splash Mountain, you call out, "Yellow bands, people, yellow bands!" Of course, you may have family members complaining that they had wanted blue bands. Tell them that they should quit being a spoiled crybaby, because you are The Disney Planner, so whatever you say is what is Right and Good and Best. Their response, if properly trained, will simply be, "Amen."

    Another strategy is to have everyone in the group wear a band on each wrist and call out, "Left arm, crybabies!" as they enter the FP+ line for Small World. You can also use a Sharpie to mark the bands #1 (for the set of prebooked FP+) and #2 (for the SDFP+).

    Notice that someone (you) is keeping track of which band you need for which FP+. This makes life calmer, but is not really necessary. You could tap both bands every time you enter, if necessary.

    What If You Forget Which Band Has Which FP+
    If you tap the wrong band at the FP+ entrance tapstile -- NO ONE CARES. So you tapped a band at Big Thunder that only has FP+ for Tomorrowland attractions and the Mickey head goes blue instead of green. No one cares. This happens all the time. The CM cares about one thing and one thing only -- did the Mickey head turn green? You can tap as many bands as you like, but you're not getting by him or her until the Mickey goes green. So if you get confused and have to juggle to find the right bands, that is not a problem.

    MBs from the same FP+ Group Are Interchangeable for FP+ Entrance
    It also makes no difference which person uses which band in a group with the same FP+ assignments. Maybe you have a group of six people on your MDE all with FP+ for 7DMT at the same time. (Those you would generally have to prebook, btw. Rarely will you find SDFP+ for 7DMT.) It doesn't matter which of those six bands any one of you taps. So a three year old can enter with a band for someone named Hellhound. And a giant biker guy can enter with a band for Snowflake. CMs don't care what name pops up on their screen. They have eyes only for the Mickey head and did it turn green because you are NOT getting by them if it didn't, Snowflake.

    Plastic tickets work, too - in fact, they work better

    Think of it this way. Card = Magic Band. Because MDE.

    On your MDE, choose Magic Bands and Cards and see what's listed under you and your family members. You may see a few bands and a couple of cards. Any cards shown on the MDE are clones of any bands shown. (So you can't get one set of SDFP+ with your band and another set with your card -- if they are both linked to you on your MDE.) The card is supposed to do whatever its corresponding MB can do - open your room door (if you have a linked reservation), enter a park (if you have a linked ticket) etc. So you have a choice - you don't have to deal with the bands, if you'd rather just carry with the cards. Look at your individual profile to see the pictured bands and cards that are interchangeable - under the name of just one individual.

    Bands and cards all linked to one person are like different landline phones in the same house. (If anyone remembers what those are.) You might have one in the bedroom, one in the study, one in the kitchen, one in the solarium. You can pick up any one of them to make a call. But they are all connected to the same line. You can't use the one in the study to make one call and the one in the conservatory to make another call at the same time. You have one account with the phone company, you get one dial tone, and all the calls you make on any of the phones will be billed to the same account. Same with MBs and cards. You can use FP+ on your band, but your cards can't get separate FP+. It's the same dial tone for either one.

    Any Bands or Cards
    To make SDFP+ selections at park kiosks, you can use almost any bands or cards in your possession -- whether they are from a past trip or from a future resort stay that is upcoming. Provided, as always, that your bands are not clones from the hive mind of your primary MDE, yada, yada, yada.

    On your Magics Bands and Cards page of the MDE you may see last year's Halloween or Christmas party tickets (plastic cards). You might decide to carry the cards around instead of the bands because they're easier to transport.

