Massachusetts Tax refunds?


Sep 6, 2003
We always get our refunds from Mass. Within 4 days as long as I can remember. This year, I called the refund status line and it says refund has been received but may require additional information? I am thinking I should just be patient and wait and see what happens without actually talking to a live person. But thought I would ask here and see if anyone else is waiting or did get your refund right away.thanks!!
I efiled and got mine very quickly. Did you file electronically? If so, did you get an "accepted" response? I would call if I were you, it may be something simple that needs to be resolved before they can move it forward. If you wait for them to contact you it could prolong things.
Yes I efiled and received the accepted response! Guess I should call and find out. Federal is already processed and going to be deposited this Friday. I just filed last Friday . I can't believe how fast federal is! Thank you
Just checked to be sure I was remembering correctly - I efiled both same day and the State refund hit my account first.

ETA - I filed very early so this may have made a difference with the State return. I've also heard that after a certain point, it is alphabetical. Not sure if that is true but our last name does begin with a C.

I efiled using the MA DOR web site back in early February. After a few weeks, I was wondering why it wasn't deposited yet. I checked the status online, and it said it was deposited already. I called up to inquire, and they said it would take a little longer, as they had to verify every refund due to a fraud issue. A few days later, I received a letter saying to call and verify my information (again). So I did, and they said I was all set. I asked when it would be deposited, and he said to be patient as they have to manually process them. That was about a week ago, and I'm still waiting.
I mailed my MA Tax return (used Turbo Tax software) on March 2, and the money was direct deposited into my account on March 16 so exactly 2 weeks
I just received my MA refund. I e-filed 3 weeks ago. My federal was direct deposited six days later. I was really surprised.

Maybe they are doing extra verification because there has been so many fraudulent filings this year? I live in an area where a lot of people have been affected by the Anthem credit breach, and I've heard about a lot of people who have had their income tax filing messed up because someone had already filed under their ss #, and it appears to have been Anthem related. Maybe MA is just double checking all refunds before they issue them?
DH and I just saw our CPA on Saturday and he always e-files. One of our returns was for MA; we lived there last year (have since moved to CT) and DH worked in MA for half the year (he now works in CT as well). Our CPA warned us that there was a very high chance of our refund being held up and investigated, not just because of the address change, but we had extremely high OOP medical expenses last year (well into the 5-digits). To our surprise, as of last night, our refund is pending in our bank account.

Now we just pray that our federal return goes forward without a hitch...or getting audited in the next 3 years! (The CPA also said that in his experience, the state is usually more of a stickler than the feds...)


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