Marvel Land


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Dec 31, 2017
Is the opening of Marvel Land going to be delayed? Like are the construction workers in Paris still working? Anyone think Marvel Land will be open by August 2021? We’re thinking of delaying our August 2020 trip to 2021 due to COVID-19.


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Mar 25, 2020
Yes work seems to have been ceased after looking at a recent aerial pictures. I doubt they will push back the date because it isn’t as much work as what DCA needed with completely new buildings over there. With it being 1 new building and the rest just facade and interior redesigns id say at most they’d push it back to September but its unlikely They would considering most of the external walls for Spider-Man are up already. But things could change and France could put a hold on everything for a month or 2 like in China. If that were to happen then yes it would probably be pushed back to the fall maybe even Q1 2022


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Sep 11, 2000
I could see it being bumped back by a month or two, but hopefully not much longer than that. I'm pretty excited to see this, and hopeful this is a turning point for DLP. (I am so very vocal in hoping RnRC gets new trains like Space Mountain with the comfy restraints, but thats just me :D)


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Feb 5, 2012
Hard to say, the park will stay closed for quite a while, I think. There will be delays not just because they cannot work on it now, but also because there is a major loss in revenues.

If Marvelland is one of the big selling points to you, then I would definitely delay your trip.
Also, to be honest, I think you will have to delay your trips. You are from the US, right? There are several EU countries working on a plan to ban non-EU residents from travelling to their country this summer. It could be you will have to delay your trip either way.