    If you have old party tickets from 2013 or 2014 that were never linked to your MDE (in which case you would not see them pictured with the bands on your MDE), you can use them for SDFP+

    Look in your Scrapbooking Box
    If you saved old room key cards from 2013 or 2014 (before bands became standard), you can use those either in place of a set of bands or in addition - depending to whether they're on the same land line (see simile above). Take your old cards (congratulating yourself on the benefits of hoarding things for your scrapbooks) and open up your MDE Magic Bands and Cards page. On the back of each card you'll see a code number in the bottom left corner. If the card in your hand is already linked to your MDE (which it would have been if you made the reservation through your MDE or linked it to your MDE after making it elsewhere), you'll see it on the screen. Match up the numbers to see. If you don't see a match, then the card in your hand is good for SDFP+. Cards from 2013 should have the Mickey-Head-in-Circle icon on the back (very small, under the word Disney). That means they're RFID-enabled. Cards from before 2013 are not going to be eligible as they don't have the RFID chip. 2013 room key cards are ideal because the cards were equipped with the chip, but the MDE system wasn't generally up and running, so your card is not going to be a clone of everything else on your MDE.

    Park Hop Hope
    If you want to park hop, you could use your primary MB (prebooked FP+) at the first park and use the second set of MBs (SDFP+) for the second park. Or vice versa.

    Kiosks and Booking Strategies
    Waiting in line at kiosks is time consuming, so book your SDFP+ in the morning after doing a few rides at rope drop. (If you are such a Disney insider that you are reading this page, you obviously already know that you always arrive at rope drop.)

    You Can Change SDFP+ Online
    Keep in mind that you can make changes to SDFP+ (once they're made at the kiosk) by signing in through the website -- but generally not by signing in to the app. (Though prebooked FP+ can easily be manipluated via the app.) On the website, you can continue checking on emerging availability for a future ride while you wait in a line for a current ride, etc. To summarize, you can't made the SDFP+ online (that has to be done at a kiosk), but you can change your SDFP+ on the website. Guests are constantly moving their FP choices, making their original times available to you -- for instance, you might get a Toy Story Mania in the late afternoon when another guest has freed it up.

    Try for Two At a Time
    If you want a difficult-to-snag FP+, you might want to try for SDFP+ for just two of the bands at a time. It's easier for the system to find you two FP+ together than four. Then you can try back later for a second set for the other two people in your group.

    Think Geographically
    When you prebook your FP+, pick attractions that are in either clockwise or counterclockwise order around the parks. For instance, one in Tomorrowland, then one in Fantasyland, followed by one in Frontierland. (Planning around your ADRS. You knew that.) Then when you choose your SDFP+, select them in the same order - Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland -- that way you won't be crisscrossing the parks for FP+ times.

    If there is a line at the kiosk, just choose any 3 attractions, and leave. Then you can go online to move the SDFP+ around to match up with the geographical locations of the prebooked FP+. Ideally, you'll end up with something like prebooked FP+ for Buzz 11:00 a.m., Dumbo 12:00 p.m., and Peter Pan 1:00 p.m. Then you can get SDFP+ for Tomorrowland Speedway at 11:30 a.m., Little Mermaid at 12:30 p.m., and Haunted Mansion at 1:30 p.m. (Do Adventureland on another day. Best not to do more than 3 lands in one day, if possible.)

    SDFP+ work best at the Magic Kingdom and less well at the other parks. There are unmanned kiosks inside City Hall which often have no lines. CMs are there to help you, not to police you. Tell them you're booking FP+ for your family and know the ropes of the kiosk, but thanks anyway for their offered help.

    Annual Passholders
    You could make a new reservation under a new MDE, but because there would be no linked tickets under the new MDE (with your APs linked to your old MDE), you would miss out on the 60 day FP+ booking window. Some people find that the 30 day AP booking window works perfectly for their needs, and they would rather have the SDFP+.

    The SDFP+ sun may not shine forever
    Be aware (again) that Disney may change the way the system operates before you arrive -- and you'll find that your MBs won't function unless tickets are linked (and were used at the park entrance). At this time, it is not necessary for a ticket or MB to have been used at the park entrance in order to use that media to enter a FP+ attraction. From one point of view, we might predict that this will change. But if Disney is selling enough extra MBs to people who are seeking SDFP+, they might leave the loophole indefinitely.

