Marriott Royal Palms vs Sheraton Vistana Villages


Earning My Ears
Nov 12, 2008
Help me decide between the two resorts! We will be traveling in June for a volleyball trip, three adults and two kids. We are not planning on going to any parks so we want the enjoy our resort when we're not at the volleyball tournament.. I am a little worried about some of the reviews I have seen for the Sheraton property due to rooms not being updated and afraid that we will end up in an older room. But there are more amenities on site there. The pool at Marriott World center looks amazing and I don't mind having the amenities located a little bit further away so that we can be out of the action as I know it's going to be very crowded that week. Is it easy to get to from Royal Palms? Are there any amenities at Royal Palms (fitness center ,walking trails, etc) or will we have to go to the World Center complex for everything? We do have a golfer with us and would like to play tennis and/or pickleball. My kids won't really participate in kids activities but we would enjoy evening entertainment by the pool of either resort offers that.
Thanks for any advice!
We stayed at royal palms a month ago for a week and it was really quite nice. Very nice quiet grounds, a nice unit and we never waited more than a few minutes for the golf cart shuttle. We would not hesitate to book again. It is located directly on the course.
While I haven't stayed at either the Marriott Royal Palms or the Sheraton Vistana Villages, I have stayed at the Marriott Sabal Palms several times (also on the World property) and the Sheraton Vistana Resort also several times, which is directly behind the Marriott World hotel and time shares.

The Marriott World pool is amazing! The giant pool and slides are open for all Marriott property guests, however the World center guests cannot use the time share pools, (Sabal, Royal and Imperial) which makes them more quiet and relaxing. The Royal and Imperial buildings are a little farther from the World pools and amenities, the Sabal is closer and within easy walking distance. The Royal and Imperial guests usually take the complimentary shuttle to the World. The Sabal has it's own pool, super quiet and relaxed! I *think* the Royal and Imperial share a pool. I'm not certain on that, as we've never stayed at them, but we have visited. I know the Sabal has a fitness center, but I'm not sure of the Royal. The entrance to the whole Marriott complex is on Rt. 536. There's not much around on that strip of road, which becomes Epcot Center Drive once you cross over I4.

The reason I brought up the Sheraton Vistana Resort is because it may suit your needs and its part of the Marriott/Sheraton timeshares. The SVR and the Sheraton Vistana Villages often get mixed up because the names are similar, but the SVR is closer to Disney property, Disney Springs, and directly behind the Marriott property with their entrance located on Rt. 535 and there are loads of restaurants and shops nearby. The resort is beautiful and very "active", IMO. More so than the Marriott timeshares. There is a whole thread on here about SVR:
SVR Thread

We stayed at the SVR three times since last May 2018, that's how much we love it! I feel like the Marriott timeshare Palms (Sabal, Royal, Imperial) are super low-pace and the "action" is at the World Center. My kids were late teens- early 20's the first time we stayed at the Sabal years ago and they walked to the World pool a lot during our stay because there was more to do. They have all been to the Sheraton Vistana with us and feel there's a lot more to do without having to walk a lot or take a shuttle.

We LOVE both the Marriott Sabal and SVR and you can't go wrong with either. Not trying to change your mind, just giving you another property consideration that may work for you. Especially for a non-Disney vacation.

The villages are the older of the two they are nice but
We stay at the Vistana resort when we go, there is a thread for them

someone just posted new pics last week. I love it there they have nightly parties. Its very easy to hang out and just enjoy yourself. We used the grills they are gas so they heat up really quick .. then sat out on the screened porch.

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