    Be real
    SDFP+ are of limited value since all the popular attractions will most likely be unavailable. Remember that the FP+ in advance are all you really want. These extras are just scraps. Most people investing in a WDW vacation know that they need to book their FP+ in advance -- which is why the most desirable FP+ disappear at 60 days out. The attractions available same-day are the leftovers.

    Be controlling
    Generally speaking, it's much better if none of your family members have their own Disney accounts. You, as the planner mastermind, should control or "manage" all guests yourself. Don't worry if they already have their own account, but do ask for their passwords. Then change the passwords so they can't access their MDE. Kidding. Sort of.

    Confusing? Yes!
    If this sounds confusing, it is. If it sounds overwhelming, it's probably a bad idea for you. Disney can be exhausting and hot and crowded and stressful. The last thing you want to do is complicate your vacation for a few extra FP+ -- particularly since the attractions you'll be offered at the kiosks might not be very exciting. Juggling two sets of MBs and remembering which set you need for which attraction can be confusing.

    Pitfall 1
    Never Leave Your Room Without a Primary MB

    You have to make sure that each person in your group is carrying their linked bands (primary bands) at all times (even if they need the unlinked SDFP+ band to enter a particular attraction), or else the Memory Maker (if you've opted for that) won't detect them for ride photos. You also might be confused about which set of MBs will open your resort room door or get you into a park. (The unlinked MDE will of course not work for room doors or park entrance tapstiles nor will they work for purchases.) Having the wrong band can be very annoying. If you're not a very organized person, this idea might be a bad one for you.

    Pitfall 2
    Memory Maker Issues
    CAUTION - Do NOT Give a Rogue Band to a Photopass Photographer

    You must give the Photopass Photographer a band or card that is associated with the MDE from which Memory Maker was purchased. That will probably be a linked MB or card (with reservation, ticket, and Memory Maker). If you have unticketed phantoms on your primary MDE that you're using for SDFP+, then this will not be a problem, as all the bands and cards that appear on the primary MDE profiles will be included in Memory Maker. But if you are using two MDEs (for instance one with your current reservation and one with last year's reservation) you have a set of bands that are not associated with Memory Maker (from the old MDE). If you give the Photopass photographer one of those "rogue" bands or cards (which you are using for SDFP+), the photos he or she takes will not be available to you as part of your Memory Maker. You would only be able to download them from the rogue account if you pay extra. This is very important. Color coding your bands will help prevent confusion. If all the green bands are from MDE #1, you (and everyone else in your group) will always know not to give a Photopass Photographer any other color band. Only the green (for instance).

    What About Memory Maker on Ride Photos
    This is no problem, as long as you have one of your MDE #1 MBs on your person. It makes no difference to Memory Maker if you have multiple bands (from different MDEs) with you on a ride. Your ride photos will be received by any MB in your ride vehicle, including those of strangers. So the photos will show up on your rogue SDFP+ bands -- but you won't be able to download them there without paying. It doesn't matter that they're there. What matters is that the photos will also show up (and download as part of Memory Maker) on your primary MDE (to which Memory Maker is linked) as long as you always have one of your ticket-linked MBs with you. It's a good idea to tap your band when you see your photo at a ride exit, just as a precaution -- but that has nothing to do with SDFP+. And if you have Memory Maker, every person in your group should have a MB from MDE #1 (the Memory Maker MDE) with them at all times. Don't let your teenagers run off to ride Splash Mountain with SDFP+ on MDE #2 bands unless they also have the MDE #1 on their wrists or in their pockets, or you won't get their ride photos without paying extra.

    To Repeat, SDFP+ is Not for Everyone
    The details of SDFP+ are daunting. It is a lot of bother. Some might be too intellectually lazy to even read this whole thread. More will find it stressful to deal with a whole new layer of details on an already complicated trip. And there's a fair risk of complication - having to pay extra for your ride photos or being locked out of your room because you brought the wrong MB or card.

    Knowledge is Power
    This is not for everyone. But it's nice to know your options. Knowledge is what the DISboards do best. :)

    Go to page 27 of the thread for an illustration of how this might work for a family.

    Most Questions Can Be Answered By This Page
    This page has been updated to reflect the many questions that have come up over the months. There's no need to read the entire thread. In fact, various Disney policies have changed over the life of the thread, so some posts are no longer relevant. But do reread this page. If you have a question, it's probably answered right here.

    Report Back
    We would all love to hear about your SDFP+ experiences, so do report back after your trip.


    Do not continue reading until you have reread all of the above at least three times. Even then, proceed with caution. If you thought the strategies above were confusing, baby baby baby baby baby, you ain't seen n-n-nothing yet.

    Advance SDFP+ Users Only Beyond This Point!

    Halloween or Christmas Party Tickets for SDFP+

    Taking Disneysplaining to a new level.

    Those hard plastic tickets you receive for party entrance can get you SDFP+ both before and after the MNSSHP and MVMCP, just like any ticket media. But not if they are linked to guests with park passes or annual passes, as they would then be clones of that guest's other passes (and MBs). You need to assign the party tickets to phantoms at the time you purchase the party tickets. Reassigning later may not work.

    When you buy the tickets on the Disney website, you're offered the choice of a print-at-home voucher/confirmation or you can have the plastic tickets mailed to you. It might be better to choose the voucher. When you place the order for the tickets, you are required by the website to identify which of your friends and family members will be using the party tickets. When you receive the cards, either in the mail or at the will call/guest services window, each plastic card has been preassigned to one of the guests you designated. For SDFP+ purposes, you want that guest to be one who doesn't already have a ticket. If they already have a ticket, they'll already have booked FP+. And you can't double dip FP+ on the same profile.

    If you want the party ticket card to act as an SDFP+ generator which can be used at the kiosks on days before and after the party (potentially indefinitely), you need to assign the ticket to a phantom at the time you buy the tickets. The ticket card can then be an SDFP+ generator because the party ticket card is not a clone of any other bands and cards. The one day you can't use that party ticket for SDFP+ is the party day itself - since you will have prebooked FP+ on the party ticket card for that one day and that one day only. (You can't book FP+ for days without park tickets.) Set up the party phantoms on the same MDE as the real guests -- no need for a separate MDE with this scenario. And choose names for the phantoms that are nickname versions of your real names.

    If you already bought your party tickets, this may not work for you.

    Yes, you can reassign party ticket entitlements. But you can't reassign the plastic cards that were sent to you as party tickets. Very complicated. Might mess up your arrival for the party if you don't do it right. Not worth it. Because stress.

    Disney party tickets are not like football game tickets or concert tickets. They aren't a physical thing.

    The party ticket isn't "on" the plastic card.
    This is sort of counter intuitive. But the physical party ticket that you receive isn't really the party ticket. It's just a plastic card that is a conduit to access the party ticket. You can move the party ticket off the plastic card (by reassigning). But you don't reassign the plastic card. That always stays on the profile of the original guest.

    The party ticket is a sort of metaphysical idea or concept that exists as a disembodied "entitlement" (in Disneyspeak). It starts out life born onto a plastic card. But it doesn't have to stay there. Until the ticket entitlement is used to enter the MK, you will see the option to reassign it on the Reservations and Tickets page of your MDE. (You will not see this option if the person with the entitlement has their own MDE - only they will then see that option.) Until someone enters the park with that entitlement, it can be transferred to someone else - as many times as you like. There will only ever be one park entrance possible. But you can play hot potato with the entitlement, bouncing it from one guest to another on your MDE until someone actually uses it. Not that you would have any reason to bounce it around. The point is that the ticket entitlement can be transferred. But cards (including the card you received with the ticket riding on it) cannot be transferred.

    Keep this danger in mind if buying party tickets from eBay or any individual rather than from Disney. If that person has already linked the plastic ticket to themselves, you will not be able to use that card to enter the parks. If someone has linked the plastic card with the party ticket to themselves and wants to transfer the entitlement to you, they would have to reassign the entitlement to you - and you would have to see that ticket entitlement on the Reservations and Tickets page of your MDE. You would then use one of your own MBs or cards to enter the MD for the party, not the plastic card the ticket was initially linked to. Because the card was already linked to the other person and can't be unlinked. It will always be linked to their personal MDE profile. MBs and cards marry the guest for life. Once a card is linked to an individual, it is stuck there.

    To summarize, when you buy the party tickets, assign them to phantoms who have versions of the real names. Keep everything on the same MDE. If you do this, you won't need MBs for the phantoms because you have the plastic cards in the phantom's names. (Remember that MBs and plastic cards are interchangeable -- you only need either one card or one MB, for each profile.)

    If you've already bought the tickets, and didn't originally assign to phantoms and would like to try reassigning: you have to reassign the tickets to profiles that have a way of accessing the entitlements -- in other words, to a profile which already has an MB. (This is because you can't use the plastic tickets for the phantoms -- the plastic tickets belong to the original owner of the ticket entitlement.) So you can't reassign to a phantom who has no MB. You could reassign to a phantom who has been with you on a resort reservation, as you will have their MB. (Be sure that phantom has a version of your real name in case of snafus and the need to visit guest services.) Then you have to be sure to bring the right MB, for the particular phantom to whom you've assigned the entitlement, to enter the MK. Really, reassigning is a bad idea. If you want to do it anyway, stop by a concierge or guest services location the day before the party to ask them to check the entitlements on your phantom band. You don't want to wait until you're entering the MK for the party to find out you've brought the wrong band.

    Another thing you could do is to tell the CM at guest services that the guests for whom you bought the tickets won't be using them. You're giving them to other friends. That way, you'll be given plastic cards that aren't linked to the people for whom you bought the tickets on your MDE.

    Another Vote for Being Controlling
    Only the owner of a ticket can reassign it.
    So if some of the members of your group have their own Disney accounts, you're going to need their passwords to make reassigning work. (It's best to discourage family members from setting up their own Disney accounts.) If you see a party ticket on your MDE that says it is non-transferable, that means the ticket is linked to a person with their own MDE - and you have to sign into that MDE to transfer the ticket to a mutual friend (yourself, for example - then you can use your own MDE to transfer it on to someone else).

    Additional Creative Reassigning - Vanishing NBFP+
    NBFP+ are Night Before FP+. Here's how to get them:

    Many tickets can be reassigned. (Obviously not annual passes.) Let's say you have one day left on a non-expiring hopper. You can use that ticket to prebook FP+ for one day for one guest in your group. You can then reassign the same ticket to another person on your MDE and also book for that person. And a third time, a fourth, etc. etc. The catch is that the FP+ will disappear (and the glass carriage will turn back into a pumpkin) about 36 hours after the ticket has been removed from an individual's profile. So you can do this the night before your park visit, but not much sooner than that (regardless of resort windows). Each set of 3 NBFP+ has to be booked separately, of course. So the use is limited and time intensive. You also have to reassign to guests who have MBs to use for accessing the NBFP+ from the reassigned ticket (since there is obviously only one physical ticket generating all these NBFP+). And naturally those guests can't already have a set of prebooked FP+ associated with their MBs. So you need "blank slate" rogue MBs with no tickets -- the same sort of MBs you need for SDFP+. NBFP+ is SDFP+'s cousin from the dark side.

    Note that if you have an MK only ticket, you can only prebook MK FP+ when reassigning. It's not going to work for other parks.

    FP+ Generators (expression hat tip - Hiro)

    To become a power user of multiple FP+, don't bother with SDFP+. Instead, invest in a set of tickets for next year's Disney trip before this year's Disney trip - and use those spare tickets to generate a second set of prebooked FP+. We're referring to those tickets as FP+ generators because you won't be using them for park admission this year -- only for the purpose of generating an extra set of prebooked FP+. You'll use them for park admission on some undesignated date in the future. A side benefit is that the price of tickets always goes up, so you'll be locking in the lower rate now for your future trip. (Disney will also be locking in your money! Everybody wins!)

    FP+ Generators = Second Set of Park Tickets
    Each person in your group should have two tickets -- one for your upcoming trip, and one for the trip after that. Link this year's tickets to MDE #1 with this year's resort reservations (and other arrangements). Prebook a set of FP+ at 60 days. Now set up a MDE #2 for next year's tickets. Link your FP+ generator tickets to the individuals on MDE #2 and you'll be able to prebook a set of 3 FP+ for each person.

    FP+ Window with Umbrella Function
    You can prebook FP+ for the FP+ generators 30 days in advance. But if you want to prebook them at 60 days in advance, it gets a little tricky. Issue and accept a friend invitation from MDE #1 to MDE #2. Now each MDE can make arrangements for the other. The 60 day booking window will umbrella out from MDE #1 with the resort reservation to MDE #2 without a resort reservation (that's the MDE with the FP generator tickets). So all the guests on both MDEs can prebook at 60 days. HOWEVER, to do this, when you make your new FP+ choices, you must toggle at least one person from the resort reservation in the group with people who are not on the resort reservation. The system won't offer you choices at 60 days for a group of only non-resort guests.

    Umbrella Sample
    So let's say you have John, Susan, Markie and Daisy on the resort reservation (MDE #1). On MDE #2 the same people appear as "phantoms" Jack, Sue, Mark, and Dot. (You want to use slightly different names so you won't confuse the system or yourself.) (There is no limit to the number of people you can add to your MDE. Though of course there is a limit to the number of people you can add to your reservation.)

    Now you want one set of 3 FP+ for each foursome (representing one real foursome, of course - enjoying the luxury of 6 prebooked FP+ for each guest - 3 prebooked FP+ from each of the two MDEs). But you can only book for Jack & Co. if you include at least one person from John & Co's group. It looks as though the simplest way to book the two sets is to start with the non-resort guest FP+ booking. On MDE #1, click to select new FP+ and toggle Jack, Sue, Mark, and Dot -- and also John. (Without John or one of the other resort guests, Jack & Co. can only get FP+ at 30 days, not 60.) So you prebook 5 FP+ for that group of 5 people. Once that's done, go back in and cancel John's FP+. Now prebook FP+ for John, Susan, Markie, and Daisy. You will then have two sets of 3 FP+ booked in advance for those four people. It's good to know -- once the 3 FP+ are booked for the non-resort guest phantoms, you can modify those 3 FP+ without a resort guest needing to be toggled as part of the FP+ group.

    If you inadvertently use the wrong band or card to enter the park (the one with the FP+ generator), your FP+ generator is sunk. The clock will be ticking on your FP+ generator and (unless it is non-expiring) the entire ticket will be useless for your future visit. A VERY expensive mistake.

    A Tale of Two MDEs

    Why You Might Want Just One MDE
    If you don't have two resort reservations (one with tickets linked to the profiles, one without tickets -- or possibly with FP+ generator tickets linked), you only need one MDE. All phantoms can be added to this one MDE.

    Even if you do have two resort reservations, most people find it simpler to keep all arrangements for FP+ and SDFP+ on one MDE rather than starting a second MDE. Instead of creating a set of alter egos on a different MDE, you put the alter egos right on your primary MDE.

    While a ticket can be in any name, your resort reservation has to be in your real name. So if you're planning a split stay using one MDE, you'd need two profiles that both have versions of your real name. Then the system wouldn't merge two John Smiths who were both attempting to make reservations on one MDE. So John Smith could be Jack Smith as his alter ego. Another option to avoid having the names merged is to call yourself John Smith as one profile and John Kenneth Smith as the other. They would both be your real name - in which case they could be on the same MDE with separate resort reservations. With all the names on one MDE, you can see all the FP+ reservations (FP and SDFP) in one place. This is very convenient. It's also much easier to reassign tickets if they're all on one MDE.

    Having all the guests, whether real or SDFP+ phantoms, on one MDE also prevents confusion with Memory Maker - there will be no danger of handing a band or card that is not associated with Memory Maker to a Photopass photographer since all your bands and cards will be associated together.

    Why You Might Want Two Separate MDEs

    One reason to use different MDEs is to prevent a CM, trying to be helpful, from merging near-duplicates on your MDE. If names are merged, all the associated bands and tickets will be clones. Another reason to use different accounts is to avoid complications should you need to call our friends at Disney MDE tech support. If they see John and John K. on one MDE they are going to ask you about duplicates. They might just assume you want them merged. You don't!

    The issue of one vs. two MDEs has been discussed at some length on this thread, particularly in the latter third of the replies. There are a number of considerations and not one clear consensus as to what works best. What seems clearest to you will be best for you. Keep in mind that the system has changed in many ways over time, so the earlier posts in this thread may no longer be accurate. Stick to the last few dozen pages. This first page is kept updated. Most questions can be answered by rereading this first page. You don't have to read the whole thread.
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  2. wendybeth75

    wendybeth75 "Thanks for noticing me"

    May 25, 2013
    I thought you couldn't make FP+ selections unless you had tickets tied to MDE? I'm not sure I follow what you are saying about the old magic bands, as those are tied to the account as well.
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    MOM POPPINS <font color=red>I keep getting SOUVENIRS (wink) wh

    Aug 24, 2000
    Interesting indeed :) I don't understand are all your magic bands associated with the same ticket... but different mde accounts.. I don't see how this works please explain?
  5. dawgsgirl

    dawgsgirl DIS Veteran

    Mar 9, 2003
    Is there any way to "unlink" your tickets??
  6. crazymomof4

    crazymomof4 DIS Veteran

    Jan 12, 2003

    MOM POPPINS <font color=red>I keep getting SOUVENIRS (wink) wh

    Aug 24, 2000
    Are you saying if you don't link a ticket to your mde then you never have to link it all.... making the reservation in the park does not make you connect your ticket to your band?
  8. ArwenMarie

    ArwenMarie DIS Veteran

    Apr 10, 2013
    I thought you needed a valid park ticket attached to the band/card to be able to book FP, whether on the app or the kiosk. So you just brought old bands with no ticket attached and they were able to book at the kiosk?
  9. hollypoast

    hollypoast Travel Planner Specializing in Disney

    Dec 31, 2007
    Interesting. ... I have non - exp. tix from a previous trip on mbe. I just made a resort res. and noticed that is allowing me to order a second set of bans. I wondered if I could do this. Hope it's still an option in Sept! Thanks for posting.
  10. Mommy2Corinne

    Mommy2Corinne DIS Veteran

    Mar 10, 2007
    This is really interesting! I wish I would have known this before I linked our room add a day reservation to my account this afternoon. As someone said, is there a way to unlink it? I will have 3 sets of bands by our trip in Sept, although what are the odds that they "fix" this "issue" by then?
  11. jimim

    jimim DIS Veteran

    Jan 4, 2011
    I thought old bands aren't active so how would this work?
  12. bwang123

    bwang123 Messages: 1,457,177,069

    Apr 10, 2012
    might be a loophole they have open because they are still testing with APs and offsite guests. like when FP- was operating along with FP+ and you could use media that wasn't scanned upon entry. If this actually works, I would imagine it will not for long.
  13. nugov2

    nugov2 DIS Veteran

    Jul 29, 2012
    It will be a great perk while it lasts. I will be curious to see how this works for people and like the throwaway room...this will cause some differing feelings....some will be on:cloud9: while other will be :furious:
  14. jtowntoflorida

    jtowntoflorida Looking Like I Can't Really Afford To Go To Disney

    Jan 17, 2011
    Incorrect. All bands are active unless you've deactivated them in your account.

    This is interesting for those of us who have multiple sets of bands for one reason or another. I wonder if we could link our tickets to MDE to prebook, and then use our old MBs in the parks to make more FP+ selections once there. Hmmmm....
  15. bwang123

    bwang123 Messages: 1,457,177,069

    Apr 10, 2012
    Probably not ... from OP "remember to make each resort reservation under a separate MDE account so that each set of bands is entitled to separate FP selections. "
  16. ScrapYap

    ScrapYap DIS Veteran

    Feb 25, 2008
    To make FP+ *advance* reservations on MDE, you have to link tickets to your account. But then you only get three FPs per person.

    For same day FPs, you can make FP+ selections at any park kiosk with any magic band or any park ticket. We just did it at all four parks. Any magic band. A cast member told me they are intended to work for two years. Once it's activated, it stays activated. Obviously it's not going to work on a resort room door or for charging purchases. But the MB does continue to work at FP+ kiosks in the park indefinitely (or for two years). And the MBs will work for the FP+ reservations you can make online for Beauty and the Beast counter service. (Not through the MDE page, but the link that's out there.)

    So never throw away a Magic Band! Keep them for your next trip. A cast member told me that they will eventually start charging for them.
  17. ScrapYap

    ScrapYap DIS Veteran

    Feb 25, 2008
    The magic bands are NOT associated with the same ticket. This is the important part. They are not associated with ANY ticket. They are just Magic Bands from your past, current, or future resort stay. You don't have to link tickets to your MDE. Just use it to make ADRs and manage your resort reservation. You don't use the Magic Band to enter the park, you use your park ticket. You just use the Magic Band at the FP+ kiosks after you enter the park with your ticket. And, separately, the park ticket. The MB will get a set of FPs, the park tickets will get a different set.

    If you are getting the park passes as a package with your resort stay, this won't work. You want a free standing Magic Band and a free standing ticket -- not linked to each other.
  18. Mommy2Corinne

    Mommy2Corinne DIS Veteran

    Mar 10, 2007
    So my old set of MBs were linked to a package (resort/ticket/dining) in Sept 2013. But my two new sets of MBs are (or will be when they get here) room only reservations. I haven't bought tickets yet, and I definitely won't link them if you think this will work.

    Do you think the fact that the MBs once were linked to a package (park days long since used up) ruins it?
  19. FLchick415

    FLchick415 DIS Veteran

    Mar 22, 2013
    I'm not trying to be snarky, but wouldn't this go against the whole capacity thing people are always talking about?
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  20. ScrapYap

    ScrapYap DIS Veteran

    Feb 25, 2008
    That's right. You are under no obligation to link your park tickets to your resort stay. And the Magic Bands are intended to work on and on -- for two years after your resort stay. The idea is, eventually, that you'll be encouraged to return with the same MBs. (Which we will all do when they start charging for MBs!)

    You enter the park with your park passes. (If you haven't linked your tickets to your MBs, your MBs wouldn't work to get you into the park, obviously.) Then you walk up to the FP+ kiosk areas (which are not near the park entrances, btw -- which kind of surprised me) with any MBs and they work -- you don't enter a password or anything like that. It doesn't matter that you didn't use them to enter the park. They work at the kiosks all by themselves. You'll be offered various FP options. The cast members are extremely helpful and generally do all the manipulation on the screen for you. After you get the MB set of FP+, you use your park tickets for a separate set of FPs. I don't like to stand there and make the various sets at the same time because it's rude to hog the FP+ area. I usually make one set at a time. And an advantage to going back a little later (there are lots of changes in availability even in a few minutes) is that you'll be given different choices.

    They don't print you a list of your FP times. You have to photograph the screen. When you do that, follow up with a photo of your MBs or your park ticket so you'll remember which FPs are associated with which set of bands or park passes.
  21. Raenstoirm

    Raenstoirm Moderator Moderator

    Sep 20, 2007
    I wouldn't concern yourself too much. Its a glitch and i bet disney will fix it very soon just like the fact that old room keys would spit out FP- for a while in there. Its awesome for those that can use it while it lasts!

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